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From Carla:
I greatly appreciate my clients who have chosen to share their healing experiences with other people and I welcome all comments. Please keep in mind that I do not treat, diagnose, heal, or cure anything.  I help to awaken the Inner Healer/Source that resides inside of every person.  You are the only one who can heal yourself.  We are essentially energetic beings so I feel that energy is the best and most natural form of healing.  However, sometimes the left-brain/Ego needs to SEE (feel, smell, taste, or hear) a healing device, practice, or take a substance, for it to be real.  A few brave souls are empowered to trust in their own intuition, spirit, and ability to heal, who will venture beyond treating symptoms and into the unseen world of healing.  You are not a robot to be adjusted or fixed.  You are a human being composed of thoughts, feelings, energy, and soul.  The results of energetic holistic healing speak for themselves.....
(All the original testimonials are on file and can be read). Send comments to: cmhealing@comcast.net
The Healing Codes
Carla Muth
"Wonderment and thankfulness were my feelings after my first CENTRAL INNER ALIGNMENT  (CIA) session with Carla which released physical pain, tension and discomfort that I had been holding onto for over a decade! Her amazing energy left me feeling structurally aligned, grounded, and peaceful.  It works better than any other healing modality I have tried, and I've tried lots!" (See longer version) .......................Shawn C, Sandringham, NL


"A friend handed me the phone and asked me to talk with Carla.  I suffered from severe chronic neck pain from bone and disc degeneration.  I consulted various physicians and chiropractors but they gave me no hope except for recommending that the bones be surgically fused together.  I was very skeptical that a 'healer' could make any difference in my condition-- especially over the phone!  After all, I had published an alternative newspaper for several years and hosted numerous Holistic Health Expos, associating with hundreds of healers, but I was still hurting. I was astonished when my neck felt much better within minutes. After the second short session, the pain was completely gone! Even the grinding and crunching noises had disappeared. She has helped relieve me of
backaches, TMJ pain, toothaches, and even horrific food poisoning (via the phone). These may sound like incredible physical healings, but the emotional ones have been even more profound.  I've battled debilitating depression for over 17 years, trying every new therapy available until I finally had to resort to taking medication. Through working with Carla, I reached a new and deeper understanding of myself. I am completely drug free now. Carla's wonderful empathic and intuitive abilities enable her to find the emotional issues behind physical problems.  I believe she was able to help me where so many others had failed because powerful etheric energy flows from her hands, as well as from her heart."............................. Mary, Asheville, NC


"I was healed of
chronic depression, disabled spinal discs and life-long allergies.  After the ALIGNMENT, I was pain free, joyful, and my sinuses were clear. I felt more relaxed and peaceful than  I had in my entire life.  Even one CIA with Carla can be a life changing experience.  My friends have all had outstanding results, too."......................Victoria, Agassiz, BC (See longer version-- what a session is like)

"In my first session with Carla, I was in a great deal of pain from a torn muscle in my shoulder.  After 5 minutes on the phone with her, I felt no pain! I went to work the next day feeling as good as new. Pretty amazing!

Just recently I slipped on some ice and
fractured my fibula, basically breaking my ankle. I was in a lot of pain and my ankle swelled up, turning an array of shades from red to purple. Hospital ER x-rays [see below] showed a definite break and misalignment of the bone [a compound fracture].  The technician said the orthopedist would have to reset the bone and put a pin in to get it in place.  The next day showed no improvement in pain relief or swelling so I called Carla to work on it (over the phone).  Not only was the pain greatly reduced, but within an hour all the swelling was gone, the redness disappeared and there wasn't any bruising.  When I returned to the hospital the next day, the doctor said he could not believe it was the same leg! He told me the bone was now in alignment, and I would not need to have surgery to reset it. He sent me home with just a removable cast and a cane. It's been 2 months and I went for a hike the other day, giving my ankle a good workout, and I had no pain.

