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It's All In Your Mind Pattern
"I try so hard but I can't seem to change," is a common complaint.  This is due to the effects of the traumatic events in our life which are deeply buried in the dense caverns of our body. The main reason why it is so hard to change behavior is due to the thought patterns (way of thinking) that began at a very young age and that we may not even be aware of today.  When we experience positive sensations, such as laughter, pleasure, joy, and love, we give them away or share them.  But when we feel anger, sorrow, fear, guilt or loneliness, such oppressive emotions tend to be submerged within, especially as a child.  We "Suck it in."  This energy is very real and it creates blockages in our body.  Remember, unresolved trauma will continue to be re-enacted until it is settled.  How are the circumstances of your adult life now similar to those of your childhood?  Until we feel them and root out the causes, meaningful or lasting change may crumble on the rocky realities of life. As with regaining weight, it's no surprise if we return to the safety of old familiar behavior patterns, still hungering for harmony and happiness. 

The Ego and Inner Self
Ultimately, the underlying structure needs to be changed, which means to create lasting success, we need to confront the Ego and balance it with the Inner Self . I help people to find their true Inner Nature which creates enough space to be able to recognize the Ego (Left-Brained); i.e., that part of your mind that is practical, analytical and is most comfortable solving problems, which means it constantly expects them. It, a persona, has an insatiable need to feel special and is defined by external factors which means that it locks us into in a dependency of constant approval and feedback.  It likes to keep doing things and proving itself, which can result in some pretty hard lessons. 

Our Inner Self  (Right-Brained) is creative, intuitive, spiritual, emotional, and imaginative, which means by utilizing this aspect of our mind, we can have easier lessons by mentally and emotional projecting ourselves into a situation to see if it feels right.  When we keep repeating negative patterns and struggling, that is a strong indication that the Ego is in control.  It is a necessary part of the mind (and brain), if you want to exist in physical reality!  If the goal is to "ascend" (a popular New Age concept), then I seriously question the purpose of becoming human and physical, likewise with "spiritual beings."  Such lofty concepts are actually derived from the Ego!  "I am special."  Naturally, we aspire to lead spiritual lives, but we also need to manage our finances, be on time and be able to follow directions.  The goal is to balance these two aspects of our mind-- the conscious and subconscious.  When we connect with our Inner Nature, then we are on the path to communicating with the Superconscious-- our Higher Self, and therefore, with the Source.  The purpose of being on this planet is to learn how to be balanced and fully human.  This is in itself a monumental undertaking, for the most courageous of souls, which may require many lifetimes to achieve and certainly a great deal of patience. 

You create your personal reality by how you think AND feel (this is why "positive thinking" is not enough because the heart the rules the body, including the brain).  It is a MIND PATTERN, and how you habitually think.  In other words, thinking a certain way becomes a habit, which is established in childhood and generally continues into adulthood.  When you uncover your core mind pattern (e.g., feeling unwanted, unworthy, incapable or undeserving-- the basic four), you will be able to see how it has created the general patterns in your life.  To affect real change, you need to discover your central belief about yourself and the world (what did you believe as a child?).  This is the path to challenging the rule of your Ego.  A thought pattern can produce illnesses and cause accidents, allowing outward expression of your inner strife.  Cells respond to thought and emotions.  Your body reflects your inner thoughts and feelings. 
What is the evidence? 

