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Mind patterns underlying
physical conditions
Target Organ/Condition           Conflict emotions (shocks)

Addison's Disease (adrenal)-- off course, misdirected or mislead, the wrong way.
Allergies  -- a shock conflict in an environment; "this stinks!"
AIDS-- the HIV positive diagnosis (death threat).
Arthritis --brutal separation.  Healing phase of worthless conflict; recalcifying bone (extra)
Backache  -- a lack of support (financial, personal); rejection.
Bad Breath-- healing phase of tumor decomposing from nugget conflict (see esphoagus).
Bladder-- identity problem; nasty conflict; dirty tricks.
Bone-- lack of self-worth; feeling of inferiority.  Degree of conflict determines the tissue.
               Head & Neck-- intellectual conflict ("I feel stupid or foolish").
               Shoulder-- self-respect (failure, guilt).
               Hands-- dexterity or clumsiness (dislike or failed at manual task).
               Back/spine-- centralized worthless conflict; center of self. Rejection, unsupported
                   Herniated disc-- in healing phase (resolution of conflict) the cartilage pops out.
                   Sciatica-- swelling in lumbar vertebre; unsupported (I'm not backed up").
                   Paralysis/numbness-- motor conflict; separated (left behind); stuck.
               Hips-- can't carry on or endure; resistance to change.
               Pelvis-- sexual devaluation conflict; worthless
               Knees-- physical performance conflict.
               Ankles (& toes)-- unbalanced (to walk, run, dance, etc.).
               Feet-- stuck conflict.
Brain edema-- water/swelling released at height of healing epileptic crisis (heart attack, stroke...).
Breast (left)-- conflict with child or mother. In general-- nest worry (loved one, friend, home)
Breast (right)-- conflict with partner or others. 
Breast milk duct-- separation conflict (fear of or desire to-- "Get off my chest/breast!").
Bronchials-- territorial anger conflict.
Bulemia--  disgust (for binging) + indigestible anger (to get rid of/vomit).
Cancer  -- SHOCK CONFLICT; deep hurt.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-- see hands.
Cervix-- severe frustration (unable to mate). "Cancer"- she has resolved the conflict.
A Cold  --territorial conflict; mental confusion.             
Chronic Disease  -- Unresolved shock conflict; refusing to change.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-- self-devaluation conflict; worthless; futility
Colon-- ugly indigestible event (morsel) conflict; overwhelmed; incompatible environment foreign          microbes can be a problem because they are not from one's natural environment).
                 Juicing and fasting (cleansing) are not recommended in healing phase.  Need more protein.
       Small intestine: indigestible lump of anger.  Diarrhea w/ blood in healing phase.  
      Polyps-- healing phase: remnants of decomposed tumors.
Cushing's Syndrome-- see Addison's: tumor becomes a cyst in healing phase and increases cortisol.
Cyst-- depends on area; tumor particle-- in healing phase, the tumor becomes a cyst.
De-pression  -- chronic shock; hopeless.  An attempt not to feel; to depress feelings.
Diabetes  -- Female: anxiety and revulsion (disgust).
                         Male: resisting or struggling against something.
Edema (swelling)-- positive sign of healing.
Endometriosis-- (see ovaries), ruptured ovarian cyst.
Epilepsy-- Motor conflict-- stuck; body strives to return to normal.
Esophagus-- can't get the nugget or swallow it. Disappointment; unfulfilled task/goal; setback.
Eye glasses  -- vision conflict.  Glaucoma-- predator conflict (from behind)
Gall Bladder-- rivalry conflict; in ducts-- territorial anger.
Gout-- Worthless (bone) conflict, AND kidney involvement-- existence/abandonment/refugee.
Hair loss (alopecia)-- (see skin): separation.
Heart Disease  -- perpetual conflict; territorial struggle.
Hemorrhoids-- Female: identity conflict; Male: territorial conflict (healing).
Hepatitis  -- territorial anger; feeling threatened, problem with environment (home, members, job...)
