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It is correct that bones do only what muscles tell them to do, and muscles take their orders via the nerves, from the brain.  Therefore, it is vital to gently release muscle spasms so that the bones can move back into their proper positions.  Otherwise they will need to be constantly adjusted.  But it is also true that if the sphenoid bone isnít balanced, the rest of the body wonít be, including the muscles.  This bone is not attached to any muscles, making it difficult to move back into position.  It requires 25 pounds of pressure to substantially move it.

The sphenoid bone (the "central bone") is responsible for balancing the entire cranium as it articulates with 14 other bones, so when it is out of place, the entire skull is out of balance.  Then the spine contorts in order to center the imbalanced skull.  The body tries to balance the nervous system the best that it can, though scoliosis (curvature), lordosis (swayback), or Kyphosis (hunchback).  Moving the sphenoid bone treats the WHOLE body by removing the imbalances in the head that cause the spine to move out of position to begin with.  The difficulty is that it canít be moved from the outside to any significant degree because itís located in the center of the head, which is why the typical cranial therapies tend not to produce lasting results.

Sphenoid Osseous Shift (SOS)
Dr. Howell moves the sphenoid bone by inserting balloons up the nasal passageway.  But this can also be accomplished by allowing energy to move it, which is certainly more gentle, less costly and invasive!  The Central Inner Alignment (CIA) is brought about by energetically moving the mastoid and condyle bones, which lifts the recipientís conscious from the lower level to the higher brain, allowing the body to quickly aligned.  The Sphenoid Osseous Shift (SOS) is done by placing the fingers near the temples and waiting to feel the movement inside of the head. The Central Inner Alignment is greatly enhanced and tends to hold longer by utilizing the SOS.  If the sphenoid bone is not centered, there is a slim chance that the rest of your body will hold the alignment. Thus, it will need to be continually adjusted, which addresses the symptoms rather the cause-- the unbalanced sphenoid bone. The results of a SOS are amazing.  The CIA alignment holds longer and the sinuses open up so that you can breathe much better through your nose.  When the body is aligned properly and the energy is flowing freely, you will be able to heal virtually any ailment.  The SOS is included in the CIA session at no cost.  It is best done in conjunction with theVitrational Touch, which relaxes the muscles.  Several sessions may be desirable as the body continues to shift.  The SOS can also be done over the phone.  Once you experience it, you'll be a believer in its wonderous effects!
ďGentlemen, damn the sphenoid bone!Ē
                                             Dr. Oliver Wendell Homes, Sr.,
Dr. Dean Howell, a naturopathic physician, claims to have developed the newest and most powerful therapy in physical medicine called NeuroCranial Restructuring

The major focus of his treatment is the movement of the sphenoid bone, which is poorly accomplished with the hands alone as it requires up to 25 pounds of force to release the inflexible cranial joints.  He inserts a balloon into the nasal passageway and inflates it to move the sphenoid bone.  The cost is $600-900.00 for 4 treatments in 4 consecutive days for 4-6 times. 

Craniosacral therapists
use only their hands on the patient's head and mouth and do not exert enough pressure to move the sphenoid. The shape of the head determines the position that the vertebrae need to be in to best support the head. This determines the spinal/pelvic posture. When local treatment of the spine is performed by a Chiropractor, the entire musculoskeletal system pattern, including the skull, is not changed.  The musculoskeletal system is normally in a stable position.  Local treatment of the spine usually causes systemic instability. The body eventually returns to a stable pattern.

NCR moves the bones of the skull to the position where they were originally intended to be. The skin will now fit properly, with facial lines and wrinkles decreasing, the nose and eyes straighter and the jaw more centered. Eyes that appear to be different shapes, a crooked mouth, uneven cheekbones, ears that don't line up, all of these are always improved with NCR. Besides looking better, a patient feels and functions better too.

Expect the Miraculous!
Carla discovered an energetic process of moving the bones without physical pressure, which medical science will exclaim to be impossible.  It is steeped in the left-brained perspective of logic, analyzing, conquering (germs are the enemy!), fighting, surgery, drugging, burning, issuing time estimates for recovery, and using force and power.  It is time for a new paradigm of cooperation, imagination, intuition, of uniting the mind, body,  spirit, and emotions in healing and maintaining good health.  In this new healthier model, every symptom in the body would be viewed as in some way trying to help it to heal as Dr. Ryke Hamer does.  He understands that the body must move towards health for to do otherwise would be anti-nature, and thus, an "auto-immune disease" could not exist because it would be unnatural for the body to attack itself. 

