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Emotional Aid
Do you feel.....
Life is a struggle?
Overwhelmed by emotions?
Plagued by chronic physical pain or illnesses?
Accident prone or self-destructive?
Unsafe, fearful, that there is no way out?
Easily angered or often irritable?
There are memory gaps in your childhood?
Addicted to unhealthy substances or behaviors?
You have no control over your weight?
Troubled by intimate relationships?
It is hard to give or receive love?
Different than other people?  Isolated?
Hopeless, apathetic, unworthy, or shame?
Frequently tired or depressed?

Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB) is for those who are truly committed to total healing.  It's a bold process which takes you back to the origin of early patterns that you may have repeated many times in your life.  Emotional traumas are stratified in your body like leaves of an artichoke, with many thorny layers to go through before  you arrive at the core of it. Hardened emotions in our body serve to protect the heart.  Once the layers are uncovered and cleared away, the heart can begin to fully feel.  It's hard to heal what you can't feel.  Why delve into your past?  Unresolved childhood trauma will continue to be re-enacted.  Therefore, you may continue to bring the same patterns into your life, although they may manifest in varying circumstances.

This type of energetic healing is on the fast track, and it goes beyond relieving muscular tensions.  It means connecting the conscious mind with the subconscious energy, and resolving the past. Otherwise, it is like trying to swim through life while attached to an anchor.  I am not a "faith healer" who will magically rid you of all problems.  Doing the work for someone feeds a victim mind pattern. We are partners in healing which is more satisfying for both of us.

My greatest joy is when my client has cleared enough blockages and is ready for the heart to blossom. This is an exhilarating event for those who have stayed the course-- to feel divine, unconditional love, to finally know who you are, and to experience God at the innermost level of your being.  You can finally stop searching for the "next book to read," or "another workshop to attend," or "some other guru to study under."  At this point, you become the healer, turning around to help others.

You don't have to clear every trauma you've ever experienced in order for this to take place.  Many smaller issues fall by the wayside once you have rooted out enough of the major problems.  Some people reach this point after one session while others need more, depending on the extent and duration of the trauma they've suffered.  I usually begin with addressing physical problems, as it's hard to do emotional work while in pain. Gifting of..........................$60.00 (includes CIA)


* You can enjoy an overall improvement in health and vitality. The aches and pains
that vexed you can evaporate in the light of your new enthusiasm. 

* You will feel more comfortable, present, and powerful in your body. Boost your
positive energy to enhance and maintain good health.

* Learn how to value, listen, and learn from your emotions to feel well-balanced.
Most importantly, you will realize that ALL EMOTIONS ARE GOOD!

* Recognize, change, and elevate your thought patterns to get what you want.
You will see how these mind patterns have created your current life.

* You will be free to discover your true self, who you were meant to be so that you will
know what you really need.  You can reclaim your personal power, create what you want
in your life and attract the kind of people you desire.  You'll feel more harmony between
your inner and outer self. I can help you to better appreciate what you have, get what you
really want and feel you deserve it. You can live in the present without fearing the future.

* When emotional energy blocks are discharged, spiritual light can floods your body 
with its healing powers. You will feel the presence of the Source flowing through you. 
This brings new insights to you and will help you to better aid others.
I am in pain, so why bother with emotions?                      

Medical science is now understanding that our emotions cause us to be sick.  When you were ill as a child, did your mother ask you what was going on at school or what you wanted to avoid?  Or maybe you needed extra attention from her?  Did you feel special? It's estimated that at least 85% of all diseases are created by one's emotions and thoughts (mind pattern).  How you feel is a better indicator of your health than a clinical examination.  Not everyone catches that flu bug going around. Carcinogenics are everywhere but not everybody gets cancer. Identical twins don't always get the same illnesses. There are people who have never smoked a cigarette and yet developed lung cancer.  You have seen people who count every calorie but can't seem to lose weight, and those who are nutritionally meticulous, but always seem to be sick.

You are what you feel and think.  Every event is recorded in the body.  If an episode is too painful or fearful, you may bury it deep within your psyche so that you don't have to deal with it, and enter into a state of denial (the foe of transformation).   Disturbing feelings may become entombed in your subconscious mind, often resulting in memory gaps in the past.  This de-press-ion produces energy blocks within the body.  Trapped energy is really a symptom of an inner war, an external and internal conflict usually stemming from a sense of injustice or inequality.  Compacted anger, fear, shame, or guilt can create a huge drain of energy as well as a kind of body armor that is used to protect your heart from further abuse.

Some emotional healers see DEPRESSION as protracted, tenacious and unrecognized despair that get stuck in the body.  It is not just a condition, nor is it a problem, but rather, it's a symptom of a problem.  Many people prefer to make it a medical disease (especially pharmaceutical companies) and take a pill rather than go into the dark, disturbing emotions of hopelessness.  This is rather like getting the child to stop whining without having to deal with the deeper emotions. But eventually, hurtful emotions will try to work their way up to the surface as dis-ease.  This often occurs during middle age ("midlife crisis" is real!), when your body tries to get your attention to heal an internal wound which may have been laying dormant for years.  A new ache awakens all the old ones.  Your body is trying to help you to heal emotionally.

