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“I Lost 18 Pounds of Fat in a Month.

- Dr. Sears’ Breakthrough Zaps Fat like Magic!
- Without Pills!

I’ve been fat for years. I had pretty much given up on ever getting thinner. I tried every diet out there but it was no use. I didn’t have the will power to change my eating habits. I tried weightlifting, but I just got heavier. Going to the gym and hitting the treadmill seemed to work for the three weeks that I did it, but I got bored. I couldn’t stick with it and when I quit, I got even fatter. I was going to stay fat forever because I was just too weak and lazy to change! That’s what I was telling myself and it didn’t feel good...

But then my wife told me about a revolutionary new doctor’s program for losing fat really fast without dieting. He’s written several books and used this technique with thousands of patients. And, it’s completely different from anything else you’ve ever heard about.

You can lose weight without changing your diet. (This is great if you love food the way I do!)
And you can lose weight without weightlifting, cardio or aerobics (which is great if you don’t have an hour a day to work out.) All you have to follow this amazing program and the fat will practically disappear. That’s all I did. I followed it for just 10 minutes a day and the fat just came off.

My doctor said the fat disappeared while I was sleeping because the program shifts my metabolism into a higher gear so that I burn more calories no matter what I’m doing: sitting at my computer, driving my car, watching television…even eating!  Imagine that…burning more calories while you eat!  The program is called PACE® and Dr. Al Sears developed it for rehabilitating his patients. That’s part of the beauty of it. I figured if patients could do it as soon as they get out of the hospital, how tough could it be?

The program is based on a simple evolutionary fact: You keep fat for a reason. It’s a survival strategy. So, if your body finds no use for fat it will stop building it and the fat that you have will disappear like magic.
Here’s how Dr. Sears explains it:

Body fat is simply a way to store energy from food. But fat has a weakness. It’s a “slow burn” fuel. If you need energy fast, fat is of no use.  PACE® takes advantage of this shortcoming of fat. It signals your body that fat won’t do. It’s the first program ever that trains your body that it doesn’t need fat. Then, your body will burn off the fat and funnel the extra energy into your metabolism.

But the biggest point this revolutionary program taught me is this: Your activity affects your metabolism for several days. The important changes happen while you rest. This is good news. It means that all you have to do is “key in” a program change for your metabolism. Then, your body will continue making the important changes afterwards - while you rest.

Signal Your Body to Gear-Up Its “After Burn”
Dr. Sears has proven why his program works. This study amazed me when I found out…
A Colorado State University team measured how long fat continues to burn after repeatedly using just one of the techniques of the PACE® program for only two minutes. Astoundingly, they found that fat continued to burn at a higher rate 16 hours later. Even when they were idle, they continued to burn fat at a 62% higher rate!

And I used to think that fat was all about calories. Dr. Sears has proven that it’s about what your body decides to do with calories – and where to get calories from when you need energy. They proved the power of this with a discovery from Canada… Researchers at Laval University in Quebec compared this fat-burning phenomenon to traditional cardio. They had some poor suckers cycle a grueling 45 minutes without stopping. Then they had another group use just one of the revolutionary PACE® principles for brief 90 second bursts.  The cardio guys burned twice as many calories, so you would guess that they would burn more fat - Right? Actually, no. When the researchers measured their body composition, the 90 second guys lost a lot more fat.  In fact, they lost 9 times more fat than the cardio bikers for every calorie burned in the program.

This proves what Dr. Sears says: If you train your body to get rid of fat, it will continue to do it after you stop the program – while you rest. All you have to do is know how to jump start this after burn.

But when I started PACE® last month, I didn’t know anything about any of that stuff. I did it because my wife promised me….she swore to me…that I didn’t have to cut back on my eating or go back to those long, miserable hours in the gym. “Just give it ten minutes in the morning before you shower,” she told me. And that’s exactly what I did. The results were amazing.