Carla has really helped me with
emotional things, too. Before I started working with her, I was constantly feeling depressed and drinking a lot. I've had three beers in the fridge now for several weeks and I haven't touched them. I'm feeling much hral and attribute it to my work with Carla." ...............Chris P., Anderson, IN

                            The first x-ray of the fractured fibula.                                     X-ray taken 2 days later.

Jennifer Daniels, M.D., examined these radiographs (xrays) and determined that approximately 5 weeks of healing had occurred within this 48 hour period. The bone aligned and repaired nicely. The orthopedic surgery wasn't required after all.

"Thank you for helping me personally with my broken hip and also for your wonderful work with both my daughters and my beloved dog Misty... Most of all I am grateful for the profound difference your healing made in my recovery from a fractured hip in 2007. I consulted two surgeons, both highly recommended. Both clearly stated that in their opinions that I required immediate surgery to put a pin in the femur bone.  One was a little more open to my resting at home in order to heal, but only after I explained what I had in mind and he realized that he may as well go along because I was determined to heal the break naturally. Both thought I would end up limping for the rest of my life. Neither could believe that I was not in pain. You were able to take me from excruciating 24 hour pain to almost no pain in a 30 minute session on the phone.  The only pain I felt after that session with you was fleeting and in response to a movement that my body could not yet support. Your work, your advice and support saved my hip from surgery, expedited my healing, saved tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and best yet: I am fully recovered - no limp, no restrictions in movement or any activity that I enjoyed prior to my fall. Thank you. I am so blessed to have found you.".................. Yvonne, Chicago, IL (longer....)


"When I lost my husband, my whole life changed. I felt like a different person. I could not focus anymore and my thoughts and feelings were detached and in chaos.As a result, I fell and broke 2 bones in my right hand. Two days later after talking to Carla on the phone and having an ALIGNMENT, my fingers were able to move and there was no pain.  I was out of shock. I feel very clear headed and everything around me seems so bright now.  I have found myself again. I am filled with joy and happiness and emanate a sense of deep peace.  My energy flows out of me in such a positive manner.  I am so profoundly grateful to Carla and for finding the courage within myself to experience what this alignment (and deeper emotional work) has helped me to feel in my life. I wish everyone could experience this joy!" ..........Manon, Parksville, BC

"On July 1, 2008, after many visits to the Dr. complaining of not feeling well I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in my motor cortex on the left hemisphere in the fissure.  A meningioma is a tumor arising in the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord.  I had been symptomatic for a year and a half experiencing, partial seizures, limb weakness, and urinary symptoms. 

At first I took the standard, educate myself of all the options approach.  I am a single mother, 37, and this is what a responsible adult does with such a serious diagnosis.  I met with the best brain surgeon that Chicago boasts.  He belittled my situation, not realizing I was out at Cosmic Bowling the night before and had a partial seizure.  The bottom line was, continue taking anti-seizure medication until your symptoms out weigh the risks of brain surgery and radiation. Chemotherapy is not very effective on a meningioma.  So I explored other alternative treatments, acupuncture, Rife machine, every kind of talk therapy, applied kinesiology, supplements, and meditation.  I was even doused with holy water! 

It was at this time that I entered into the phase of denial. I could not cope with parking my car in a busy lot, doing the grocery shopping, and meal planning for the week.  I had become a crank, which is not my usual disposition.  If you look at the scans, you can see the inflammation on the brain.  No wonder I was cranky?!

I ignored the fact that I stopped doing stairs. The wake up call came in the beginning of December about 5 months post diagnosis.  I was driving my car and my foot slipped off the gas pedal.  It became apparent to me that I needed to do something.  I had just received the results from an EEG, which revealed irregular brain wave activity.
I was feeling frustrated with failed attempts at alternative healing and just trying to make it through each day.  And thatís when I met Carla Muth.  We had our first session on Dec. 16,, 2008 over the phone.  She explained what she did, much of it made sense to me.  We processed some memories, I shed some tears, and then she helped me discover my core mind pattern as well as the motor shock conflict I was experiencing underlying my physical symptoms.  I always new that there were emotions/difficulties that corresponded to body parts.  Never had it made so much sense.  She gave me some positive words and feelings for my personal affirmation and did a Central Inner Alignment and Vibrational Touch.