PAIN is your resistance or anger at the underlying emotional problem.  It is also a way to keep punishing yourself for not being good enough (guilt).  Most dysfunction stems from anger, fear or rejection. Physical health ultimately follows your emotional state. Trying to heal the body without feeling the emotions is like attempting to revive a plant with water while depriving it of light.  Physical motion allows you to express e-motion.  Pain tends to restrict movement, creating a type of prison, which anyone with a disability can relate to.  Plenty of life force energy, introspection, and change will help to free you.  You can choose to blame outer circumstances for your hurt, or you can decide to face your inner pain and transform it into physical and emotional health.  You'll actually feel safer without the old armor because you will no longer need a guard on duty.

It is often difficult for psychotherapists or emotional release healers to quickly get to the core of a problem because of a reliance mainly on what their clients tell them.  Many of the traumatic experiences we have as children (and sometimes as adults) have been blocked from our memories, (kind of like a mental sun screen), but our body faithfully remembers. I can assist you in uncovering these events in your subconscious mind and body. It's hard to heal an illness or to forgive a trespass unless you know just what it is.  Denial cleverly camouflages the headquarters of your real distress.  Revealing the core problem, releasing the mind pattern and negative energy from the body, can open up a life teeming with new possibilities.  This is not just a remodeling job.  It's like moving into another house.
Do we have to delve into the past?

Many of us learned as children that it wasn't safe to fully and honestly feel our emotions, let alone to express them! "Children are to be seen and not heard," was the catch phrase of many generations of parents.  It is no wonder why so many tonsils were yanked out!  How often do parents unknowingly dismiss their child's fear or anger? Johnny cries, "I'm I'm afraid of the dark," and his father responds, "There's nothing to be frightened of," sending this terrified child back to his room.  The lesson is that it's not okay to be afraid, and to obey.  He also learns that it is not all right, and it's weak to show his sadness because "Big boys don't cry."

It's okay to express the "good emotions" of happiness, patience, self-control, and love, but the more difficult ones, such as anger, jealously, anxiety, fear, or guilt, bring us rejection and isolation.  This teaches us to ignore, or to stifle them.   We begin to erect a model of how we are "supposed to" act and feel.  We see our mother tell a neighbor that she is "just fine," while we know she is sick or upset.  Children are natural empaths but as our language skills improve, we learn how to lie, ignore, deaden, or malign our true feelings and we end up telling people what they want to hear.  We tend to carry this pattern right into adulthood as we keep recreating the emotional environment of our youth.  By the time we are three years old, we have developed dominant mind patterns; that is, a manner of thinking about ourselves and others in our life. We generally treat ourselves the way our parents managed us, both negative and positive, as all of our experiences are based on what we believed about our world, what is familiar to us.

By repressing our emotions in the body (they have to go somewhere) and living in our head, especially in the left-brain, we can be liked, respected, and accepted by our parents, teachers, and society. It's easy to see why these bottled up emotions, that we didn't learn how to understand and genuinely feel, eventually surface, especially at middle age, in the form of confusion, depression, or disease.  My job is to use my empathetic ability to guide you through the difficult memories, feelings, and events that you endured at various times in your life. I'll help you to fully feel and express your past experiences, assisting you in understanding what you really went through and how it has affected you.

How does BEB work?

I begin with helping to relieve you of major pain.  Then I start the process of uncovering and reuniting you with orphaned emotions.  The biggest barrier to lasting happiness is disallowing yourself to fully feel intense emotions.  ALL EMOTIONS ARE GOOD as they are the mighty messengers of the current condition of our psyche.  They tell us how we are doing, what to avoid, how to feel, when to be  brave, and if we're being threatened.  When you suppress emotions, you can also create physical dams in your body.  These blocks can be very stubborn and dense, depending on the degree of emotional trauma you have endured and the length of time it has persisted.  This largely determines your need for protection. Energetic knots limit the flow of the Vital Life Force, which adversely affect your overall health.  A clogged pipe restricts the flow of water throughout your house.  Finding and clearing the jam allows the water to flow freely.  Sound, movement, and ethereal energy empower you to release internal blocks created by unresolved emotional trauma and mind patterns underlying a condition.
I am not a psychotherapist, and I don't use hypnosis (many people in our culture are already hypnotized by TV, drugs, job boredom, lack of imagination, and so on).  Hypnotherapy (and related mind-oriented techniques) may reveal subconscious fears and their origins but generally will not release the deeply seated emotions from your body.  It's like removing weeds without getting at their roots.  Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB) is transformative healing and self-integration which requires action, not just talking.  It involves far more than a cathartic release.  This isn't like any other healing method.  I don't channel shadowy beings nor consult with spirit guides.  I communicate directly with the body and with one's Higher Self (Oversoul) while using the energy of life and love to expel toxic energy. 

