Why won't your physical or emotional problem heal? (why you're still sick...)
What do you want to change the most in yourself or in your life?
Do you know how really think and feel about yourself (or others)?
What causes you the most emotional pain?
(emotional aid...)
Are you in shock?

As a conduit for Life Force energy, Carla can give your body a jump start to speed up the natural healing process. This 1½ hours session is for more chronic problems.  The goal is to free you from suffering by bringing the body and emotions into balance, and finding harmony between your Ego and Inner Self (the material & spiritual).  Most ailments have emotional or mental origins-- shock conflicts. Without freeing these internal mindsets and the causes, a condition might not fully heal or may recur. 

Is your emotional and mental health as important to you as your physical health?  We cannot escape our own feelings and mind patterns because they form the nature of what is seen.  We see what we expect to or are trained to see.  This is why people can be so passionate and stubborn about their beliefs.  We get the evidence in our experiences that support whatever we believe.  We act and make choices based on our thoughts and emotions so it is vital to recognize them. To focus on healing one aspect (symptom) of a person (body, mind, spirit, or emotions) is like a mechanic replacing a fan belt but ignoring an obvious leak coming from a hose or the misalignment of the wheels. 

This BEB session is a bold process which helps you to see patterns in your life and to release internal blocks created by your unresolved emotional trauma and thoughts underlying a condition. As an empath, Carla can help you to know what you are truly feeling, and not what you have been taught or obligated to feel.  It's hard to heal what you can't feel.  She honors all emotions as she calmly guides you through the various levels of what you are feeling.  Once you understand the problem (WHY you are angry, sad, depressed, guilt, undecided, etc) you can decide what you would prefer to think and feel.  You have a choice and you don't have to continue feeling the way you have in the past.  E.g., you can change powerlessness (or unworthy, unwanted, incapable, angry, etc.) to feeling powerful (or creative, confident, strong, secure...).  The key to success is being out of shock-- feeling grounded, calm, even, and stable.  From a high meditative state and energy, Carla can assist you in swiftly attaining this balanced state.  When you are fully aware of your emotions, and learn how to process them to connect with your intuition, realize how your beliefs and past experiences have influenced you, and have illuminated core problems, you will feel as if you are starting life anew, one that is teeming with fresh possibilities, insight, creativity, and joy.
Please pass on these ideas and knowledge so they can stimulate, flow, and expand the horizons of holistic healing and medicine.  Working in harmony with Nature and Spirit is the way of the future, and those who oppose and guard the past shall eventually yield to the progressive soul of the Creative Force.  Old ideas were once unrecognizable new ones. The followers resist and thinkers persist.
It's hard for many people to believe in, let alone to imagine healing an ailment without drugs, devices, needles, pressure on the body, or even in an office.  It's simply a matter of employing  energy and applying it to the body to speed up the natural healing process.  This is similar to a solar battery that collects, converts, and releases sunlight as electrical power.  People were once suspicious and fearful of using electricity.  They couldn't see it!  But the "proof" was in the effect and they used this power it even though the technology (cause) involved was not generally understood.  Energy can be transmitted and received over the phone, and we readily and distantly communicate over it without seeing each other.  What would we do without modern lighting, telephones, TV, or computers?! Similarly, healing energy can be sent and received by individuals in person or by long distance, which is safer than electromagnetic waves generated by cellular phones.  In fact, we are wireless bio-electromagnetic beings living in a sea of unseen energy, and we are always interacting with this Essential Life Energy.  Everything is energy!  Today the entire world runs on electricity which was unimaginable 100 years ago.  Perhaps, medicine will undergo a similar progression, despite the profit motive, and the primary form of healing will be based on energy.  Everything old was once new.  Conventional medicine will become enormously more successful, kind, and affordable when it views humans as more than chemical machines, and as spiritual and energetic beings.  But you don't have to wait.