She also cautioned me about going through a
healing crisis.  Now, other healers had warned me of this in the past.  And I have never felt what I started experiencing after Carlaís work.  A week later I had my second session.  And a few days later on December 24th, I had a follow up appointment scheduled with my neurologist.  I finally confessed that I had stopped doing stairs, I was bumping into walls, unable to work full time, unable to meal plan, and drive a car; that the quality of my life had been significantly affected over the past 6 months.  He agreed we needed to do a second MRI and after assessing the reflexes of my right leg, that it was time to consider surgery.  He gave me the name of a surgeon.  I wondered who was going to help me, a single mother with two kids, deal with the recovery and possible side effects of brain surgery. 

Well, on December 30th, only six months to the date of the original MRI, it was confirmed that I was indeed going through the healing crisis.  The tumor could not be found!  My neurologist laughed.  He had heard this could happen but had not witnessed it before. He introduced me to his colleagues and told them my story.  Did he ask what I did?  Yes.  But was he interested in knowing the details of the healing?  No.  I did follow up with the surgeon, just to be safe.  There was nothing to be removed.  He did not want to have a discussion with me about what could have happened to the tumor, how it was naturally healed.

My first reaction was one of disbelief.  How can this happen?  I never even met the woman.  The work was done in two sessions and over the phone!  How was this possible?  I have spent every opportunity since then to find out.  And interestingly, this experience opened my body up to other healing.  Next to heal were my
kidneys.  I had a history of chronic Urinary Tract Infections and a cyst on one of them.  Within a few days they came back on line.  Next to follow was my digestion.  I had been gluten free and suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 4 years.  Now I can eat almost anything.  Next came my spine.  And now, those chronic aches and pains have diminished significantly or are gone.  Chronic TMJ, gone....Migraines, gone....Severe allergies, gone....Chronic asthma, gone.... Emotional upset around certain individuals, diminishing or gone.
children have had a phone session with Carla as well.  My 12 year old had a C like curvature in his lumbar spine.  This is now straight and he no longer complains of lumbago.  My 16 year old has better posture and is more confident and secure than I have ever known him.  His asthma has also diminished significantly.

Now, when I look at the before and after MRI scans I think, wow, these are two very different brains.  But what that means in terms of quality of life is so much more, two frames are unable to convey all.  Itís not just that a tumor is gone.  I am a different person.  My relationships have all changed and for the better.  The most important relationship to change has been the relationship to myself. I'm thankful to have met Carla everyday!"......................Becky, Chicago, IL. (Longer version....)
MRI of a BRAIN TUMOR (meningioma) in the motor cortex on the left hemisphere in the fissure.
Note the overall reduction of swelling (more spaces/black) in the right picture as the brain looks smaller.  The tumor (white color in the middle crevice) happily and surprisingly disappeared within two weeks and two sessions (once a week) with Carla.


"The ALIGNMENT for my
back after the bad fall was excellent. My body felt light and my mind was cleared.  I am now completely free of pain. It was amazing!  You just want to tell everyone, which I did. Thanks so much!... My daughter says there is no cramping and her hips are much better. She doesn't have the pain she had. And my dog is much better [arthritis]".........................Lucy T., Bowser, BC

"I'm amazed by the remarkable effectiveness of the CENTRAL INNER ALIGNMENT (CIA), especially on shock.  One night, I endured a harrowing long drive through dense fog and heavy rain in mountainous terrain with defective window shield wipers. Upon arriving at my destination, I was an emotional wreck! My
leg and neck were very painful.  After Carla performed a CIA on me, I felt an immediate release of stress and I was completely free of pain. On another occasion, she alleviated a throbbing ache from a tooth extraction. I wrenched my knee very badly. It was the kind of injury that could take 3 months to heal. I hobbled around for a week, and then after a few minutes of Carla's energy on it, the knee was completely healed.

