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Inner-Self Talk Guide
The conscious mind (left-brain) is the origin of thought, while the subconscious mind (right-brain) is the source of power.  Use this IST Guide to talk to this inner power.  You will succeed by holding on to a mental picture of your desire and acting upon it.  The subconscious mind will obey your command, if you believe it, and then nothing can stop you from fulfilling your desire.  The sooner this creative force gets the idea, the faster your intention will materialize.  You get what you anticipate.  Be the commander in charge of the greatest force on Earth-- the power of the mind.

Part 1: Deep Relaxation
Get comfortable sitting or lying down in a quiet place. You may want to play soft background music (especially Baroque). Try not to eat, smoke, or drink anything intoxicating before you practice. Donít worry if you fall asleep because you can repeat the session anytime. However, if done at night, it is best to do another session which is not related to sleep. There is no test involved so just enjoy learning how to fully relax your mind and body. Do these repetitions 5-8 times, according to your preference. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths so that your stomach inflates. Inhale through both nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Imagine surrounding your body with violet.

1. My ARMS are getting limp and heavy (repeat 5-8 times).
     My arms are becoming warm and rubbery.
     I am completely calm.

2. My LEGS are getting limp and heavy.
     My legs are becoming warm and pliant.
     I am completely calm.

3. My CHEST feels warm and pleasant.
     My chest is getting soft and heavy.
     My heart rate is slow and even. It is in sync with the Earthís.
     All of my muscles are relaxed and in harmony.
     I am wholly at peace. I see the number 1

4. My BREATHING is calm and gently flowing.
     I am breathing in golden light and feel my spirit expanding.
     I am totally tranquil and spiritually free. I see the number 2

5. My NERVES are relieved and loose.
     My entire sensory nervous system is relaxed.
     I am emotionally at ease and letting go.
     Noises only help me to relax more.
     I am perfectly serene. I see the number 3

6. My ABDOMEN is relaxed and warm.
     All tension has completely left my stomach.
     My whole body feels heavy, warm, and calm.
     I am entirely at ease. I see the number 4

7. My FOREHEAD is cool.
    My mind is untroubled and clear.
    I recall tranquil and passive scenes (beach, forest, sunset, etc.)
    I am physically, emotionally, and mentally relaxed.
    I am fully balanced and calm. I see the number 5

END: In the future, I will automatically return to this serene state by counting from 1 to 5.  My body is firm and energized. I am coming back up (or proceeding to part II)..1...2....feeling good....3...4.... refreshed....5.  I see the color brown surrounding me. Iím fully awake.

When you have mastered Part 1 and you are able to fully relax your mind and body, you are ready to move on to Part 2: Meditation and Self-Hypnosis. This can take from one to four weeks, or longer, depending on your consistency, dedication, and desire. The entire session can be done in 10 minutes, although you can make it as long or as short as you like. Eventually, you will be able to do the Inner-Self Talk with your eyes opened which will enable you to practice it anywhere and at anytime. You may want to record this script (or make one of your own) on tape to play during your practice. If you would like to do a more spiritual meditation, please refer to the alternative #9.
Part 2: Meditation and Self-Hypnosis:

8. I see a set of 5 green STAIRS leading down to a special room deep inside of my head behind my forehead. As I go down the steps, I will enter into a profoundly relaxed state. I am now slowly and safely descending the stairs... step 6...... 7.......going deeper... 8.....calmer and more relaxed..... 9...deeper and deeper......10.... I am now at the bottom and entering a beautiful and tranquil turquoise colored room in back of my forehead. This is the most comforting room Iíve ever been in. It feels...... it looks..... it sounds...... it smells..... I sense the encouraging presence of my personal or spiritual mentor...... I sit in a soft chair and feel entirely content.

9. I am ready to visualize what I donít like about myself, my actions, or my life. As I look out from behind my eyes, I am SEEING the harmful effects of my unwanted behavior or thoughts.1 I FEEL what I am doing to myself and others through this behavior. I am feeling the various emotions and thoughts associated with it.2 Ultimately, what will happen if I continue acting the same way?

