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The false gods of scientific medicine revealed:
It's a cult, not a science.
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Promoters of conventional medicine claim that all the drug marketing, FDA approvals, surgical procedures, chemotherapy and all other treatments are based on "hard science." The term "science" is invoked with hilarious frequency: Science journals, science-based medicine, proven medical science and so on. As you might have guessed, however, there's surprisingly little genuine science to be found in the common practice of conventional medicine. Rather, what passes for "science" today is a collection of health myths, half-truths, intellectual dishonesty, self delusion, fraudulent reporting and wishful thinking.

Take clinical trials, for example. These are supposed to be the "gold standard" of scientific study, and yet it has been well demonstrated that these studies almost always produce results beneficial to the organization providing the funding. The wishes of the study sponsors, not true scientific methods, determine the study outcomes. This is accomplished through an elaborate system of fraudulent trial design, selective reporting, dismissing study subjects who don't produce the desired outcome, statistical distortions and the application of career pressure to the researchers who carry out such studies. (Researchers who don't produce the desired results get blackballed by the industry.)

The end result is that today's so-called "scientific medicine" has almost no resemblance to genuine science at all. The word "science" is simply used as a cover story for what's really going on behind the scenes -- a massive campaign of pro-drug propaganda, arm-twisting, public brainwashing, media control and regulatory failures that all add up to one thing: A system of medicine that is the greatest con ever perpetrated on the American people.

Where is the skepticism about conventional medicine?
Conventional medicine is almost entirely justified by truly bad science. And yet so-called skeptics, who are supposed to exercise clear thinking about all subjects, never seem to question the fraudulent science behind prescription drugs. The mass drugging of children for fictitious diseases, for example, seems to be okay with such skeptics, who are too busy bashing homeopathy and acupuncture to take an honest, critical look at the junk science behind prescription drugs, it seems.

Ultimately, these so-called quack-busting skeptics only question certain selected topics. All drugs get an automatic thumbs up, no matter how ludicrous the underlying science, while all natural therapies are automatically and routinely criticized by skeptics who equate their own lack of understanding with proof that something mysterious can't possibly work. They say homeopathy can't work, for example, simply because they can't find any mechanism to explain how it could work. That's tantamount to saying that nothing new will ever be discovered because skeptics already know everything there is to know about the way the universe works.

Let's face it: Neither conventional medicine, nor its promoters, has attained any real membership in the club of genuine scientists. Real scientists are people like Richard Feynman, a legendary author, lecturer and infinitely curious individual who never allowed his own ego to cloud his open mind about the laws of the universe. If Feynman were alive today and observing the so-called "science" backing conventional medicine, he'd probably laugh out loud at the utter lack of scientific merit found in the drug studies published in so-called "scientific journals."

The Church of Medical Truth
While defenders of conventional medicine don't have membership in the club of genuine science, they are card-carrying members of another organization: The Church of Medical Truth (similar to the Ministry of Truth from 1984). In this Church, the beliefs of members (doctors, FDA bureaucrats, media reporters, etc.) are handed down from the high priests, and those beliefs-- that all drugs are good, all vitamins are bad, etc. -- are blindly followed by the faithful, who dare not question those beliefs on any genuine scientific basis.

Mike Adams

If mainstream medicine really works,
why are Americans so unhealthy?
(NaturalNews) Did you ever wonder why such an alarmingly high percentage of Americans are obese, diabetic, depressed and suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney disorders and skin problems? Now consider the fact that Americans pay more per capita for health care than any other nation in the world. Americans pay the highest prices, by far, for medications, medical imaging scans, blood work, surgeries, chemotherapy and hospital stays. And yet what does America have to show for it? The most universally diseased population in the world -- and a nation on the verge of bankruptcy caused in part by mainstream medicine.

But this isn't a slam on America itself: It's an indictment of the mainstream medical system that has been running a monopoly medical racket in America for roughly the last hundred years. Under the system of monopolistic medical practices enforced by the FDA, AMA, FTC and state medical boards, "mainstream medicine" has taken a nation that was once relatively healthy and turned it into a disease dystopia where patients are actually taught that nutrition doesn't work and that they must submit to patented chemicals in order to be "normal" or healthy.