I've had more stress in the past 2 years than I've had in 56 years. Amazingly, I feel more balanced and able to find joy and gratitude every day. 
Balancing my left and right brain and taking me out of the fear (survival) part of my brain stem, has helped my body to heal on every level equaling high energy and the feeling that I can handle anything.  I've spent the last 30 years learning about alternative medicine and have found that Carla's alignment and energy is what I've been needing all along. Now I have a CIA session on a regular basis.  It's a fast and inexpensive way for me to feel balanced, healthy, and joyful. And it even works on my dog! I have done deep emotional work with Carla in the past. Her Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB) sessions have been one of the most insightful awakening of my painful childhood. These realizations helped me to see and understand the choices I've made and the way I've behaved in my life. I'm not so crazy after all! If everyone could have a CIA or BEB session with Carla, the world would be a much kinder, gentler, caring, healthier, and less stressful place to live in."............................Chris, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

"I can't thank you enough.  I'm flabbergasted after our phone CIA session!  I know my leg is healing [from the compound fracture of the femur bone 1 1/2 months ago].  I went to the doctor and he couldn't see where the break is now.  Basically, it looks like it's healing on its own.  I just had an MRI.  The bone is getting blood flow all the way up to the tip of the femur.  So no dead rotting bone here!  Thanks to you and your great work, I'm sure.  I am walking better and using only one crutch with much more mobility and far less pain.  Every day it gets better and better!  I am not going to need that surgeon after all.  Again thanks to your wonderful help I'm doing quite well.  I am so grateful and I can't thank you enough.  I think you are an amazing master, which I knew from the first time I touched your book.  You have truly given me the confidence that this hip is healed.  I've referred your website to some people who could use your help.  I sang your praises and I'm sure that their lives would become better for spending some time on the phone with you, like my has!  God bless you."...........Andrea, TN.


"...No one has ever come close to the work she's done for me. Growing up, I've seen many counselors.  I've also been prescribed antidepression/anti-anxiety medication, which I no longer take.  After working with Carla, that all seems like a joke!  None of that helped me.  I needed someone to really see me and what I needed, and  that's what Carla did and does.  She has amazing abilities.  After a BIO-
EMOTIONAL BALANCING session with Carla, I feel an incredible serge of energy that lasts for days.  I've never felt anything like it, it's incredible.  I feel wonderful, productive, and truly happy, like my body is aligned and extremely energized...

I went for a light jog and when I came home, fluid started to fill up under my
knee, getting worse and worse throughout the night.  The next day I had extreme difficulty in walking.  Everything was such a feat, even getting a glass of water or going to the bathroom.  So I made an appointment with Carla for the next day.  After my ALIGNMENT session with her (over the phone), the swelling was reduced and the pain was much more bearable.  The next day, I wasn't hobbling around anymore and the pain was gone.

As amazing as this is, I still feel like what she has done for me emotionally far exceeds the benefits from physical ailments she's healed. I feel like Carla truly can heal the soul.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is an amazing, gifted, extraordinary, and wonderful woman who has befriended me and healed me.  She fills me with love and an indescribable energy.   You are lucky to have found her, just give her a chance and she will amaze you, as well".......Cassie, Atlanta, GA   (Longer version....)


"I had been battling
CANCER [Hodgkin's Lymphoma] for almost a year. I tried every therapist, modality, and cure out there.  It wasn't until I began working with Carla that I realized the answer wasn't out there, but rather it was buried deep inside of me..... Through the sessions with Carla, I was able to connect with emotional blockages that had manifested in my body.  After my fifth session, I knew my life had been changed forever. I felt like a huge load of emotional baggage, stress, and tension had been lifted off my shoulders.  The effectiveness of my medical treatments increased dramatically .... I knew that my cancer was gone, and the doctors eventually confirmed this.... As a result of my work with Carla, I believe there's no longer a need to worry about the cancer returning because the root cause is finally gone.
Since finishing a complete set of Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB) sessions with Carla in 2002, I am still cancer free and I continue to seek her assistance in a variety of health issues. Carla has successfully resolved physical discomfort ranging from seasonal
allergies, stomach discomfort (including parasites), sore muscles, a terrible earache, and the occasional cold or flu. Knowing that I will begin to feel relief immediately, and without drugs, is not only amazing, but is more effective and cheaper than a trip to the doctor, too! I highly recommend Carla's energy for all types of physical discomfort." ......Quinn D., Austin, TX