Therapists and doctors diagnose symptoms and treat them.  Carla does not diagnose, treat, or cure.  You cannot be healed by anyone or anything. Inner self-healing is the only kind of real remedy there is.  Whatever (medication, supplements, diet, surgery, techniques, devices, meditation, exercise, energy..) or whomever (healer, physician, God, counselor, etc) you believe in consciously or subconsciously, will heal you.  The "placebo effect" has proven this.  Your belief governs your biology: "mind over matter."  Carla assists people in discovering and understanding their thoughts and feelings.

he body knows exactly how to heal itself, otherwise the human species would not have survived.   Therefore, the goal to re-establishing health is to discover what is blocking this innate ability.  The  body is always healing, although its symptoms are often misinterpreted as illness.  The repair process can be painful due to inflammation and swelling which occur because tissue heals better in a protective cushion of water.  The appearance of microbes indicate the healing phase and that the cleanup crew has arrived, not that they have caused the "disease."  They are not the enemy; not the cause but the effect!  Underlying nearly every malady is an emotional shock conflict that disrupts the energy in the body and initiates a certain emergency biological program ("disease").  Imagine how you would feel if your doctor viewed every symptom occurring in your body as in some way positive.  A frightening diagnose can create even more shock and "disorder" in the body.  In addition, painful, invasive, noxious, costly, and prolonged treatments may cause more chronic conditions and hinder complete healing. Remember, the same Source that created the cosmos lives inside of you.

Carla's primary goal is to restore order and enhance your own natural healing process by first helping to relieve shock.  Elevating the consciousness from the lower, survival brain, to the higher spiritual brain, aligns the structural body in seconds, which reconnects you to your Inner Source, and relaxes muscle tension to improve circulation (blood & nerve).  From a calmer, clearer, and more balanced state, it is easier to discover what are really feeling and the emotional event beneath the physical condition.  Strength and balance are the foundations of health, not just feeling good or bad.  You won't believe how good you can feel by being out of stress and connected to your spirit.  You can heal yourself!  Sometimes you just need a little boost, support, and energy.   This type of healing is NOT about using force, fighting (germs or disease), becoming a "survivor" or treating physical symptoms by substances, devices, or surgery.  Is it completely centered on ALLOWING the energy to work and trusting in the body's innate wisdom and ability to heal itself-- when permitted to.  The only side effects are derived from the healing process itself.

E-HEALING, the non-treatment, is fast, easy, safe, convenient, low cost, private, confidential, & potent-- in person or over the phone.  Effective healing does not need to be lengthy, invasive, or

Human beings are complex and are in need of genuine holistic healing.  Therefore, several types of sessions are offered.   Mind-- CIA; Body--VT; Emotions--BEB; Spirit--TSP.
The TriSynergetic Process (TSP) was recently created for the purpose of surpassing the struggle of duality-- positive/negative, good/bad, yes/no, conscious/ subconscious, left/right brain, etc., to the luminous realm of genuine balance which is created in a state of pure awareness (super consciousness) in which one's true desire can be manifested. E.g., when the essence of a male and female are joined, a potential of another being is created, something greater than the two. Similarity, the forces of positive and negative converge to produce light.  You can transcend the duality of what you want and what you don't want in yourself, and in your life, to create something superior.  The internal battle ceases and peace is attained.  It is true that the sum is greater than its parts.

NOTE: The prerequisite for the TSP session is the completion of an initial session and one regular or at the end of three discounted sessions.
The Vibrational Touch enhances the CIA as it stimulates circulation of energy (Chi, Life Force) and clears blockages by using a light motion over the muscles while fully clothed.  Some aspects of massage, kinesiology, acupressure, Reiki, and Bowen are involved, but it is an unique method that yields superb results. As muscles spasms are gently and instantly released, you will feel a very deep relaxation and inner peace.  This is essential as deep muscle spasms that can cause many metabolic and autoimmune diseases, as well as structural problems: sprains, protruding discs, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, knee and back pain. We tend to exert too force on our muscles, or we don't move enough.  Many "aerobic" exercises are actually anaerobic because much of the oxygen doesn't reach the overtaxed muscles and concentrated amount of lactic acid is produced causing the muscles to spasm). High/low temperatures, cracking the spine, kneading, pressing, jerking, pulling or stretching can cause surface muscles to tense up resulting in a release of endorphins (the "runner's high" is due to these natural painkillers as the body is actually being injured) so you feel better but the condition many worsen in the long run. Undiagnosed muscle spasms may be the least known, or untreated cause of pain and disease today.                                 
The CIA is greatly enhanced and tends to hold longer by utilizing the Sphenoid Osseous Shift.  If the sphenoid bone is not centered in your head, there is a slim chance that the rest of your body will hold the alignment. It will need to be continually adjusted, which addresses the symptoms rather the cause-- the unbalanced sphenoid bone. The results of the SOS are amazing.  If you aren't breathing through your nose properly, the SOS can help you.  It is included in the CIA process.
        Beyond massage: The quantum tension tamer.
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Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB)
   In person or over the phone
(More detailed descriptions further down)
Initial Session w/ Consultation
Is one hour and b
egins with a postural survey, health review, and a life stress assessment.  When the Central Inner Alignment is performed, the brain hemispheres are balanced which results in the swift alignment of the spine and an elevation of consciousness to relieve stress, shock, and pain.  It is basically a brain lift enabling you to feel clear-headed, relaxed, grounded, and joyful. It includes the Vibrational Touch, which gently and rapidly relieves muscular tension and pain.  The basic cause of stress and trauma can also be healed.  But emotional deeper issues may require a BEB session.  Gifting of..........$60.00
Regular Session
Discount Session
BEB Session
Child Session
SUGGESTIONS for pre and post session: CIA and BEB
Your donations are kindly appreciated.
Carla's modest fee suggestions permit her to continue providing care for those in need.  However, she is grateful for the amount you are truly able to donate to assist her in maintaining this healing ministry.  Donations are tax deductible.
Rev. Carla Muth, B.A.S.
Body Alignment Specialist
Call now for an appointment:

