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Here at The Fellowship of Self-Healing ( eHealing and BioAlignHealing), we want you to heal emotional problems so the physical manifestations won't return.  We also would like for you to learn to befriend your deeper emotions, enabling you to keep the difficult ones from creating blockages in the future, and achieve emotional self-mastery.  A healthy emotional body is the key to preventing physical illness and drug dependencies which may lead to various other complications and greater expense.  Remember to consult your doctor first for an evaluation of any medical problem.  Carla does not treat any psychological or medical conditions.  She is not a doctor or therapist who diagnoses, treats or cures symptoms, medical disorders, nor disease.  Hers is a healing and spiritual mission that is completely dedicated to awakening your own Inner Healer.  This website is only intended to offer general information to aid in your quest for physical and emotional wellness.  Any personal use of these ideas or suggestions is your decision and God-given right. Paola assumes no responsibility for your actions or application of this information.  Her ultimate goal is to support your Inner Self-Healing.
Paola Wilson
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