* Not everyone who lives near a hazardous area gets sick, and that flu bug going around doesn’t infect everyone.
* Under hypnosis, a condition in a person can be induced or alleviated.
* A person with Multiple Personality (DID) may suffer from different problems, even allergies, osteoporosis, and diabetes.
* Some parts of the body or conditions heal and others don’t.  What’s locking in the condition?
* "Carcinogenics" are everywhere but not everyone gets cancer.
* Animals do not get as sick as humans, especially in the wild.
* When a child may get sick to avoid a problem at school or for attention.
* Twins don’t always get the same diseases or share similar conditions.
* Medical treatments, medications or supplements may help some people and have no affect   on others.
* The Placebo Effect: what you believe, consciously or unconsciously, will determine the effectiveness of any supplement or treatment of an ailment.  Likewise, if you believe that jogging or eating a certain diet is effective, you will remain healthy, unless an emotional shock, or extra stress, disrupts your personal programming (belief system).
Biological Shock-Conflict
A German physician, Dr. Ryke Hamer, appears to have proven that emotions induce disease (or more specifically, the ramifications of suppressed or unresolved emotions). He states that chronic stress may contribute to the development of cancer and other illnesses but it is not the cause.  Dr. Hamer believes the true cause is an unanticipated shock trauma which the person cannot deal with emotionally.  For example, if a man's wife suddenly leaves him, this shock could render him emotionally dysfunctional, which may produce energy blockages that weaken the body's ability to maintain good health.  This Shock-Conflict can be psychological, emotional, or physical.  It triggers the body to turn on the specific emergency program ("disease") for a biological conflict. Dr. Hamer discovered this through his own tragic shock-conflict when he developed testicular cancer after his son was fatally shot (the testicles are related to one's offspring). Dr. Hamer claims to be able to examine a CT scan of the brain, note the lesions (called Hamer Herds), which are produced from the emotional trauma, identify where in the body the cancer is located and the basic emotional cause of it.  The location of the lesion in the brain is the relay area from the brain to the target organ. The content (fear, disgust, loss, anger, etc) of the conflict determines the location of the HH in the brain.  This creates a track from the traumatic event to the brain which is passed on to a particular organ.  Therefore, all disease begins in the brain.  This specific lesion in the brain has been confirmed  by the CT manufacturer, Seimens Company.
Target Organ/Condition           Conflict emotions (shock)

Addison's Disease (adrenal)-- off course, misdirected or mislead, the wrong way.
Allergies  -- a shock conflict in an environment; "this stinks!"
AIDS-- the HIV positive diagnosis (death threat).
Arthritis --brutal separation.  Healing phase of worthless conflict; recalcifying bone (extra)
Backache  -- a lack of support (financial, personal); rejection.
Bad Breath-- healing phase of tumor decomposing from nugget conflict (see esphoagus).
Bladder-- identity problem; nasty conflict; dirty tricks.
Bone-- lack of self-worth; feeling of inferiority.  Degree of conflict determines the tissue.
               Head & Neck-- intellectual conflict ("I feel stupid or foolish").
               Shoulder-- self-respect (failure, guilt).
               Hands-- dexterity or clumsiness (dislike or failed at manual task).
               Back/spine-- centralized worthless conflict; center of self. Rejection, unsupported
                   Herniated disc-- in healing phase (resolution of conflict) the cartilage pops out.
                   Sciatica-- swelling in lumbar vertebre; unsupported (I'm not backed up").
                   Paralysis/numbness-- motor conflict; separated (left behind); stuck.
               Hips-- can't carry on or endure; resistance to change.
               Pelvis-- sexual devaluation conflict; worthless
               Knees-- physical performance conflict.
               Ankles (& toes)-- unbalanced (to walk, run, dance, etc.).
               Feet-- stuck conflict.
Brain edema-- water/swelling released at height of healing epileptic crisis (heart attack, stroke...).
Breast (left)-- conflict with child or mother. In general-- nest worry (loved one, friend, home)
Breast (right)-- conflict with partner or others. 
Breast milk duct-- separation conflict (fear of or desire to-- "Get off my chest/breast!").
Bronchials-- territorial anger conflict.
Bulemia--  disgust (for binging) + indigestible anger (to get rid of/vomit).

See more......
According to Dr. Hamer, there are 2 Phases of Healing:
-- Active; intense stress, with cold, insomnia, nausea fast heart beat, angina, high blood pressure, ulcers, visual impairment, loss of smell, hearing etc, weight loss, and low blood sugar.
Cell destruction-- creating holes in tissue (osteoporosis, necroses, ulcers).
Metastasis or secondary tumors are caused by cancer fear or death fear conflicts.

