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Posture Power
The body is an anti-gravity machine.  But the body must obey structural laws, just like a skyscraper. Muscles position our girders (bones).  When our muscles weaken from lack of use, or misalignment, the bones arent positioned correctly. The skyscraper sways.  The wrong joints or muscles are forced to compensate all the way down the structure.

Which comes first, the accident of the dysfunction?  Usually the dysfunction that existed prior to the event (fall, strain, etc.).  E.g., when the head comes so far forward that the neck loses its flexibility and shock-absorbing capacity.  This is why whiplash and broken necks are occurring more frequently.  Hit from behind, the head pops forward.  It has no give and violently flops from front to back.

Hip & Shoulder
Are pure cause and effect.  Once the hip jams into an up or down position, the shoulder has to react.  It moves up of down (or forward or back).  Chronic shoulder pain is caused by an elevated hip.

Motion Starvation:
Nowadays moving appears to be optional. Every system in the body is energized by motion.

Hes got a good head on his shoulders (meaning well-grounded).  We are more ungrounded from the Earths soothing alpha frequency. We need contact with the Earth.

Do you recognize your posture?
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What do most elderly people have in common?

..Poor Posture

We have become so used to seeing heads out of position that it now seems perfectly natural. Sagging and wrinkles are minimal or non-existent in people with good physical development as they age.  Their faces dont sink back into their skulls.