We can begin the new paradigm of health by honoring the body's natural healing abilities, and encouraging rather than frightening people with an intimidating diagnosis.  Most important, we can expect the seemingly miraculous, and eventually it will become commonplace. Did the majority of people consider electricity to be "supernatural" 100 years ago? Upmteen people declared, "I'll never have one of those dang contraptions in my home (lights, telephone, etc.)!"  Millions of people died of the influenza, but rarely do today.  One day cancer will be a pesky illness like the Flu, when diagnosed as such. Carla does not deliver a diagnosis, and always assumes that a client can heal in one session. What others consider "miraculous" or supernatural is actually completely natural to her, and is in fact the oldest form of healing in the world.  She uses the same energy that propels the wind, the streams to flow, flowers to bloom, and the rain to fall.  

The CIA and SOS allow you to connect with this energy and to your Inner Power.  When  the sphenoid bone is centered and the body aligned, it resumes its natural state.  The muscles relax and tension is released so energy flows better and blood is able to circulate more easily with its life-giving oxygen. You can breathe through the nose as nature intended.  Within this respite of stress, you can literally "stop to smell the roses."
As the past and future converge, take advantage of this wholly natural aid in self-healing. You have nothing to lose but your pain. Your S.O.S. is answered.
Results of NeuroCranial Restructuring: (Dr. Howell)
Note how oval their faces and how pinched their noseslook, and their eyes resemble those in shock before the NCR treatments.
Conditions the SOS can help you to heal:
Anxiety "Attention Deficit Disorder"
Asthma Balance problems
Chronic Fatigue Depression
Dizziness Ear problems
Headaches & Migraines Mentel Fog
Posture Stress
Sinus Problems Sleep apnea
Sciatica Spiritual Disconnection
TMJ Dysfunction Tinnitus
Vision Whiplash
                 NeuroCranial Restructuring Story

[Similar to Carla's Sphenoid Osseous Shift]
Neuro-cranial Restructuring or NCR, is a technique that realigns the cranial bones from the inside of the head. Dr. Dean Howell uses endo-nasal balloons to realign the sphenoid bone; which is the deepest bone in the head behind the sinus cavity. By re-aligning the sphenoid bone all of the other bones in the head shift. NCR was developed purely as a medical treatment but soon the spiritual and psychological benefits were readily apparent. Dr. Howell claims the skulls of Men/women are supposed to be uniform that is a wide forehead, high cheek-bones and a broad dental arch with square jaws.

Imbalances within the cranium can be caused by a variety of reasons, birth trauma, accidents to the cranium and poor nutrition. The treatment is simple, the balloons open up the sphenoid bone which has been locked down by the connective tissue, it is an aggressive short burst of the balloon which begins to move the bone back into place. The meningeal sutures in the skull open as well enabling a more consistent flow of cerebral spinal fluid. As the CSF circulates more regularly toxins are removed from the brain, mood swings and depression caused by structural impingement subside. The hormones within the body begin to regulate as a result of the pressure being relieved from the pituitary and pineal glands.
The meningeal system [3 membranes/layers that cover the brain and spinal cord] begins to release naturally throughout the whole spine without Chiropractic adjustment; primarily due to the fact that the head is able to balance itself without the need of chronic tension from the somatic system [muscles].

I had an accident as a child, where I was hit on the head by a 2' by 4' as a result of a hammock breaking. There appeared to be no skull fracture, so it seemed that nothing was wrong. I have had chronic TMJ as well as severe dental problems.  I always felt as if my head was being restricted by a band. I went through NCR about a month ago. The procedure is traumatic but brief. The benefits though are astounding.
The sessions run in a cycle of four days, by the end my deviated septum was corrected, I was breathing clearly for the first time in my life. I had gained a half inch as my spine straightened out, (I had a slight case of scoliosis), my hearing came back on the right side, it was degraded about 30%. My balance improved to the point, I could now hold the balance poses in Yoga with my eyes closed which I could not do before; but perhaps the most dramatic improvement was the explosion of my creativity. I have become effective, I am now acting on my inspirations, I feel that both sides of my mind are beginning to work in unison. I am able to type with both hands, I was a hen-pecker before. My voice has changed from being nasal to a deep resonance.

What is really happening here? Think of sacred geometry, The pyramids are built according to certain geometric proportions, as a result of the correct proportions; resonance is a by-product of correct proportions and angles. Physical beauty is a function of symmetry, it is not in the eye of the beholder but a result of mathematical proportion.
The human body has a correct anatomical shape and proportion. When it falls off the ideal, illness and character aberration occur.  When the body is re-aligned structurally "magic" happens as a result of the correct anatomy. Christ as the cornerstone, would by necessity be anatomically correctly proportioned, Man is a microcosm of the Universe, as his anatomy is put back into alignment, his correct genetic code begins to function, genius and integrity appears as a natural byproduct of Man returning to the natural world. Naturally it is more than just the structure, but it is the first step in the foundation of true health and evolution. NCR will treat and possibly heal trauma-based mind control, there can be a tremendous release of emotional and suppressed memories. Posted By: kbcjedi