PCL-phase-- Healing: hot, pain, fever, headaches, infection, inflammation, pus, bleeding, fatigue, night sweats, discharge (blood in stool or urine) and repairing of tissue.  Leukemia, fibroma, cysts and tumors. 
Cell proliferation-- fills in the holes (scar and granulated tissue).  Water retention.
In modern society and medicine, the natural healing process is regularly disrupted.  For example, the use of antidepressants actually impedes our ability to fight back.  Drugs may suppress the healing symptoms and the affected area may need to wait for another opportune time to heal.

Dr. Hamer asserts that cancer is not cured by drugs, natural foods, a healthy lifestyle, or traditional psychiatry (utilizing tranquilizers).  However, anything people really believe will heal them could be successful, especially if they undergo emotional healing.  They can turn off the shock-conflict if they believe in the cure and are given the opportunity (time, rest, support, etc) to heal.  Despite over 15,000 cases of cancer cures, all of which showed the same characteristics in every case, and 90% reversal rates, the medical and legal authorities prosecuted Dr. Hamer in Germany for malpractice because he refused to renounce his practices and employ chemotherapy.  His book, 'Summary of the New Medicine', explains his innovative theories.  Is this the "medicine of the future" where cancer and other diseases will be routinely cured by emotional therapy?  If we learn more about our emotions and heed their messages, can we prevent shock or accelerate the resolution of it?    Find out if you are in shock and how it affects you.

Since 1988, the New Medicine has been tested and verified by many physicians and professional associations with certified documents.
"Some 100 facts can be established for each disease according to the rules of the “New Medicine”. While all 100 facts could not be established given the shortage of investigative findings, the facts that could be established showed that the natural laws of the “New Medicine” were all fulfilled...." Continued

Dr. Hamer's website: http://www.newmedicine.ca
Superb article:The German New Medicine-- Hope For Cancer Patients

For an excellent description of The New Medicine, other articles, and lectures:
Dr. Caroline Markolin: www.germannewmedicine.ca


Video: German New Medicine- How You Control Your Own Healing
Carla's book, Inner-Self Talk, The Pocket Guidebook (For Rapid
Emotional Stress Transformation/REST) has taken Louise Hay's groundbreaking book, You Can Heal Your Life, a step further by asking the questions associated our emotions/ conditions and our ailments (why they have occurred). Isn't it about time that we finally have a reference book for emotions?!  Regrettably, due to a short supply, her book can only be purchased by other healers, therapists, or by an individual who has made an appointment with Carla.
For a list of emotions
Body Talk-- how your body talks to you.
The Placebo Effect-- how your beliefs affect you.
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Please pass on these ideas and knowledge so they can stimulate, flow, and expand the horizons of holistic healing and medicine.  Working in harmony with Nature and Spirit is the way of the future, and those who oppose and guard the past shall eventually yield to the progressive soul of the Creative Force.  Old ideas were once unrecognizable new ones. The followers resist and thinkers persist.
"No remedy and no device in the world can "remove" a conflict. Resolving a conflict is also a process of learning and our chance to grow. The belief that we could bypass this opportunity with remedies or devices of any kind is locked into a paradigm that ignores the profound spiritual aspect of healing. Dr. Hamer
In over 90% of cases, the body heals itself."
The German New Medicine
Cautions in Healing:

"We should always keep in mind that everything in our organism occurs simultaneously and in a
synchronized fashion on all three levels (psyche, brain, organ). The healing process, both in the body and of the related brain relay, always runs parallel to the healing that occurs on the emotional and psychological level. Tracks that trigger conflict relapses need to be identified in order to be able to fully complete the healing process.

The 'clearing' of traumatic experiences (see also our
Warning Page) can potentially cause the onset of acute healing symptoms with the risks of serious complications, particularly during the epileptoid crises[height of healing phase]. The same applies to techniques used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Any method aimed at unearthing and re-living old traumas might trigger emotional relapses, followed by the conflict-related physical symptoms - often to the surprise of both the patient and the therapist.

