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What a session(s) with Carla is like:
"I've had the wondrous good fortune of being completely healed of debilitating chronic depression, disabled vertebral discs, and life-long allergies by Carla Muth.  When a friend recommended this 'Body Alignment Specialist' (former Dental Hygienist) to me I as very skeptical even though my friend had fully recovered from crippled knees and diabetes after working with Carla.  But no one else had been able to help alleviate my constant, intense pain, and I was facing back surgery, so I decided to give her a try.

One and half months ago, I arrived at Carlaís modest duplex.  An attractive, middle-aged woman warmly ushered me into a book ladened room. She was so 'normal,' except that I immediately sensed a keen perceptiveness about her.  She showed me how I was out of alignment both standing up and then lying on the massage table.  There was a clear one half inch difference in my hips and the length of my legs.

As tranquil music played in the background, Carla softly held my hand and asked, 'What quality or emotion do you feel that would help you the most at this time in your life?'  She aided me in realizing that I needed to feel more confident and that it was time to stop 'fighting and proving' myself as the 'runt of the litter.'  I was astonished to hear her say that because I was the youngest and never measured up to my high achieving siblings.  It was as if she had reached into my heart and understood me.  Later, I learned that she was an 'empath' who knows what others are really feeling, not what they are taught to or ought to feel.  'I know how you feel' was authentic in this case.  It was incredibly liberating to learn that my core mind pattern was feeling incapable, and why I constantly set up situations and drew people into my life that allowed me to re-enact this trauma (disbelief about myself) from my childhood.  I could finally see my Ego (fear of failure) from the advantage point of my Inner Self, something I had not come near to doing in 15 years of counseling-- and didn't even know was possible, let along necessary!  Why don't we hear more about the role of the ego in our lives?

Carla asked, 'How compatible are you in your life-- with your spouse, job, body, etc.?'  She helped me to see what was 'draining' my energy and then what adds to it.  This is important to know because the reason a person is ill or has pain is due to a lack of energy to keep the body healthy.  Itís not enough for her to help bring my body into alignment but it's necessary to start rebuilding my energy so that I can maintain it.  She smiled, 'Try spend more time with those whom you enjoy, and to do more of what you like to do than what you don't.'

Carla stood behind my head and explained that she was going to hold a feeling of confidence and valor for me to use the power of emotion in healing.  She gently placed her fingers on my jaw and the other hand under the base of my skull and began 'running energy.'  Her soothing voice guided me through images as she asked me to allow my soul to be present in my heart.  I felt that divine connection.  The ALIGNMENT process was so much gentler than a Chiropractor's jarring adjustment.  In fact, I didn't feel a thing.  It was magical how the body aligned and suddenly the muscles relaxed. 

Within this five minute period, I felt more relaxed and peaceful than I had in my entire life.  I hadnít realized that I was in shock most of my life. Carla says few people realize how common it is.  She went around my body showing me how I was now completely aligned (spine, hips and legs) and my muscles were relaxed and toned. Then she gently touched the muscles in my lower back and I felt my hips release. Carla said that most metabolic (diabetes, weight gain, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, headaches, herpes, autism, hyperactivity, etc) and autoimmune diseases (MS, lupus, arthritis, etc) can really be caused by very deep muscle spasms which can also cause structural problems such as damaged discs, stiffness, pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, sciatic, and bursitis.  Apparently, deep tissue massage, cracking the spine may be ineffective because jerking, pressing, kneading or stretching muscles cause them to tense up and then endorphins are released so you feel better but the condition may actually become worse. Also, that most forms of exercise are not really healthy for us because they are too strenuous so that oxygen doesnít reach the muscles and lactic acid is produced causing the muscles to contract. That 'endorphin high' is actually telling you that your body is injured. This may explain why people are afflicted with so much pain today, and why all that acupuncture, massages and spinal adjustments never helped me much.

Carla also talked about how stressful modern life is in that we have made more process in the last 100 years than in thousands years and it is difficult to assimilate this swift transition into the technological age. We are becoming too mental and disconnected from our hearts, not to mention becoming 'incompatible' with our environment.  Disharmony produces stress.  Carla placed her hand on my navel to harmonize with my 'energy frequency.'  She says the solar plexus area is the center of my energy field (including the aura).  She asked me to tell her when I felt warm inside.  At first, I thought the warmth was coming from her hand being on me, but then to my surprise, I felt a surge of warmth inside of me!  More importantly, I could feel my soul connecting to God!!  Carla smiled and said, "This is my ministry, to help you feel the Source inside of you so that it is real."  I thought this kind of spiritual awareness only happened to people who studied for years with some kind of guru.   