"I had a bad fall and suffered a
concussion.  I went to a doctors and chiropractors countless times, but no one seemed to help me.  I continued to feel worse, with migraines and feeling like my head was 'full' of cotton--to the point that I didn't even feel able to drive my car.  I had a  session with Carla and instantly felt better!  She brought my body out of shock!  She taught me how the body can go into shock, both from physical trauma as well as from emotional trauma.  The difference I felt after that session was amazing, and I continue to feel better after every session with Carla.  All my chronic pain problems are fading away.  Her insight and intuitive abilities are incredible and so helpful on many levels.  She healed the pain and repaired a broken rib (by a Chiropractor), as well as a badly sprained ankle in one session!  She quickly cured my fear of flying when I panicked two days before a trip. Another time she saved a lovely vacation by healing my throbbing back trauma and relieving the shock of the accident on the phone. Everyone present were amazed at the difference! I highly recommend anyone dealing with chronic pain or emotional trauma to call Carla-- I'm sure glad I did!"........Debbie, Delta, BC

"I had a tremendous hard fall on my knees 4 years ago which rendered me to walking in a sideway hobble and in constant pain.  With all this came more weight gain and less freedom in movement.  I tried many different types of therapy, including acupuncture for a year, and was nearly resigned to having knee replacement surgery done soon.  But after 3 treatments with Carla, I walk straight.  I am looking forward to my life as it was 15 years ago. I can only say that to find someone of Carla's ability is a 'miracle.' I am very grateful.  Seth [by Jane Roberts] said that there are only X amount of people on earth like her at any given time to teach us and sometimes to heal us.  She is far beyond normal.  She is in that special category that we cannot identify because we are too limited to understand.  Carla is a gift to me and to all mankind."....................Regina, Agassiz, BC

"I suffered from Migraine headaches, and for the last forty years I was in almost constant pain in my head.  When it rained I would have a huge headache.  When I told a lady about my headaches she said 'you should go and see Carla, she is a healer and runs energy through your body to unlock muscle spasms.'  I have heard of Chi Gong healers in China who were able to do wondrous things like this but I never expected to find someone here in Canada let alone on my back door.  I contacted Carla to make an appointment....  She placed her hands on my neck and proceeded to put energy into it.... The next day I woke up with no headache, this was the first time in I donít know how long that I did not have to take a handful of pills just to get through the day.  Let me tell you that I was amazed with this fact and I'm still grappling with it." ......................Terry, Agassiz, BC  (Longer version.....)

"I had a very big year filled with shocks and changes.  I had gone to counseling sessions, but every time I left the office after a full hour, I never had any lasting effects from the outpouring or from the work I was doing in this venue.  I Also felt as though, I wasn't really reaching the issues that triggered the difficulties in my life.  I intuitively knew I could be getting much more from the counseling.....

After 1Ĺ hour BIO-EMOTIONAL BALANCING session with Carla, including the ALIGNMENT (over the phone), I was able to face, feel, and operate from the heart of the matter what I was all about!  When I was not able to verbalize what I was feeling, Carla helped me trust myself and this enabled me to define the feelings which were at the root of my issues.  What tremendous freedom I felt, having gone through this journey with her. What was even more empowering was the sensation in my body, feeling the cellular level of my body realigning and recovering from the
shoulder dislocation! IT WAS LIKE A WAVE THAT LASTED 4-5 DAYS ACTIVELY IN BOTH MY BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, and then the shoulder was healed. The doctor had told me that I would need 6 months of physical therapy.  I became more clear headed and able to see.  The one session I did with her far outweighed my numerous sessions of 20 years of counseling.... I continue to feel the ripple effect of my work with her in my every day life and my spirit. People who see me now, see the different glow in my face, they see the new me.  I am truly grateful for having Carla cross my path in this lifetime...... (See SOS experience...)
The CIA is for ANIMALS, too:
Your ALIGNMENT on the phone of my young, 10 year old
CAT, Skye has really made a difference in her (pulling her fur out). I saw her change on my lap as she became so much more relaxed. Her ears really went flat when you were running energy through her. She has always been a hyper and annoying cat, who meowed all night to bug us. Skye has become the cuddly, calm, relaxed kitty I always dreamed for her to be!!! Maybe your pet clients should outnumber the human ones. .................Paola, Victoria, BC