Affirmation exercises can keep the memory of a particular conflict-situation active, leading to re-occurring or chronic conditions. An example: A man suffered a DHS [Shock Conflict/Dirk Hamer Syndrome], when his employer told him that the much expected promotion went not him but to one of his colleagues. Once he began to get used to the situation, he developed bladder cancer (the healing symptom of a conflict of "not being able to mark the territory", involving the lining of the bladder). Because of his cancer, he was forced to go into early retirement. Although he was now away from the office (the location, where the "territorial marking conflict" occurred) and from his colleague (who invaded his "territory"), the bladder cancer became "chronic". It turned out that the tracks, which kept the conflict reoccurring and thus prolonged the healing of the cancer, were the colleague-related affirmations, which he practiced several times a day.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a method that apparently relieves emotional stress by tapping on certain meridians with the fingertips. EFT community website 'Re: Help to control re-growth of benign
brain tumor' is an example of how German New Medicine®, including GNM-Therapy, can become distorted as a result of a misinterpretation of Dr. Hamer’s findings.

About Medication
As a rule, the use of drugs should be carefully considered and restricted to cases of emergency. Medication can certainly alleviate or eliminate symptoms, or prevent complications that arise during the healing phase. But, no drug and no therapy in the world can truly cure a disease. Only the patient can 'treat' his symptoms, because only he can resolve his conflict and only he can do the healing!

Medication during the
conflict-active phase, a patient should, if at all, only be given 'vagotonic' drugs, which decrease the state of stress. Sedatives or tranquilizers taken over a longer period of time, however, carry the risk of turning an active conflict into a hanging conflict. They also drastically diminish the motivation and the energetic force necessary to resolve the conflict. Not at all recommended during this period are sympathicotonic agents, since they enhance and prolong the conflict-active symptoms, with potentially serious consequences for the patient."
Medication during the
healing phase: is not required, except for about 10% of cases.  Antibiotics interrupt or entirely stop the repair work of microbes on a healing organ. the overuse of antibiotics is one reason why more cancers are found during (routine) examinations. Other factors are more sophisticated screening methods and pressure for more testing (PAP-tests, PSA-tests, etc.). We have to bear in mind that every diagnosis shock can potentially cause lung cancer (death-fright conflict).  Questioning "INFECTIOUS DISEASES".

Cortisone, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics are all sympathicotonic medications with a stimulating effect. Administered during the healing phase, they disturb and prolong the natural healing process and prevent a complete recuperation.  Sympathicotonic medication is, however, recommended in the case of an intense healing phase with potentially serious complications, particularly during the epileptoid crisis. Since the healing process is always controlled from the organ-related brain relay, sympathicotonic drugs have the effect to reduce the
brain edema and consequently the organic symptoms. Yet, it is of the utmost importance to understand that sympathicotonic drugs, such as cortisone, increase an existing water retention ('Syndrome'), which can result in a severe situation as the extra water is also retained in the healing organ, causing increased swelling, increased pain, and potentially life-threatening organ obstructions, for example, in the colon or the bile ducts.

Cytostatic drugs ('Chemo') are poisonous sympathicotonic agents. They accelerate the growth of tumors that develop during the conflict-active phase. They also diminish the elasticity of the brain tissue involved during the healing process. Over the course of Chemo-treatments the brain edema alternatively compresses and expands. Eventually, this 'accordion effect' can lead to the tearing of the brain tissue with serious consequences. 'How Scientific are Orthodox Cancer Treatment?'

Radiation treatments also have cytotoxic effects. Radioactivity destroys healthy body cells, including bone marrow, where blood cells are produced. If the organism manages to recover, then we see
leukemia during healing (just like with a biological 'self-devaluation conflict' involving the bones).

Morphine is a strong narcotic that puts a patient, who is in a vagotonic healing phase, even deeper into vagotonia, causing the
brain edema to increase, with the risk that the brain pressure might cause the patient falling into a coma. One single injection of morphine administered to a patient at the deepest phase of vagotonia can be fatal! Morphine paralyzes the intestines and weakens the will to live.
ABOUT SURGERY: Surgery on a tumor is recommended, if vital nerves, arteries or pathways of supply or elimination are affected, for example an obstruction of the bowels, the bile ducts, or the trachea. This occurs in 15-20% of these cancers, and these are also the only cases where a tumor may lead to complications. Encapsulated tumors, which could not be decomposed because of the absence of the necessary microbes at the time, might be removed surgically, if they cause discomfort to the patient. However, the surgeon should only remove as much tissue as is needed. Since cancers do not "metastasize", cutting deeply into healthy tissue is unnecessary.

