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Welcome to a new concept in healing. It evolved in a surprising way. Carla Muth was raised in California and blossomed in Texas.  She is an Air Force veteran, and has traveled widely in the U.S. and abroad, having lived in Europe (Italy and Switzerland) for many years. She eventually settled in Colorado.  Carla enjoyed practicing as a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 20 years while studying psychology, communication  (B.A.), natural medicine, and metaphysics. Her life was transformed during a period of intensely profound emotional clearing when her heart was filled with spiritual energy.  This resulted in opening a channel to the Eternal Source, and she was suddenly able to read a person's feelings, energy blockages patterns and experiences in the body and soul.  She became an "empath"--  understanding what people are really feeling.  Carla developed an accelerated energetic healing method for pain relief (e-Healing), and one that penetrated more deeply into the emotional psyche (Bio-Emotional Balancing).  When Carla began helping people to align (CIA) with their Inner Source, she was   inspired to become officially ordained as an Interfaith Minister. She is dedicated to helping others to attain vitality, self-integration, balance, and most important, to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually via workshops,  presentations, writing and private sessions (in person or over the phone).

It is with a heavy heart, that I share with you that this incredible woman,
passed September 25, 2013 at the Whatcom Hospice in Bellingham, Washington. The Founder of The Ministry of Self-Healing has been my friend, mentor, teacher and coach since 2005. She passed l and taught us about healing to the end of her life. I am honored to be her successor and vow to continue both her research and her work. Her cat Max lightens each day without her as he resides with us to continue his life's journey. We will miss her deeply.  Paola Wilson, Body Alignment Specialist. paolaw@shaw.ca
or paola@bioalignhealing.com
About Carla
Rev. Carla Muth
From Rev. Carla Muth, RDH, BAS
All the thoughts, inspirations and works of all the great healers since the world began are but a preparation for my foundation.  Their inspirations are my inheritance.  I strive be worthy of this heritage, and to build upon it strongly, that my healing endeavors may be a reliable a foundation for those who follow me.

The ultimate purpose of my work is to open the heart and fill it with divine energy.  Everything I do, in helping to relieve your emotional, physical and mental distress, is toward this goal. If the abuse has been ample, some of us may unconsciously decide that it's too difficult to feel authentically and begin to pretend or build up a model of how we are supposed to feel. The tragic reality is that few of us squeak by our youth undamaged as we try to live up to our parents' and cultural expectations of us. A part of us may be sealed off, or we shut down.  It's like surviving a plague of childhood challenges and being infected by a nerve pathogen that numbed the heart but left the host alive. Then we are tossed into a primarily patriarchal left-brained world, which is marvelous for mathematics, mechanics, engineering, science, and Inquisitions, but it's hard on the heart and the creative, emotional, and spiritual right-brain.  A balance between the two would be ideal.

This separation compels many of us to laminate our hearts with a kind of body armor to protect it from further hurt. The layer may thicken and harden throughout the years, leading to a sense of isolation, an emotional retreat, or an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, TV, shopping, sports, work, food, and so on. This aids us in "feeling no pain," and gives us time off from the body, which often goes on autopilot. It is more common than you may realize. Have you temporarily spaced out while watching TV, daydreaming, or driving your car? Many partners know that there is a way to leaving someone without actually moving out. The heart can shut down emotionally while still pumping blood through the body. 

My job in a Bio-Emotional Balancing session is to aid you in smoothing out ragged emotions, to guide you into the shadowy basement of your soul to clean out painful memories, and heal life's hurts, to the moment when your heart finally feels safe enough to open-- from the inside out. This helps you to distinguish between, and balance, the physical (ego) and spirit (soul) aspects of yourself, which a unique challenge for human beings, in addition to being the only species on Earth to stand upright, with the exception of some bird species, and therefore, it is imperative for us to be in alignment so that we spend less time fighting the mighty forces of gravity which liberates more energy in the brain for healing, metabolism, and thinking.  Animals live primarily by their senses (including feelings), while angels live by their spirit.  Only humans are presented with the enormous challenge of balancing these two components. The first step is to relieve shock, and then to address stress, which is caused by incompatibility, usually between the intellect and the heart.  As an empath, I can help you to understand how you are really feeling, not what you think your are feeling.  Nothing is real until it is felt.

When I realized how many people were in shock, which impeded cogent cognition and emotional stability, which also explained why so many health remedies and techniques were not working as well as they used to.  It seemed everyone was in pain. Over four years, I developed and perfected the Central Inner Alignment as an antidote for shock and stress.  The most wonderful effect was feeling the recipients connect with their Inner Source, however you perceive the Divine.  Ten pounds of tension drained from their bodies, their eyes became clear and they glowed with joy.  I was amazed as it seemed to simple and easy to believe the body could align and the consciousness (state of being) could shift so swiftly and significantly!  How brilliant the revelation to me that when people are connected to their ultimate power in operating from their spiritual brain, they can heal themselves!  I became a minister, a person who assists people in connecting with God. It was a foreign position for me, and keep in mind that I have lived in four foreign countries, as I had avoided organized religion for 20 years, although I was drawn to the spiritual after an eight year sojourn as an agnostic.  My initial exuberance waned slightly upon the sad realization of how difficult this easy and gentle alignment process would be for people to believe, let alone my friends believing that I had become a minister!  Perhaps, it is correct that truth is simple and error is complicated?

Stress alleviation ultimately depends on balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is the main cause of a misaligned body, while simultaneously boosting the consciousness up from brainstem (“fight or flight”) to the neo-cortex, from  surviving mode to thriving mode.  This enables the body to swiftly align, which induces a feeling of being clearheaded and lighter on the top, and yet grounded on the bottom.  YOU FEEL REAL. Then you will be in an ideal position to uncover and heal emotional issues, which need to be healed in both the mind and solar plexus, that is, the brain and emotions because every event in your life is first recorded as an image in your mind and then as a feeling in your body.  You are essentially an energy being, and therefore, health restoration is dependent upon repairing and reestablishing order in the body, which commences with aligning the body.  The mind and heart in sync.  Disorder and Disease begins in the brain, but is healed in the heart.  This is why....
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As an Interfaith Minister, I provide a dogma free zone for healing and welcome people of all faiths.  I feel that the energy emanating from the Ultimate Source of all creation is equally available to everyone, just as the Sun gives life to all, regardless of belief.  The amount of energy and love we receive from the Source, depends on how fearless and receptive we are.  However, healing is not dependent on a belief in God.  See what the Scriptures have to say about healing.....
While I am still a Registered Dental Hygienist, I am not a
therapist, psychologist, or even a "healer."  I help people
to heal themselves, and to know what they are really feeling-- to befriend their emotions.