Please consult your health care professional for an evaluation of any physical problem and medical advice. Carla does not treat psychological or medical conditions. She is not a doctor or therapist who diagnoses, treats or cures symptoms, medical disorders nor disease. This website is only intended to offer general information to aid in your quest for physical and emotional wellness. Any personal use of these ideas or suggestions is your decision and God-given right. Carla assumes no responsibility for your actions or application of this information. Her ultimate goal is to bolster Self-Healing.
                                 BRAIN, BONES, AND BRAWN

The Central Inner Alignment is a process of unification, not an adjustment, as it aids in synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres.  When the brain is stressed, we focalize in our dominant hemisphere.  This unbalanced brain in turn causes a misaligned and unstable body which creates tension in the muscles.  The body twists  and pulls one hip higher than the other causing the spine to become misaligned and the leg shortens.  A high frequency of energy can be used to bring you out of shock (& stress) and gently align the spine within minutes.   The muscles become toned but relaxed so bones are not being pulled out of position and in need of constant "adjusting."  When you are out of balance, very tense, weak, overly stressed, you move down into your lower brain function (into survival mode of "flight or fight"), becoming separated from your Source, the muscles tense up in preparing to flee or fight (traffic, boss, parents, kids, bank, spouse, etc), pull on the bones, and the body goes out of alignment. We are told that we only use 10% of our brain capacity.  That is because better than 90% of the brain's energy output is used to keep us upright.  Therefore, the more we are out of alignment, the more energy we exhaust on fighting gravity and the less is available to thinking, metabolism, and healing.  When car wheels are unbalanced and the steering out of alignment, constantly being pulled to one side, the tires erode much faster which may result in a blowout!  Your body is similar, so it is vital to be aligned. The CIA also helps us to balance and connect with your Inner Power, which can heal virtually any ailment, and restore emotional stability, joy, and spirit.

The CIA can be done in conjunction with a BEB (see below), which helps you to discover what triggers a stress response (shock). The first session begins with a consultation.  Utilizing energy is gentle, easy, safe, fast, and the most natural form of healing, and unlike drugs, there are no side effects.  We can rebuild your depleted energy, which is why you are sick or in pain. The number of sessions needed to hold the alignment, to heal, to restore your energy depends on how depleted it is and the disharmony in your life. The alignment would most likely be permanent if you were never under stress again and your maintained a balanced emotional state and utilized the left and right brain hemispheres equally.

   360 306-5550 cmhealing@comcast.net
(Tax Deductible)
"I am only 41 and having a "severe acute arthritic flair up," the term my Ortho Doc used.  Some of you are going to think I have lost my marbles. I am a skeptic for sure.  But Carla's rates were so reasonable and I was in such agony, I was willing to gamble on this small amount of cash because working with someone over the phone to heal my knee sounds nuts but a whole lot better than UFlexa Injections and total knee replacement surgery. I was totally desperate. It was a fantastic gamble... By the end of the hour phone session with Carla, my right knee was out of pain and the swelling receded. By the next day I was up and walking. That the lack of stability in my left knee was gone, as well. I  have not had any issues with either knee since.  My knees are working great for the first time in a decade, and I mean GREAT!".................Kathryn, MA

".....I've spent the last 30 years learning about alternative medicine and have found that Carla's alignment and energy is what I've been needing all along. Now I have a CIA session on a regular basis.  It's a fast and inexpensive way for me to feel balanced, healthy, and joyful.  And it even works on my dog!...................Christine, Harrison H.S., BC