I stood up and marveled that for the first time in years, I was completely pain free, joyful, and my sinuses were clear.  I cried tears of immense relief.  Carla hugged me and declared, 'Look how you were able to heal yourself by letting go and not having to prove anything, you just allowed it.'  I was astounded by her lack of ego, but I remembered reading on her website that she did not 'diagnose, treat, cure, or heal anything' as she believes that self-healing is the only real cure and her job is to help stimulate this Inner Power.  I am now a proud member of her 'Fellowship of Self-Healing.'

I made another appointment because Carla reminded me that she didnít treat symptoms and just because I was pain free did not mean I was well.  It usually takes a couple of months before most people can hold an alignment longer than a week, depending on how stressed they are (the amount of incompatibility in their livesĖ I really got that!).  Also, it may take some time to build up my energy.  She was mainly concerned that I feel 'strong and balanced,' and not so much that I felt good or bad (about my life). She only charges $20-25.00 so that people are able to come more often.  Her talent and caring isnít reserved just for the rich.  I'm glad that she had warned me about the 'healing crisis' and how the 2 and 3rd days are often more powerful than after the initial session.  Boy, was she right!  My body went through all kinds of shifts and changes, and after a fews days, I felt even better.  Then I started doing the easy exercises ('posture-cises') she had recommended.  I can feel my body becoming more aligned (also with the help of the alignments) and I am much more poised.

Later on, I did a deeper BIO-EMOTIONAL BALANCING session, which I found invaluable in fully actualizing (fully feeling) what she had told me during the short alignment sessions.  The effectiveness of the alignment was the same over the phone as in person with her.  I also did a five minute CARE session with Carla, wherein she relieved my craving for chocolate by running energy into my brain. Iíve been using her book, ĎInner Self-Talk, The Pocket Guidebook,í in conjunction with Stream of Consciousness Writing (inner journaling). Itís the first reference book for emotions. The effects in my life have been profound. I have referred many people to Carla and theyíve all had outstanding results.  Even one short alignment with her can be a life-changing experience.  Check her out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed." ....................................Victoria, Agassiz, BC

"I don't know where to begin to describe how amazing Carla is and how she has helped me.  I've been working with her for a few years so it would be impossible to list all the ways she's helped me.  I do feel she has helped me the most emotionally, and to help me find my inner-self.  I suffered for many years with suppressed emotions. She helped me to deal with the root of the cause and to start working towards being happy and loving myself.

Carla has such an edge over any person using conventional methods such as doctors and counselors.  She can see what has happened to you throughout your life (patterns) that has caused you shock and what you have never dealt with.  By having this insight you cannot run away from those underlying memories you have tried so hard to suppress. She knows what they are, while doctors only know what you tell them. She helps you remember and to deal with what has happened, feel it, and then to finally move past the shock you have unknowingly carried around for most of your life. It's extremely liberating after one of her BIO-EMOTIONAL BALANCING sessions. She has changed my life, how I deal with things, and how I feel about myself. The feelings I have after working with Carla are loved, worthy, safe, secure, and grounded.

No one has ever come close to the work she's done for me. Growing up, I've seen many counselors.  I've also been prescribed antidepression/anti-anxiety medication, which I no longer take.  After working with Carla, that all seems like a joke!  None of that helped me.  I needed someone to really see me and what I needed, and  that's what Carla did and does.  She has amazing abilities.  After a session with Carla, I feel an incredible surge of energy that lasts for days.  I've never felt anything like it, it's incredible.  I feel wonderful, productive, and truly happy, like my body is aligned and extremely energized.  I stopped picking at my head!  Yay!  It's been 10 years I've had that habit.  It's a big accomplishment.  It might not seem like much but when I wanted to stop for so long and I couldn't due to the unconcious compulsion that it was.   And I'm just so glad that you helped me stop.  I think calling it for what it was, 'self-mutilation,' definitely had an impact on the process.

