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Central Inner Alignment (CIA)
The day after your CIA session:
1. Allow the pain or illness to leave your body.  Take a slow 10-20 minute walk.
     Lightly move around throughout the day.
2. Cleanse your body with water.  Drink 5-8 glasses of distilled water a day.
3. Reduce your use of stimulants (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, sugar,
     alcohol, and tobacco).
4. Take it easy by avoiding vigorous exercises. 
5. Avoid extreme hot or cold--  heating pads, ultrasound, hot showers/baths,
     ice packs.  Also, any bodywork and electrical muscle stimulation.
6. Breathe through your nose.  This is one of the greatest benefits from the
     Sphenoid Osseous Shift (SOS).  You may have a slight headache.
7. As gentle as they are, the alignment and Vibrational Touch are very powerful,
    so don't be alarmed or surprised by anything your body does.  The stronger the     
    reaction, the more healing was needed, so that is a very good sign. 
8. ONLY think about healing.  The affirmations below will help to keep you focused.

The week after your CIA session:
1. Cleanse your body with distilled water (& apple cider).  Taking a tepid bath
     with one cup of sea salt and Epsom salts added to it will help to expel toxins.
2. Avoid extreme hot and cold (see above).
3. Eat plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables.
4. Let your emotions emerge, but don't dwell on them.  FEEL and let them go by
     giving a sound to the emotions.  You well be adjusting to being in your body
     (grounded) so it may feel heavier, but you should feel more clear-headed and
     lighter on the top due to being out of shock.
5. Refrain from bodywork for a week: massage (even a back rub), traction,
     needles, pressure, cracking and jerking the spine or joints.
6. Avoid strenuous excercises racing the heart rate:  Running,  stair climbing, and
     also bodybuilding, holding long stretches (yoga).  Any activity producing
     endorphins (natural pain killers), that “runner’s high,” means your body is in
     pain.  Moderate exercises are best: walking, biking, wind sprints,  and aerobic
     (with a rhythm of 5 minutes fast/ 3 minutes slow).
7. After 3 days, you can do the gentle Posture-cises.  Also, T’ai Chi, and Qi Qong
     are excellent.  Listen to your spirit.
8. If you received an energized penny, keep it close to you, especially near the
     ailing area, for 3-4 days.
9. Be prepared for the healing crisis.  The alignment is very powerful, but we are
     working with energy so your body will respond in the way in needs to in order to
     heal, which means pain may surface in areas where old injuries or conditions
     may not have fully healed. You might experience a surge, tingling, or a wave of
     energy within you for a few days
The bigger your body’s reaction, the more
     healing needed.  Days 2-3 are often more potent than the first day.  More chronic
     conditions may take longer to heal. Everyone is unique. The goal of the CIA is not
     just to relieve symptoms, but to promote self-healing; to feel stronger and more
     balanced in your life, and connected to your inner Source.
10. Continue using healing affirmations.  Bring the feeling into your body-- strength,
     love, flexibility, joy, patience, determination, etc.  Think of someone or something
     you love, bring that emotion into your body (solar plexus or heart) and feel the
     energy spreading throughout your body, especially to the ailing area.  This is how
     Carla is able to help others to heal themselves-- by using this type of energy.  You
     can do it too.  IT'S NOT REAL UNTIL YOU FEEL IT.  Affirmations must be felt!
                            By Carla Muth: www.eHealing.us

Back Relax:
Lie on your back with both legs resting on a chair at knee level.  Take deep breaths.  Hold position for 5-10 minutes, or much longer the first time (until hips release).
Groin Stretch:
Lie on your back with one leg resting on a chair with your other leg is flat on the floor.  10 minutes on each side.
Cat & Dog:
Get on your hands and knees.  1) Arch your back up like a cat and push neck down.  2) Push head and buttocks up like a dog.  Go back & forth 15 times.
Shoulder Flex:
Squeeze your shoulder blades together. 3 sets of 15.
Wall Brace:
Press your hips and back against the wall, in a near sitting position.  1-3 minutes.
Back Extension:
Elbows straight, back arched, hips not aligned with knees.  Hold 1-2 minutes.
Calf Stretch:
Encircle ball of the foot with a strap or rope and pull toes back for 30 seconds.
Foot Loops & Flex:
Hands behind knee & pull leg forward.  Circle your foot to the right 25 times and then to the left.  Flex foot forward and then bring toes back toward you.  Repeat on other foot.
Hamstring Stretch:
Encircle arch of the foot with a strap or rope and pull leg back for 30 seconds.
Neutral Sit:
Try to touch your shoulder blades together against the wall.  Toes point toward you.  Hold 5 minutes.
Stand on a step with half of your feet on the step and your heels above the floor and put your weight on the heels.  Hold for 1-3 minutes.
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(Suggestions for a Bio-Emotional Balancing Session)
Healing Affirmations:
I'm healing every day
and in every way.

I only dwell
on being well.

As my energy flows
this dis-ease goes.

I am guided by my inner light
I know everything will be alright.

I align with my inner Source
which expands my life force.

My spirit is very real
and can truly heal.

My body is strong and wise
and knows how to revitalize.

Whatever I think and feel
can certainly become real.

That was then
and this is now.

I trust in my wise Inner Source
to keep me on the right course.

I know energy is real
and believe it can heal.

The Five Graces:
(Path to higher consciousness)