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Boxford, MA Events 2012

Comfort Inn North Shore
Danvers, MA
50 Dayton St.
The Meeting Room
978 777-1700

(Free w/ early seminar registration)
Send check or money order to:
Rev. Carla Muth
2321 Pacific St.
Bellingham, WA  98229

Please request a tax deductible receipt.
           Danvers, MA
Oct. 4th, Friday, 7:00-9:00pm
SEMINAR: Level One
   Boxford, MA
DiLibero Residence

  5-7 October 2012

     Limited Capacity
Pay in full by 9/9/12 and receive part of the manual. Register
early and get the energy enhancing and detecting exercises, too.
Payments are fully refundable, except for deposits, until 9-18-12.
Oct. 5, Friday
SEMINAR: Level One
Central Inner Alignment

And Level Two
Review & BAS Certification
(prerequisite level one CIA)

Oct. 6, Saturday
SEMINAR: Level One
Vibrational Touch

Oct 7, Sunday
Bio-Emotional Balancing
A more detailed curriculum will be provided shortly.  In the interim, please refer to the healing sessions section for an explanation of the eHealing techniques.
Payment Information
$75.00 deposit by 9 Sept. '12
    (non-refundable reservation)
Early registration $305.00 by 9 Sept. '12
        ($50 + $20 lecture= $70 total discount)
$395.00 on 5 Oct. '12  w/ $20 lecture
    (if space available w/out a deposit)
(Seminar participants are expected to attend the lecture a smuch of this information won't be covered in the class.)
$300.00 for any two days
$150.00 for any one day
Attend by the day:

      $130.00 early registration by 9/9/12
                         (free $20 lecture)
All of the participants will receive a 20% discount on Carla’s CD: Central Inner Alignment: Be Aligned, Feel the Divine.($15).
Only those who attend the Bio-Emotional Balancing seminar day will have the opportunity to purchase her book ($10), Inner-Self Talk (The Pocket Guidebook for Rapid Emotional Stress Transformation), due to a very limited supply.

Carla will provide healing demonstrations
during the lecture.
At the end of each seminar day, attendees will receive a course certificate of completion.  We hope to give a follow up seminar to offer further instruction and expertise as well as a certification as a Body Alignment Specialist (BAS) and/or a Vibrational Touch Specialist (VTS) to those who demonstrate sufficient proficiency in these healing modalities.  However, certification is unnecessary to apply these techniques in assisting others in their healing process.
All donations are tax deductible.
Tell a friend in need of healing!

Seminar participants are expected to attend the lecture
as much of this information won't be covered in the class.
Payments are fully refundable, except for deposits, until 9-18-12.

Contact Joellen for further information
and  to complete registration.

Email: joellend
You will be learning original healing techniques that were created by Carla. They are all energy based and also practical and readily reproducible. They are of particular interest to LPTs, LMTs, and other body workers, who wish to work “easier and not harder” with gentle, effective, and rapid healing results. The Bio-Emotional Balancing day will be most appreciated by psychotherapists and counselors who wish to further develop their empathic skills and to practice processing and understanding emotions.
Contact Joellen for further information and for an appt.

If you prefer to use a debit or credit card
please use PayPal .
Private Individual Instruction Day
Boxford, MA
DiLibero Residence
                     $95.00 per 45 mins.
              (prerequisite CIA or VT seminar)
You may provide a person to practice on or receive
personal application of the techniques by Carla.
Bringing your own massage table to share would be greatly appreciated.
For the first time I feel calm and settled in my body, it’s a good feeling. Over the years as a massage therapist, I have studied many modalities always feeling that there has to be another piece to the puzzle, a more affective and efficient way of helping people without working hard.  I kept adding to my repertoire each time thinking this was going to be the technique that was going to make the bigger difference. Well after fifteen years of searching, and attending your seminar, I have come to my final destination. My clients love the CIA and VT which has resulted in a dramatic increase in my business.  Carla, I am so grateful to have met you. I thank you for your kindness, honesty, wisdom and sharing of your knowledge!!! I look forward continuing in your Fellowship of Healing.  Mackie