Mainstream medicine has reached such a level of insanity that its corporations now claim intellectual ownership over nearly 20 percent of the human genome. This has all been done to create a corporate monopoly over human genes in the same way that mainstream medicine has already created an FDA-enforced monopoly over isolated chemicals -- many of which were ripped off from nature.

At the same time that mainstream medicine has created for itself an oppressively-enforced monopoly over medical treatments, it has brought America to the brink of bankruptcy while delivering only pain, suffering and pharmaceutical addiction to the masses. Mainstream medicine says poison is medicine (chemotherapy) while teaching people that nutrition is useless. This is the system of medicine that dismisses the value of sunlight, colon cleansing, acupuncture and juice cleansing, but it firmly believes in toxic vaccines, chemotherapy, cancer-causing mammograms and dispensing a lifetime of poisonous medications to little babies who are now being diagnosed with depression before they're even old enough to speak!

And yet -- stunningly -- the promoters and pushers of mainstream medicine claim it is a huge success! Remarkably, they even claim it is the only system of medicine in the entire world that works.

Yep, out of all the hundreds of other systems of medicine practiced around the world -- most of which are based on medicinal herbs and natural remedies, by the way -- the arrogant, ignorant promoters of mainstream medicine have no shame standing in a room of chemo patients (most of whom are dying from the chemotherapy) and proclaiming, "This is the ONLY system of medicine in the entire world that has any merit whatsoever!"

And, yes, they actually believe that. Mainstream medicine may not be good at promoting health, but it is very, very good at brainwashing otherwise intelligent people into believing that the Emperor is, indeed, wearing glorious flowing robes even as he walks down the street butt naked.

Ten realizations about "mainstream medicine"
When it comes to whether mainstream medicine really works, here are ten important "reality check" realizations to keep in mind:

#1) If mainstream medicine really worked, then drug companies wouldn't have to commit scientific fraud to fake their clinical trials, would they?

#2) If mainstream medicine really worked, then doctors, drugs companies and the FDA wouldn't be afraid of competition from nutritional supplements and natural remedies, and they wouldn't keep trying to censor or outlaw those natural remedies.

#3) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies would gladly test their drugs side-by-side with nutritional remedies to see what works best.

#4) If mainstream medicine really worked, health insurance costs would be extremely low. The only reason health insurance costs so much is because mainstream medicine doesn't cure anybody, and patients stay sick, which costs more money to keep treating!

#5) If mainstream medicine really worked, then all the other countries in the world would be looking at the U.S. health care system and saying, "Wow, we want THAT!"

#6) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies would be out of business because virtually everybody would be healthy and therefore not need drugs on an ongoing basis.

#7) If mainstream medicine really worked, doctors would largely put themselves out of business by teaching patients how to take care of their own health.

#8) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies like Johnson & Johnson wouldn't have to pay kickbacks (bribes) to nursing homes to entice them to push more of their drugs onto helpless senior citizens.

#9) If mainstream medicine really worked, the treatment of teenagers with chemotherapy wouldn't have to be enforced by court order with the threat of arrest and imprisonment of the parents (as happens in the U.S. today).

#10) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies wouldn't need to advertise on television to persuade people to take drugs they don't need.

Now, to hear mainstream medicine pushers say it, the only reason Americans are so sick and diseased right now is because -- get this -- not enough people are taking enough medications!

Yes... if they could only convince more parents to drug more babies and toddlers; or if they could get more teens on four, five or six drugs at once; or if they could convince nursing homes to pop a dozen different meds into the mouths of senior citizens then we'd all be healthier!

America, you see, suffers from a medication deficiency. That's the line of mainstream medicine: More meds = less disease. And now, they're trying to convince everyone that even healthy people now need meds (statin drugs) even if they show no symptoms of disease.

So now -- get this -- being healthy is no longer enough to avoid medications! We're ALL supposed to be medicated, whether we're healthy or not.

Mainstream medicine, you see, isn't satisfied to just treat sick people with its medications, radiation machines and surgical procedures: It wants to put all the healthy people on pills, too.

And what will be the result of all this? Imagine in your own mind, for a moment: What will be the result if, say, Americans start taking twice as much medication as they do right now. Will Americans be healthier?