10. I am ready to visualize what I do like and want for myself and my life. I SEE and FEEL myself engaging in positive behavior and thinking. I am now becoming...............3

11. I FEEL in my heart that my worst weakness (ego) is________. My greatest strength (quality) is___________.4 This positive truth statement5 will reinforce my sincere intention to create beneficial behaviors and thoughts. I am ______________and . I will be acutely aware of any negative input and repeat this personal affirmation as needed throughout the day.

12. I am getting up from the chair and leaving the room. In the future, I will return to this room and deep state of consciousness at any time by counting from 1 to 10. I see that the stairs are now a golden brown. I am on step 10....9....going up.....8...7.... my arms and legs are firm.....6......5.... I am waking up......4.....3.....feeling more energized......2.......1.  I feel refreshed and ready to go.

1-- E.g., drinking, overeating, smoking, fingernail biting, illness, pain, drugging, overworking, deceit, procrastination, anxiety, depression, abuse, compulsive, dependency, etc. For instance smoking: see the smoke, smell it on your clothes and in your hair, irritating others, the craving, your breath, your poor lungs, voice, the coughing, the expense, your tainted teeth and sore gums.

2-- Go down through the layers of emotion of feeling like a loser, for example: anger > stemming from fear > rejection > beneath that is sadness > shame > criticized > undeserving > to the core mind pattern of failure or incapable. Or letís say, smoking: calmed > rebellious > stupid > condemned > weak > isolated > insecure > to the core thought pattern of being unwanted or incapable. How long are you going to continue to indulge in this habit? What is your plan?

3-- E.g., smoking: see yourself free of the smell of smoke, lungs pink and healthy, no cough, pleasant breath, saving money, no more sneaking around, irritating others, and craving. As a loser, choose to see and feel yourself being accepted, confident, dignified, assertive, capable, and successful.
The process involves: experience yourself doing it (achieving your goal); use all of your senses; complete it; anchor it in the present and then link it to something in the future. E.g., for weight loss. See yourself in the future and connect it to looking at your scale or clothing size every month for a year. See yourself in smaller size, being more attractive, active, feeling lighter, standing in front of the mirror, how healthy you feel, how others see you, being nourished by the comfort and love you give yourself. Then link your desire to certain things. When youíre hungry, your body craves nutritious food. See yourself being full after a few bites of food. These links will carry you into the future.  Your body and mind will keep striving to attain your goal.

4-- E.g., the loserís worst weakness is feeling incapable and his greatest strength (most Godlike or purest quality) is compassion. "I am capable and compassionate." But whatís the feeling behind it?

5-- Unlike general "positive affirmations," this one is a personal truth statement so the ego must take it seriously (and the goal is to discipline the Ego persona so that you can know your true, Inner Self). The loserís message is: "I am Captain Capable and defender of kindness!" To be real, it must have a feeling behind it, as well being true. What does competency and kindness feel like (image, place, person, etc)? To neutralize the negative voice, you may need to reinforce your desire by declaring it throughout the day. You can select a simpler statement such as: "I am becoming......." healed, sober, honest, brave, strong, expert, free of....., mastering a skill, exercising, speaking well, etc.

9a-- Spiritual communication with your Higher Self, God, Oversoul, Angel, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, etc.:
I am sinking into this comfortable chair and feeling surrounded by violet. I am breathing out of the violet funnel from the top of my head as it rises up and I feel it touch the presence of my Oversoul. I see a silver infinity sign (figure 8 on its side) above my head. I am now breathing that loving energy back down the funnel and into this area behind my brow. I feel its loving energy streaming into my body. I can feel, hear, or see what it wants to convey to me. It is effortless to maintain the communication through my breathing-- my energy out and its energy in. It is easy to talk to (or project images on a screen). The Oversoul usually communicates through feelings and symbols.