Hypertension-- (see kidney): water/fluid conflict.  Blood pressure rises so kidney can function better and compensate for tissue loss/necrosis (holes) in kidney.  More intense conflict, higher the BP.
Injury  -- anger at the self; feeling guilty.
Kidney Problems-- in collecting tubules-- primarily existence/abandonment conflicts
          1) Profound abandonment-- isolated, alone, excluded, left by someone (day care, nursing home)
          2) Existence--  can't endure, won't survive (life or income), can't be myself.
          3) Hospitalization-- fear of hospital (germs, staff, etc), isolated from loved ones and home.
          4) Refugee-- outsider, rebel, foreigner, homeless, fish out of water, sudden or unwanted move.
          5) Water/fluid (kidney parenchyma)-- (flood, spill, leak, drowning, storm, deprivation- thirst, dry)
      Active phase--  cyst (tumor), disoriented, water retention (lack of urine)= weight gain,          constipation, swollen, eyes swollen, poor appetite, urine very yellow and dark.  Kidney failure.
      Healing phase-- frequent urination, urine cloudy and smells, night sweats.
     Water retention-- mainly an abandonment conflict
      Renal Pelvis-- identity: territorial marking.  Can't set up inner (female), outer (male) boundaries.
Kidney Stones-- healing of cancer.  Water/fluid conflict (see above).
Larynx-- fright conflict;
Leukemia-- self-devaluation conflict; can't withstand it. Healing phase of bone cancer.
Liver-- fear of starvation (poverty scare, dieting, job loss, divorce). Shock of colon cancer (can't eat)
         Cirrhosis-- tumor breakdown; liver gets bigger to handle more food.
Lung-- fear of dying (others, too)-- suffocation, drowning...  Diagnosis shock!  Attack on chest.
Lymph glands-- loss of self worth (plus the location).
Melanoma-- feeling dirty (defiled); attacked (by the sun!). Appears to "protect" skin.
Middle ear-- can't get some important information.
Multiple Sclerosis-- can't escape (trapped).  Motor conflict (from diagnosis).
       Also, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, Restless Leg Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy- (in utero).
Muscles  -- ability to move in life; painful-- resisting new experiences.
        Right side-- involve conflict with partner or others.
        Left side-- involve conflict with children or one's mother.
Mouth-- Overwhelmed; cannot chew or hold it.
Obesity-- water retention; see kidney, especially abandonment.
Osteoporosis  -- inferiority conflict (self-devaluation-- "I'm worthless now.")
Ovaries/testes--  profound loss of loved one (miscarriage, abortion, leaving, argument)
PAIN  --punishing oneself, resistance, or anger.
Pancreas-- anxiety-anger conflict with family members; inheritance.
Parasites-- job is to decompose disease in healing phase; proliferates to breakdown tumor. Good sign.
Periodontial Disease (gum)-- can't bite back, plus inferiority conflict (worthless).
Prostate-- ugly conflict with sexual connections.
Psoriasis-- separation conflict with loved one (fear of being alone; unwanted).
Rectum-- Identity conflict; fear of being useless.
SKIN--1) attack conflict(soiled, blamed, threatened)-- acne, mole, shingles, athlete's feet.
              2) separation conflict (fear of or wanting to)--"torn from my skin."
              Rash, dermatitis, eczema, herpes, rosacea, warts, psoriasis, allergies, etc.

Spleen-- emotionally or physically injured
Stomach-- indigestible anger; or swallowed too much
Thyroid Trouble  -- overwhelmed; powerless; unexpressed anger.
Tooth decay-- can't bite back.
Tonsillitis-- integration conflict; can't assimilate (swallow) something.
Ulcer  -- overwhelming-- can't assimilate something.
Uterus-- sexual conflict; rejection.  "Human Papilloma Virus-- assists in healing.
Yeast/Candida-- separation fear or desire; feeling scattered; frustrated.
                It is fungal, so it can't affect the skin.
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