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“The CD is exceptional! It arrived Friday (just as I got home from having gum surgery) & was put to immediate good use. I am healing quickly. This is a jewel of a CD! Bless you. Many thanks.” .............Adria, Mass.

“I began seeing Carla Muth several months ago for a chronic pain, etc. problem, which has been ongoing for approximately 40 years. She has helped me so very much with her personal sessions, telephone sessions & (due to the long distance between our homes), the use of her CD in between. Although using the CD as does not do exactly what a hands on, personal session can do for me, I use it every other day to keep me headed in the right direction. I only have to turn it on to go into a very relaxed state, which results in my feeling refreshed & renewed when it is finished. I would recommend its use to anyone who seeks good mental & physical health!” .........................Eileen, Kamloops, BC

“I do enjoy listening to your CD and I hope with practice 3 x week to open my third eye. I am looking forward to the awakening. It is so nice to still feel the connection to your work and you in that way. I find it comforting. Thank you for that gift.” ..........Teresa, Chicago, IL

“I really liked the cd, the visuals you describe for meditation are wonderful, music is very nice and relaxing. I'm so happy to have it! My dog, Romeo, was sleeping next to me for the session too, I think he liked it. He's my new session buddy.” .................Cassie, Athens, GA

“I used your CD this weekend. The darn thing really worked! Actually the CD helped me with a block about my work on my book and parts of my life are at a standstill,”.............Grace, NY


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