Of course not. They will be more diseased. More medicated and chemically contaminated. The fish downstream will be even more polluted with pharmaceutical runoff and the bio sludge human waste "compost" products now being put on farms will be even more heavily saturated with medication chemicals.

Will that create health for America? Of course not. Mainstream medicine does not work. And pushing mainstream medicine onto more people will only cause more sickness, more suffering and more bankruptcies across American households.

It will, however, accomplish one very important thing: The obscene financial enrichment of a few powerful corporations like Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

And that, my friends, is the entire point of mainstream medicine: To mainline the profits for Big Pharma, sideline the legitimate health problems of the American people, and streamline the criminal soaking of the rich, the poor and the recently-insured in order to turn sickness into profit.


Modern Medicine is not a science By Dr Vernon Coleman

The High Cost of Medicine...
Stephen Barrett's quackwatch website quackery?  Who is he?
California Superior Court Judge Rules on Quackbuster "Credibility" :
Stephen Barrett has been Officially Declared by the US Court System, in a PUBLISHED Appeals Court Decision (NCAHF v King Bio), to be "Biased, and unworthy of credibility."
Records show that Barrett never achieved any success in the medical profession. His claim to being a "retired Psychiatrist" is laughable. He is, in fact, a "failed Psychiatrist," and a "failed MD." The Psychiatric profession rejected Barrett years ago, for Barrett could NOT pass the examinations necessary to become "Board Certified."

Canadian Court Documents show:
The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners and businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.

Barrett and Baratz have falsely and fraudulently held themselves out as experts in the scientific fields of alternative complementary medicine.

Barrett uses predatory and deceptive practices designed to cause harm and damage to supporters and providers of alternative health services and products.

Both Stephen Barrett and Robert Baratz are vexatious litigants who use the court system to advance their agendas and the agendas of their privately owned businesses, which promote allopathic medicine, and discredit any health care treatment or product that is considered complementary or alternative treatment.

NCAHF is the acronym for National Council against Health Fraud. The NCAHF is a front organization used by Barrett, Baratz and their other associates whose purpose is to solicit jobs so that they can act as expert witnesses against doctors who practice alternative and complementary treatment methods.

Barrett operates numerous web sites including Quackwatch.com, Chirowatch.com., ratbags.com and Quackwatch.org . The sole purpose of these web sites is to discredit health care professionals who practice alternative and complementary medicine.

One of the other totally brainless statements Barrett, and his parrots, like to to screech out is "It hasn't been double-blind studied!!" The "double-blind study" is one of about 45 different kinds of scientific studies used, and approved for use, within the scientific community. It was designed for, and is usually restricted to, testing new dangerous drugs for the claims drug companies wish to make about their new laboratory produced products. Generally, in this type of study, you give half of the group the new pill, and the other half gets a sugar pill that looks just like the original. This type of study simply does not apply to new research.  And worse, the "double-blind study" is considered to be heinous, and was banned by world government during the Helsinki Accord in 1964.

Barrett's Frivolous Lawsuits: "Not an Expert," Declares Judge!
There are laws against filing frivolous lawsuits and Barrett is just beginning to feel the backlash of his stupidity. He's been slapped left and right with lawsuits for filing frivolous lawsuits, and it is estimated that he now owes somewhere close to half a million dollars.  After years of threatening everyone and everything with lawsuits, Barrett is on the losing end of every single one of them. This being the case, he dropped his lawsuit against Dr Joseph Mercola, MD, who runs one of the best alternative medicine web sites in the world.

From the Health Freedom Law web site (www.healthfreedomlaw.com):
In the summer of 1998, Darlene Sherrell, challenged Barrett to come forward to name a study demonstrating the safety of current fluoride levels in drinking water and the effect excessive daily intake of fluoride as a possible cause to chronic fluoride poisoning. At the time, in response to Sherrell's challenge Barrett was "careful to state that he is and was aware of hundreds of studies pertaining to the safety of fluoridation of drinking water..." However, "...He did not testify that any study demonstrates the safety of current fluoridation levels..." Barrett had rebuked Sherrell's continuous challenges and sent a message to her stating that she (Sherrell) was "delusional."
The case was dismissed. Barrett showed up with one witness and his own lame testimony. He claimed to have hundreds of studies, but couldn't produce one.   More....