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Questions and Answers
"Atlas Profilax is a physical therapy developed in Switzerland by Rene-Claudius Shumperli, which employs a vibrating instrument that massages the sub-occipital muscles of the neck. This results in a freeing and relocating the first cervical vertebra or atlas. The treatment is said to be gentle, safe, and usually permanent typically requiring only one session. Cost for the treatment and follow-ups is $250.  Too good to be true?  What's your opinion of it?"

I think this treatment is definitely heading in the right direction because it deals with the muscles, although I’m concerned the myotherapy might be too strenuous and long, especially considering that a mechanical device (a mini, slow jack hammer) is involved.  It is crucial to refrain from irritating the muscles, with either a too light or vigorous touch, when releasing muscle spasms, otherwise endorphins will be discharged which may mask the symptoms of pain and illness without inducing true healing.  Cracking bones may also produce an endrophin effect.  This is one of the reasons why there is so much pain today.  I use a light motion (Vibrational Touch) combined with energy on and muscles, which creates a vibration that continues for at least three days as the body continues to shift.

When asked about it, Dr. Dean Howell responded, “Atlas Profilax claims to permanently correct the atlas position. The patients that have come to me after this therapy still had the problems that brought them to the Atlas Profilax therapist. NUCCA chiropractors also claim to correct the atlas position. I have no way of determining the accuracy of their claims.  I believe that the local treatments of the atlas cannot compare with NCR, which deals with the underlying problems [the misaligned sphenoid bone] that result in instability of the atlas.”  Does "everything depend on the atlas" or the sphenoid bone?  Or both?

Warning: "Atlas Profilax is a joke, can harm you. I am a professional atlas adjuster, using the NUCCA chiro-practic system. The Profilax thing is a scam. There is no way the atlas can be put back into alignment like that. If it was aligned, it is most unlikely to stay that way from the first adjustment. One shot deal is a joke. The comment "The integration will take years" is so the patient will not complain or sue until after the statute of limitations is over. This is just hype, and will injure persons without a doubt. If it did work, they would be proving it to the world with before and after xray images. -Steve (protecting his turf?)    More comments...
And more....   Chirotalk...  On a more positive note.... (and esoteric, but be skeptical of Stitchin's info).

My Central Inner Alignment addresses the sphenoid, other cranial bones, and the vertebra.  But most important, it focuses on boosting the consciousness up from the brain stem (survival mode) to the to the neo-cortex (higher human and spiritual brain), which results in balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and relieving shock, resulting from acute or chronic stress.  These are the two main reasons why people become physically unbalanced.  Alphabiotics is the only other healing modality I know of that identifies shock (creates “fright or flight” state and hence muscular tension) and brain dominance as the primary reason as to why the body becomes misaligned– affecting the muscles, skull and spinal column. As with most illnesses, misalignment begins with the brain.  However, other factors also influence the body’s structure such as birth trauma, accidents, occupational habits, injuries, etc.

t remains to be seen whether Atlas Profilax is treating symptoms and if the “treatment is permanent.”  Regardless, the atlas bone, the first cervical vertebra, can be quickly centered gently using a mixture of gentle touch and energy.  One must be cautious of moving bones too much at one time because the side effects could be severe as the brain, muscles, nerves, and bones become accustom to the realignment.  Thankfully, with energy healing you don’t have to worry about this as the body will only do exactly what is right for it, even though the healing effects can be notable.  A holistic approach is to care for both the bones and muscles as well as stress/shock (including the emotions), which is the primary purpose of e-Healing (including the CIA and VT).

"I've done a lot of emotional work, like 'Course of Miracles,' centered on forgiveness?"

Forgiveness plays a big part in healing.  It is hard to get past guilt or shame until you understand why you behaved the way you did and what really happened to you.  How can you truly forgive others until you know precisely what you're trying to forgive them for?  Otherwise, you'll be set up to fail, when someone pushes your button, leaving you to exclaim, "I thought I had gotten over that and forgiven him!"  Then you feel like a failure because you're not kind, loving, or spiritual enough to forgive. What didn't you clear out or don't understand about what you suffered?  For example, you forgave your mother for being an alcoholic but what about all the embarrassment, anger, fear, and disappointment that her behavior caused you?  Do you remember WHAT IT FELT LIKE AS A CHILD?  Your subconscious mind does, but that may not be REAL until you feel it in your body because that's where the emotions were stuffed when you were a child.  Or did you get to discuss all this with someone and let all of your feelings out?  Another problem with focusing on forgiving someone is this attitude feeds the ego and places you in a position of superiority.  Often you may feel more compassionate, giving, patient, or loving than the person in need of your forgiveness.  Once you have resolved a problem, there is no longer any need for forgiveness, and you don't have to keep re-enacting the drama, being on guard, or worrying about your buttons being pushed.  You can truly let it go.