An individual who eats properly is less susceptible to suffer biological conflicts. That is self-evident. It is a lot like why rich people don't get as many cancers as the poor, because the rich are able to resolve many conflicts simply by pulling out their checkbook and writing a check. But to prevent cancer (or any other disease) through diet is impossible, because even a healthy diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring. In Nature, the strong and healthy animal will naturally suffer fewer cancers than the one that is weak or aged. But this does not mean that being old is therefore
carcinogenic (Can Toxins Cause Cancer?).

At the beginning of the healing phase, the appetite returns. Food now becomes true medicine. When an organ or tissue is in the stage of being repaired, the organism needs lots of nutrients that support the healing process. The energy we gain through a healthy diet makes healing so much easier. Conversely, foods containing toxins(pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, food additives, and the like) deplete the body of energy. This can prolong and even complicate the healing process.  A toxin-DHS can trigger a "indigestible morsel conflicts" ("I can't digest this toxic food"), resulting in "food allergies" or "scare-fright conflicts" leading to respiratory diseases such as asthma. This explains why multiple food and environmental "allergies" afflict predominantly those who are the most knowledgeable regarding toxins and thus the most scared.

Eating significant amounts of protein-rich food is of the utmost importance during the healing of
old-brain controlled tumors, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, or glandular breast cancer. When TB-bacteria are in the process of decomposing a cancer, the body eliminates, together with the remnants of the tumor, a discharge containing high amounts of protein. Supplementing the lost protein through protein-rich foods can be life-saving. "Juice diets" or "raw food diet" during that period could cause serious complications. The same applies to fasting at such a time. Familiar with the two-phase pattern of every "disease", the quality of food, herbs, or dietary supplements appear in an entirely new light.

Suffering persons, who learn about GNM after they have received a diagnosis, are often in a desperate position, particularly when they have been diagnosed with cancer. Scared of a 'malignant' disease and frightened that the cancer could 'metastasize', they are torn between the doctrines of official medicine and Dr. Hamer's medical findings that reassure them that a cancer is always biologically meaningful and no reason to panic. As Dr. Hamer puts it, "being thus thrown back and forth between hope and panic is a most difficult situation for the patient and the cause for the very worst of complications." Fear causes stress that is detrimental to healing. Fear drains the body of its healing energy. Panic triggers new conflicts and reactions in the body, which as a result of an 'existence conflict' or 'hospitalization conflict'."

All medical theories, whether conventional or 'alternative', past or current, are based on the concept that diseases are 'malfunctions' of the organism. Dr. Hamer’s discoveries prove that nothing in Nature is 'diseased' but always biologically meaningful.

Now you may better understand why medical authorities cannot claim to cure cancer and observes it in remission. If the shock conflict is not resolved, the cancer may reoccur.  But now you know that cancer can be CURED.  The intensity of the conflict activity determines how long the "disease" will grow and when it shows up.  It often takes the same amount of time to heal it.

Carla has been fortunate to have received training in the German New Medicine from Dr. Markolin in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The most important thing you can do for some one who is sick or in pain is first help to alleviate the shock and then identity the cause, and aid them in resolving it.  This is why Carla developed the Central Inner Alignment, to relieve shock, and then the Bio-Emotional Balancing, which helps people to know what they are really feeling and find a resolution.
"German New Medicine (GNM) is a new paradigm of medicine, but it is also a new para-digm of consciousness. It is the awareness that our organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities. It is also the recognition that each cell of our body is endowed with a biological wisdom we share with all living creatures.

For generations, the medical authorities have enslaved and imprisoned the human mind with a fear of diseases. The Five Biological Laws allow us to reconnect with Nature and to regain our trust in her creative and intelligent force. Thanks to Dr. Hamer's unfailing integrity and his dedicated research over the past three decades, we have now the key to become free of that fear. " Dr. Caroline Markolin

VIDEO: Introduction to German New Medicine