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The cause of autism is not known.  It is posited that the the incomprehensible condition stems from a malfunction or abnormalities in the BRAIN. It may be, however, that a defect, uneven pressure, or malformation in the CRANIUM is the true cause as it affects various parts of the brain.  In other words, the original problem may be with the computer and not the software.

Daniel Whiteside and John Wesley Grossman statistically validated the clear connections between 60 behavior traits and physical structures. The physical shape of the brain is related to how the brainís cells are proportioned.  Therefore, it is critical that the cranial bones maintain their proper positions. The Central Inner Alignment (CIA) aids in accomplishing this.

Dr. Conrad Speece has proven that Autism can be cured by manipulating and balancing the cranial bones.  The drastic increase in autism began with the SIDS scare over 20 years ago when pediatricians began advising parents to sleep their babies on their backs, which adversely affects the shape of their skulls.  He says there is almost always a right-sided strain pattern whereas with Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) there is a left lateral strain pattern.  Nearly every autistic child will agree that their heads feel like they are "on too tight" if you ask them.  Russians lay their infants on their stomachs and sides (as they are in the womb) and their rate of autism is about 1 in 500 children, compared to 1 in 100 American children who are so afflicted.  The Russian children receive all of the same vaccines.

Many autistic children also have experienced a fright shock conflict, which can easily occurring when being vaccinated. As a child, where you leery of getting shots?  This may be the true connection between autism and vaccines-- the fear of them!  A frightening event can cause children to enter into in a hypervigilant state (see shock) where they are extremely sensitive to any stimuli (physical and emotional), and therefore, they tend to shut down and descend into a "flight or fight" state, focalizing in the brainstem.  The CIA boosts the consciousness (awareness) up from that lower, survival brain, to the higher human and spiritual brain (neo-cortex). When Carla gently cradles the head while applying energy, the skull and the bones almost magically fall into their proper place.  Children love it!  They feel better instantly.  After 3-4 short sessions, they feel more stable, healthier, and happy.
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Autism can be cured!
Your child does not need to suffer!