This is the most astonishing new fat loss program to come along in… well… ever.
In fact, it is the only one ever created that can actually burn off your body fat when you are resting. Every other form of weight loss requires stringent dieting and long grueling or boring workouts. Not PACE®.  And it didn’t just work for me. Dr. Sears’ office is full of guys and women who had the same success.

This system reprograms your body and changes your metabolism. It converts your metabolism to one that builds muscle and burns fat. As you’ll see, PACE® puts your body into fat burning mode – automatically!

From “Fat Slob” to Dream Body: One Man’s Remarkable Journey
When Mike first began PACE®, he had 50% body fat. In just 12 weeks, he lowered his body fat to 30%... but it didn’t stop there… he kept on going to achieve an exceptionally lean body fat score of 10%.  Mike lost 97 pounds of fat! That’s pretty amazing, but get this… Instead of burning off his muscle to lose weight like cardio does… He actually built an impressive 31 pounds of muscle at the same time he was losing the fat.

There’s no doubt about it. This is an amazing fat-burning miracle….
And there’s more. This program wasn’t really invented as a fat burning system. Dr Sears created PACE® to help people with all sorts of physical problems regain full use of their bodies and for athletes to reach breakthrough performance levels.  So when you do this one simple thing, you find that there are all kinds of other benefits that come along like free bonuses.

In as little as 10 minutes a day.  Not only will you lose pounds and pounds of fat during the first 30 days that you try PACE®, you will also experience an amazing transformation in your body inside and out….

No Popular Exercise Program Has Ever Specifically Addressed This Issue… Until Now! How to tap into your body’s “High-Energy Output System”… the mechanism in your body that’s crucial to boosting your fat-burning, energizing - and anti-aging metabolism.  PACE® is the first and ONLY program conceived, designed, tested and proven specifically to tell your body to get rid of fat to achieve this most important of all fitness goals: Faster access to higher energy levels. And, you’ll be able to get these benefits with much less of your time – no need to spend hours at the gym.

It’s all revealed – This simple strategy, together with every technique, and every performance tip – in PACE: Rediscover Your Native Fitness.

The Doctor's Heart Cure By Al Sears, MD

To aid in this effort, and to make your body accept the proper signal to gear up your metabolism, this program also simultaneously decreases the duration of the exercise period. This has synergistic power that will surprise you.

Weeks Exertion Recovery  Exertion Recovery 
     1   3 min  6 min  3 min
     2   2 min  3 min  2 min  3 min  2 min
     3   2 min  2 min  2 min  2 min  2 min  2 min  2 min
     4   3 min  1 min  2 min  1 min  2 min  1 min  2 min
Notice the progressive feature of this workout. Over time, the duration of each exertion period decreases. This progressivity in the right direction toward maximal capacity is the heart of PACE®.

During week 1, you're going to take it easy and just do one warm up for 3 minutes and then one exercise set at a low to moderate intensity. Just do what feels comfortable. If you are not in very good shape, just start with walking. Go slow for the warm-up, pick up the pace of your walk a little during the exertion period and drop to a slow pace again during the recovery. During each recovery period focus on returning you breathing rate to near your resting rate – about 12 to 16 breaths per minute is ideal.

Try and do this 20-minute interval at least 3 times during the first week. But each time you do it, slightly increase the intensity level. By the end of the first week, you should feel like you've given yourself a slight challenge you were able to accomplish.

Note: How you adjust the intensity, will depend on what instrument you're using. If you're on a stationary bike, increase the level on the control panel so it becomes harder to pedal. If you're on an elliptical, boost the incline so it's harder to run, etc. How hard you push yourself should depend on your current level of conditioning.

During week 2, you'll add another exercise set. But the duration of your exertion periods will decrease. After a 2-minute warm up, you'll do a 3-minute exertion period. As you start, notice how fast you're going and how long it takes for your heart and lungs to meet the challenge.

When 3 minutes is up, begin your recovery. If you need to stop, that's okay. Otherwise, your recovery period should be a slow, easy pace. If you're on an elliptical machine for example, you should slow down so you feel like you're walking.