Like a midwife, I denote a safe area for bare feelings to emerge and I trust in the natural process to birth a new relationship with yourself.  We will bring forth your inner healer to love and balance the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. BALANCE is using all of your personality components-- the intellect, physical, emotional, and spiritual-- and the key to truly holistic healing and to enjoying life.  I can show you which of these aspects are out of balance.  For example, you may be chiefly "in your head" which doesn't give you much power to feel strong and competent in your body or heart. You need to be creative and to utilize all of your talents. 

Your finest teachers are the emotions, when you learn how to listen and honor them.  I'll also help you with understanding the insight and information your emotions are bringing to you so that you can become a master emotionalist!  Then the next time you feel anger you can stop and ask, "What needs to be protected?" and with guilt you can ask, "Why am I not feeling good enough?"  The answers will direct you toward the person, situation or thing causing the emotion.  Isn't that better than automatically repressing it or letting it control you?  Now you're really learning something and listening to your inner wisdom.  The ultimate goal in BEB is to open the heart to God's energy through freeing emotional blocks and shining light on your past.  We won't "clear out" uncomfortable emotions, but rather we will discover how to let them be your partners in guiding you through the ups and downs of life. 

What is a BEB Session like?

The BEB session in person usually commences with a Central Inner Alignment (CIA) to bring you out of shock and relieve pain. It's hard to do emotional work while you're in pain.  When you feel calmer, more balanced, and comfortable, we can begin the deeper work. (Note: on the phone, I usually do the CIA at the end of the session. I will ask you about your present and past problems to get an idea how I can best help you.  The most important aspect of this healing is to help you to learn to recognize what you are truly feeling.  I do this by taking you through the layers of emotions until you find the core feeling, and hence, the mind pattern.  E.g., You're having a problem with your boss so I begin the session with asking, ME:"How do you feel about your boss?"  YOU may respond, "angry!"  ME: "Why are you angry, where does it come from?"  YOU: "He doesn't respect me."  ME: "Why doesn't he respect you?"  YOU: "He thinks I'm incompetent, but he tends to give all the women in the office a hard time."  ME: "Do you feel that you are able?" YOU: "Yes, I get a lot of praise about my work from co-workers and clients."  ME: "Then why does his behavior bother you?... Who does he remind you of?  YOU: "My father!  He always called me stupid, favored my brother, and was sexist bully."  ME: "Anyone else?" YOU: "My husband!  He is always trying to make decisions for me and to be in charge."  ME: "Sounds like you married your dad...How often has this pattern recurred in your life? I mean, how often do create situations and draw certain people into your life so that you can re-enact  the emotional trauma your father inflicted on you?  What are you trying to prove to him? YOU: "That I'm not stupid!"  ME: "So you know this is not true but it is what you believe.  What would you want to say to that little girl (go back to your childhood....) to help her to understand the situation and the truth?..."  Her core mind pattern is feeling incapable. It may not be true, but it's what her Ego believes.  I advise her to devise a personal and powerful affirmation to challenge that belief and begin to discipline her Ego (Outer Self).  It cannot be seen as the enemy because she needs her left-brain to balance her checkbook and drive her car, but like an unruly child, it needs to be disciplined and start sharing power with her intuitive, creative, and emotional right-brain (Inner Self). I then take her into the light to be immersed in the Source and conclude with an Central Inner Alignment.

The pace and intensity of the sessions largely depend upon your determination.  I am careful not to pressure you to go faster than you can.  However, the divine energy frequency that I use is pretty intense which dictates that we move along at a good clip.  As your emotional blockages are discharged and the body armor dissolves, you can take in more energy and further accelerate your progress.  When the walls around your heart crumble, it will open, and you will find your core power, nourishing health and harmony.  To be fully human is to experience raw emotions.  This is why the heart opens from the inside.  After you have trekked through the layers of turbulent emotions, understand how past experiences have influenced you, and have cleared central problems, you will feel as if you are starting a new life, one that is rich with fresh possibilities, creativity, and joy.  You'll discover how special and amazing you really are. Then genuine forgiveness comes naturally-- for others, and at long last, for yourself.  You will find love within yourself.

And the day came with the need to remain closed
became more painful than the risk to open.
Anais Nin
The TriSynergetic Process (TSP) takes the BEB one giant step further, after you have gained confidence in how to process, honor and understand your emotions (energetic state of being).  It was recently created for the purpose of surpassing the struggle of duality-- positive/negative, good/bad, yes/no, conscious/ subconscious, left/right brain, etc., to the luminous realm of genuine balance which is created in a state of pure awareness (super consciousness) in which one's true desire can be manifested. E.g., when the essence of a male and female are joined, a potential of another being is created, something greater than the two. Similarity, the forces of positive and negative converge to produce light.  You can transcend the duality of what you want and what you don't want in yourself, and in your life, to create something superior.  The internal battle ceases and peace is attained.  It is true that the sum is greater than its parts.

NOTE: The prerequisite for the TSP session is the completion of an initial session and one regular or at the end of three discounted sessions.