"As a single mom of 36, I was diagnosed with a BRAIN TUMOR (meningioma).  For 1 1/2 years I had partial seizures, limb weakness, and urinary symptoms. Standard treatment was anti-seizure medication until the symptoms out weigh the risks of brain surgery and radiation.
I also felt frustrated with failed attempts at alternative healing.  Thatís when I met Carla Muth.  I have never felt what I experienced after Carlaís work. After two phone sessions, I saw my doctor.  I confessed that I had stopped doing stairs, I was bumping into walls, unable to work full time and drive a car. We did a second MRI.  It confirmed that I was indeed going through the healing crisis.  The tumor could not be found!  My neurologist had heard this could happen but had not witnessed it before. I did follow up with the brain surgeon.  There was nothing to be removed. This experience opened my body up to other healing: my kidneys came back on line. Next to follow was my digestion.  I had been gluten free and suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 4 years.  Now I can eat almost anything.  Next came my spine.  Chronic aches and pains have diminished significantly or are gone: chronic TMJ, migraines, severe allergies, and chronic asthma.  Now, when I look at the before and after MRI scans I think, wow, these are two very different brains.  But what that means in terms of quality of life is so much more.  Itís not just that a tumor is gone, I am a different person.  My relationships have all changed for the better.  I'm thankful to have met Carla everyday!".........................Becky, Chicago, IL.

"I was in a great deal of pain from a torn muscle in my shoulder.  After 5 minutes on the phone with  Carla, I felt no pain! I went to work the next day feeling as good as new. Pretty amazing!".................Chris,  Anderson, IN
His fractured leg (fibula) was nearly healed in 48 hours... See X-RAYS and more........
Discount Sessions
A series of follow up sessions are recommended.  Some people feel an enormous difference after the first session, while others feel more relief with each subsequent session as the alignments tend to have an accumulative effect-- the more you do, the better you feel, and the longer the alignment holds.  Also, some stubborn problems require more attention to heal.  In addition, for many people there is a learning curve in adapting to being in a more balanced state-- i.e., calm and confident.  After 3-4 sessions, it is common for people to say, "I feel calmer in my life... I don't worry about things like I used to...".

For each year the body has been misaligned generally requires one month of alignments to correct the poor posture.  The CIA and VT are normally done only once a week.  More is not better when using energy as the body continues to adjust and heal after the session, which usually culminates on the third day.
20% DISCOUNT: 3 sessions within one month for a gifting of...........$35.00 ea.
First Session
Child Session (under 14 years old)
Children are welcome and their CIA can often be done for free in conjunction with a parent's first session.  There are also family discounts.  Kids especially enjoy and appreciate the CIA.  Pets also love it.........Gifting of $25.00
Regular/Follow Up Session
You may wish to do a follow up session for help with more chronic physical and emotional concerns, or to increase the effectiveness of the first CIA/VT.  You are encouraged to enjoy an alignment at least once a month, depending on the level of stress in your life, and how long you have been misaligned. Stability and confidence maintain brain and body balance.  3-4 alignments may be needed to fully experience this wonderful effect in your life.  Gifting of.......$45.00
Bio-Emotional Balancing
This hour session is for more chronic emotional or physical problems.  It includes working with the German New Medicine, which is founded on the scientific evidence of Dr. Ryke Hamer  in proving that disease is caused by a specific biological shock conflict.  Carla assists people is discovering the shock and resolving it. The CIA is included as it helps to relieve the physical shock itself.  As an empath, Carla also helps people to understand and honor what they are truly feeling and thinking, which comprises our state of energy and being. The core mind pattern can be uncovered which reveals habitual beliefs about oneself and the world.  Clients learn that they always have a choice in how they think and feel, and can change them at anytime.  What you can feel, you can heal..........Gifting of $220.00
TriSynergetic Process
The BEB focuses on uncovering the patterns in your life, and learning to process and befriend your emotions. The TSP (1½ hrs.) not only balances conflicts but also transcends them by providing you with an entryway into the Divine Matrix of BEING.  The Law of Attraction may inadvertently foster imbalance by relentlessly reinforcing the "positive" without healing the "negative," so that the pendulum continues to swing back and forth which perpetuates the opposition and tension within you because the two opposing feelings aren't healed.  When you locate the focal point between the two opposite desires, the battle of duality ceases.  This transcendence results in balance and peace.  You can now operate from the Law of Creation, from which you can create (not merely attract), what you truly desire, and become the master of your destiny.  Prerequisite for the TSP is two sessions. Gifting of..........$90.00
Inspiring Emotional Self-Mastery
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