9b-- To see the future or past. Note: the corridorís length depends on how far you want to go in time.
FUTURE: I am moving down a corridor of violet light. I have come to a branch and I am going to the left. I am now moving down a royal blue hallway. I am opening the door to the future. I see.....
PAST: I am moving down a corridor of violet light. I have come to a branch and I am going to the right. I am now moving down a emerald green hallway. I open the door to the past. I see....... You may want to ask a question before you open the door. For example, "When in my past did this phobia (addiction, problem, illness, feeling, etc.) really begin? What is the true cause?" When you are finished, always come back through a brown door and close it behind you. Go up the stairs.
PRESENT: I am now moving down a corridor of violet light. I have come to a branch but I continue going straight and move down a brown hallway. I open the door of the present. I see...............
Ask a question, such as "Why am I having this problem with my friend (boss, spouse, child...)?" Or "Should I make this move?"; "Is this the right job for me?" and so on. Go through the emotions: "My mind feels about this (person, place, or situation).............., my heart feels............my body feels................my spirit feels.............? In this way, you are using your intuition to the fullest.

Healing Prayer:
My desire is fulfilled and the healing is complete. Peace and radiant energy fill my entire body. I give thanks for opening my heart. I welcome change and new growth. My will and Godís will are the same. I feel the strength, support, self-confidence, and safety of this mighty spiritual union. I am blessed in all ways and my life overflows with goodness.

Copyright © 2005
What is preventing your from being that ideal person or attaining your goal?  You don't really BELIEVE IT!  Those are the blocks, or beliefs, that need to be cleared.  For example, "I am 37 years old and after many failed relationships, I want one that is open, trusting, dependable, kind, and loving."  Her or his basic belief (mind pattern) is a common one, "I'm not worthy enough to be truly loved."  The personal conviction of being unworthy and unlovable can be changed to being open, kind, loving, trusting, honored, and worthy.  Think it, see it, feel it, and become it.  Don't just endlessly recite personal affirmations like a robot programming its mechanical brain.  Don't waste time with wishful thinking.  Visualize by attaching color, movement, sound, touch and emotion to your desires.  See and feel the goal as already being accomplished.  But here's the catch, in order to alter belief, situation, or ailment, you need to know what your are feeling!   

See why Self-Hypnosis may be best: Brainwashing Techniques by Dick Sutphen
The best tool for transformation: 
Stream of Consciousness writing....

And the EASE Method to process your emotions...
See how to create and feel energy via
The Modified Twin Hearts Meditation
B    1. Be in your Body.
             Your body allows you to physically experience tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, and hearing so that you can interact with others and your environment.  Power comes from being centered and grounded in the body.  Symptoms of blocked energy in the body: feeling weak, sick, ungrounded, selfish, poor, powerless, greedy or compulsive.

E    2. Experience your Emotions.
              E-motions give power to your thoughts which determine how you will act and react.  Evidence that emotional energy is being de--pressed, denied, or dishonored: feeling anxious, sad, isolated, hopeless, fearful, alone, numb, or unlovable.  See BEB section.

E    3. Enhance your Energy.
              Energy is the essence of everything and precedes matter.  It carries feelings and thoughts.  Notice how people and places convey varying "vibes."  a church feels different from a bar.  It inspires and nourishes you as the "breath" of life.  Indications that spiritual energy is depleted or stuck: feeling ill, tired, distrustful, pessimistic, disconnected, or uninspired.

M   4. Mine your Mind Patterns.
              The mind is fueled by your imagination and awareness.  It is a creative force.  Everything comes into existence by a thought.  Mind patterns create your reality as they draw you to certain people and places.  You exchange the energy of ideas, plans, and ideals with others. What you habitually think about eventually shows up in your body and emotions.  Signs that mental energy is jumbled or impeded: feeling confused, bored, forgetful, accident prone, inferior, or distracted.     

S    5. Seek your Soul identity.
              Your soul is the indestructible part of you.  It is your foundation.
              5-STEP FORMULA