There is a strange concept circulating amongst self-help circles called Radical Forgiveness, in that if you truly forgive a person or event, it did not happen!  Phoof!  This gives new meaning to the term denial.

"Why are your fees so low?  The real and renown healers charge 3-4 times what you do."

Wow, it's rare for someone to complain that my suggested fees are too low!  It is true, however, that it's a common perception that the more people charge for a service, the better they are.  What's the expression, "People don't value what they don't pay for?" I think it’s fine to charge as much as the market will allow for a nonessential product or service.  When it pertains to health matters, especially pain, one should aspire to keep costs as low as possible. Effective healing should not just be for the affluent. Although I’m not wealthy, I am gratified that most people can afford my fees, especially considering that many of my clients are healed, at least of symptoms (being able to hold the alignment usually requires a few more sessions), often in one session.  One of my clients had severe digestive problems for tens years, as she was still in shock from the birth of her first child.  She went to an Osteopath who treated her with homeopathy which helped her to feel better for about 6 weeks.  He charged her $1,000.00 for one treatment, which was not covered by insurance.  She could barely afford my fee of $35.00.  I am happy to report that she can now eat virtually anything.  I rarely find that food allergies have anything to do with the actual food (or plant).  To put is succinctly, if you don’t digest what’s “eating you” emotionally, your body will think it has to do it for you physically, which results in digestive problems stemming from a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Now this woman just calls me when she gets stuck, emotionally or physically.  I’m delighted that I could help her to get out of therapy, which she thought would last the rest of her life, and she wasn’t financially depleted, which was a relief as she paying off the debt to that doctor!

"I have some other issues that I didn't note on your form. Should I just write them down & bring on the next appointment?
Remember, my philosophy is that I don’t TREAT symptoms as my healing efforts are focused on helping to bring you into alignment and release muscular tension so that you can heal yourself. Therefore, it’s really not necessary for clients to tell me about all of their physical problems. Naturally, I am delighted when ailments are healed, but my primary focus is centered on helping people to feel stronger and more balanced in their lives, and connected to their Inner Source.

This is just to let you know I appreciated the treatment a week ago. I have been integrating the experience.  I am still working with a wonderful polarity therapist as a case study.
Sounds good. When I began this work I used polarity therapy with excellent results. However, most people could not HOLD the healing due to the high frequency of energy, and the unresolved emotional factors underlying the ailment, not to mention still being out of alignment, and thereby, expending even more energy on fighting gravity. Thankfully, I discovered that the majority of health problems are caused by spastic muscles and emotional shock conflicts. Therefore, my work focuses on bringing people out of shock via the alignment (by lifting the consciousness up from the brain stem to the neo-cortex/human-spiritual brain) and releasing muscle spasms which must be done gently as to avoid driving the spasms deeper into other muscles and organs. This is often the cause of fibromyalgia.

When muscular tension has been gently released, lactic acid is often dumped into the surrounding tissues which may result in SORENESS. In general, the bigger the reaction post-session, the more healing was needed. Therefore, I hope you are feeling good and have a better appreciation for the stress that was held in your body in the form of tense and “defensive” (from the backstabbing co-worker) muscles. It was vital for you to realize that you didn’t feel safe at work. I’m glad that you’ve devised an appropriate (short and real) affirmation to change the way you are feeling so that you are no longer a victim.

My mom talked about the Eckart Tolle book, 'The New Earth,' again but really doesn't say anything.  She doesn't get it? Can the ego so want to be part of a big mass experience by Tolle and Oprah that it chooses to be part of the in group and not even know what it is truly about? And can it be that everyone's ego is so strong that it excludes those who aren't on board with the experiment? Yikes!
This is a big subject.  Please refer to the mind patterns and emotional aid sections.  Suffice it to say, his method of dealing with the ego can lead to disassociation and avoidance.  True strength is derived from being grounded and BALANCED, not being spacey.  The ego, material/outer self, is not the bad guy, nor vastly inferior to our spiritual, inner self.  We live in a physical world, and therefore, must accommodate that with our spiritual natures.  We are out of balance today because of our emphasis on the material world-- the left brain, which only believes in what it can sense (see, feel, taste, smell or touch).

I recently met a fellow who has ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease/Amymtrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Could he benefit from seeing you?
Remember, I only help people to heal themselves, so any condition can be healed. The shock conflict for ALS is feeling trapped or stuck in one's life, and physically-- muscle spasms! You knew that was coming. I should be able to help him. Ask him if he had an accident and/or pulled a muscle.  The unreleased muscle spasms may have spread into the rest of the body (muscles).