"I recently had a short session with Carla when she was here.  I have multiple sclerosis and it helped a lot.  I'm starting to walk much better and the pain has really settled down.  I was awestruck by her healing abilities!  She is a wonderful, insightful and compassion gal.  I hope to get her back to speak to and work with my MS group." ....................Heather, Qualicum Bay, BC

"Your healing methods have been incredible for the healing of both my boys (see part II) and myself. I'm truly grateful to have met you and I sincerely hope that my testimonial will help others decide to try your non-invasive techniques.

As for me, I've been in one-on-one therapy for four years, group therapy, and hypnosis therapy. All costly and time-consuming to try and deal with my emotional baggage. I also suffer from an
eating disorder and with your help this illness has pretty much come to a halt. I have gone from binging/purging at least once everyday for the past 4 years to almost no incidences in the past month since doing the emotional session with you, a session, by the way that future clients may wish to know, was done over the phone. I am now a firm believer in distance healing. It has worked for me.  Your work makes so much sense to me.

I honestly believe that we are in a new era of how medicine and the healing arts are viewed and practiced.
Energy healers, like you need to be celebrated as your work is vitally important and will bring more authentic healers to the forefront. It staggers me to think that my boys could be dependent on the sickness industry (both were offered 'drugs' to help with their ailments) and I just don't believe in that kind of band-aid approach. You are able to quickly and directly get to the core of a problem and help clients find resolutions. All I can say is thank you for helping my family with a much friendlier, and healthier approach."................Ashley,Coquitlam, BC

"I was having problems with anger which manifested itself in my stomach as an ulcer and I had to take medicine for over six years.  Carla worked on me for ten minutes over the phone and I have not needed any medication since.  I also had problems with my legs, especially the pelvis, which caused prolonged pain and aching.  Carla finally gave me relief in a remarkably short time.  You are the best! I love your remarkable ability. Thank you"............................Don, Carlsbad, CA

"I was popping my
neck in a bookstore when an attractive woman asked if I'd like her to help me.  I was game.  She put her fingers on my neck bones and in a few minutes all of the relentless pain I had suffered for over 5 years was completely gone!  A month later she worked on me over the phone.  The next day, all of the grinding and cracking had disappeared.  All of the doctors had told me that the osteoporosis was irreversible and the vertebrae would need to be surgically fused. Turns out the muscle spasms needed releasing and the emotional cause exposed.  Thank God for Carla! I am fortunate to have gotten to know her personally.  She is an intelligent, humorous, intuitive and compassionate person.  She has helped me to become a much better man and an 'emotional artiste.' Carla is the only first aid kit anyone would need!".......................Jack M, Sacramento, CA

"I had suffered from a sore and often painful left foot and ankle for a good number of years.  I invested quite a bit of money as I tried a variety of shoe styles, arch supports, pads, medical visits and Chiropractic treatments.  After Carla treated me at one of her workshops for a few minutes, the pain was unbelievably gone.  Since then I have given up using arch supports and can even go barefoot without discomfort.  I wouldn't hesitate to refer clients to her.".......Dr. Buzz, Franklin, NC

"Carla is a very gifted and special type of healer. We worked on a very deep emotional level and she unraveled many hidden memories that I needed to understand.  Many of them were painful, but her abilities helped me through the traumas.  I am so grateful to have more awareness and understanding of my past. Carla has also successfully worked with me on many physical issues.  She helped to alleviate the pain and injuries I suffered in my body. I'm very thankful for the many healings I have received from her." .....................Anne, Palm Springs, CA