As always during your recovery period, focus on your heart rate slowing down. If you start to pant, let it happen. Feel your lungs quickly fill up and release. Allow your body to come back to a state of rest.

During week 3, you'll start with a 2-minute warm up and then a 2-minute exertion period. But this time, increase the intensity to give yourself more of a challenge. When 2 minutes is up, begin your recovery. Repeat this process for exercise sets 2 and 3. During week 3, try and repeat this workout 3 or 4 times.

When you hit week 4, you're going to do 3 exercise sets as in week 3. Except this time, you're going to reduce the exertion periods to just 1 minute each, followed by 2-minute recovery periods.

Apply the same principles. Take your warm up at a low to moderate intensity. Then turn up the intensity when you start your first exertion period.

Remember don't stress yourself. It's not necessary to work that intensely. By decreasing the duration, it will actually feel easier as the 4 weeks progress. Part of the PACE® program is realizing that real progress can be made in just minutes a day.

The PACE Program

Exercise with the amazing Kettlebells.


Why would you want to learn about the caveman?

We’re getting fat and diseased like never before with diabetes rising even faster. Yet the typical approach recommended – eat less meat and fat, and more grains, vegetables, and fruits – has done nothing to curb this trend. In fact, it’s made it worse.

I’ve been writing for years about benefits from the diet of our pre-historic ancestors. This includes building up lean muscle, burning fat, and reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Now finally others are chiming in…
Scientists in Sweden tested a typical prehistoric diet on people with diabetes. They avoided cereals, dairy products, refined fat, and sugar, which provide most of the calories of the modern diet.

Over 12 weeks, the researchers compared the “Stone Age” volunteers with people given a Mediterranean diet of whole grain cereals, low fat dairy products, fruit, vegetables and unsaturated fats. After 12 weeks, the blood sugar peaks dropped 26 percent with the Stone Age diet but only 7 percent with the Mediterranean diet. …at the end of the study, all the patients in the prehistoric group had normal blood sugar.

The bottom line is that diabetes is not a lifelong condition you have to live with. You can reverse it by changing your diet. And the focus on blood sugar levels is actually misguided. Don’t believe that diabetes is a problem of blood sugar level. In fact, high blood sugar levels are a symptom of diabetes, not the root cause. Excess insulin causes diabetes when you eat too much carbohydrate.

Here’s where the “Stone Age” diet comes in. It relies mainly on lean meat, nuts, vegetables, and fish – with minimal carbs. This study showed that, by returning to the basic foods our ancestors relied on to survive, the symptoms of diabetes disappeared – in every case.

This proves what I’ve been saying for years: the USDA food pyramid is worthless. Its focus on grains, carbs, and starchy foods is making us sick. It’s not what we were born to eat. Farming and grain-based agriculture – the staple of our modern diet – were developed about 10,000 years ago. That’s not a very long time from an evolutionary standpoint.

For millions of years before that, our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived on a diet of meat, wild vegetables, nuts, and berries. They were either predator or prey. They needed the kind of lean muscle that would give them sudden, explosive power.

Their bodies evolved around a diet that gave them the strength, stamina and muscle growth for the hunt. And genetically speaking, your body is 99.998% identical. So to stay lean and strong – and to avoid obesity and diabetes – all you have to do is adjust your diet to its “caveman” roots. This can be summed up in two simple steps: step up the protein and kick out the carbs.

Eat grass-fed meat, wild fish, and cage-free eggs (to avoid the environmental toxins of modern agriculture and animal husbandry). Instead of potato chips, snack on nuts and berries and skip all cereal and processed foods with added sugar.

So easy a caveman could do it…

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.


Also check out Dr. Mercola's Peak Fitness Routine:
"Children and most animals in the wild do not run marathons or lift weights, they move at high speeds for very short periods of time and then rest. This is natural and what optimizes the production of growth hormone."
Here's what a typical peak fitness routine (of 20 mins.) might look like using a recumbent bike:
1. Warm up for three minutes
2. Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should feel like you couldn't possibly go on another few seconds
3. Recover for 90 seconds
4. Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times