She has also healed my physical pains as well.  For example, most recently I went for a light jog and when I came home, fluid started to fill up under my
knee, getting worse and worse throughout the night.  The next day I had extreme difficulty in walking.  Everything was such a feat, even getting a glass of water or going to the bathroom.  So I made an appointment with Carla for the next day.  After my ALIGNMENT session with her (over the phone), the swelling was reduced and the pain was much more bearable.  The next day, I wasn't hobbling around anymore and the pain was gone. I felt so much better that I went to the mall for a couple hours with my friend and only sat down once!!!!

As amazing as this, is I still feel like what she has done for me emotionally far exceeds the benefits from physical ailments she's healed.  I feel like Carla truly can heal the soul.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is an amazing, gifted, extraordinary, and wonderful woman who has befriended me and healed me.  She fills me with love and an indescribable energy.   You are lucky to have found her, just give her a chance and she will amaze you, as well.  Thank you for every thing Carla!!!!"........................................  Love, Cassie, Atlanta, GA

"I need to share this with others who are open to healing. I am 38 years old and believe myself to be more sensitive, aware and thoughtfully insightful than most, but I had no idea how much emotional trauma was locked inside my body and mind from my youth until Carla enabled me to feel it again. The stressful physical and mental patterns that†keep reoccurring in my life have all been manifested from unreleased emotional energy suppressed within me.  Carla has an amazing ability to feel peoples emotions and enable healing †(with undeniably powerful energy!).

I am very thankful for Carla's amazing gifts as an energy healer and empath. She has rekindled my connection to the SOURCE of creation, healing, and love.  She has helped me realize how my suppressed emotions and subsequent patterns of thinking to perceived conflict manifests itself in physical tension and pain in my body. Wonderment and thankfulness are my feeling after my first  CENTRAL INNER ALIGNMENT†(CIA) session which released physical pain, tension, and discomfort that I had been holding onto for over a decade! Carla's†amazing energy left me feeling structurally aligned, connected to the earth,†and completely at ease with gravity.  I stand the tallest I have ever stood in my entire life!  A CIA and BIO-EMOTIONAL BALANCING††(BEB) session works better then any other healing modality that I have tried, and I have tried lots!

Let go any skepticism you have about her ability to help you over the phone. I had the same reservations until she opened my emotions†in such a profound way in our time together (over the phone). Afterwards, I felt the most alive, peaceful, grounded, and structurally aligned, I have felt since I was a young boy. Your life will be profoundly changed if you let go any struggle in your mind, and trust in Carla's ability to help you. Carla, I trust that your life will be continually filled with Love and Gratitude"................................. Shawn, Sandringham, NL, CAN.

"Thank you for helping me personally with my broken hip and also for your wonderful work with both my daughters and my beloved dog Misty.

The vetís prognosis for Misty who is an elderly dog (13+) was not good. He told us that even in a younger dog a torn Meniscus is very difficult to heal without surgery and with surgery the healing process is still prolonged and prone to complications. Since you worked last night on Mistyís leg the change has been remarkable. Immediately she was able to tentatively put some weight on the injured leg. That was more than she has been able to do in the last two weeks, during which she was hobbling on three legs only. However, this morning the change was astounding. She is able to put significant weight on that leg and walk almost normally. I canít thank you enough and canít wait to see the vetís face when we go back in a couple of weeks. You saved Misty from much pain and you saved me from the worry that this injury may result in her being permanently crippled, not to mention about $2000 in surgery and vet fees!

The emotional and alignment work you have done with both my
teens was great. They both felt a big difference and loved working with you Ė and thatís saying a lot from typically closed mouthed teens. I could see the immediate positive change in their mood and outlook.

Most of all I am grateful for the profound difference youíre healing made in my recovery from a fractured hip. I fractured my hip 2007. I consulted two surgeons, both highly recommended. Both clearly stated that in their opinions that I required immediate surgery to put a pin in the femur bone.  One was a little more open to my resting at home in order to heal, but only after I explained what I had in mind and he realized that he may as well go along because I was determined to heal the break naturally. Both thought I would end up limping for the rest of my life. Neither could believe that I was not in pain. You were able to take me from excruciating 24 hour pain to almost no pain in a 30 minute session on the phone.  The only pain I felt after that session with you was fleeting and in response to a movement that my body could not yet support. Your work, your advice and support saved my hip from surgery, expedited my healing, saved tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and best yet: I am fully recovered Ė no limp, no restrictions in movement or any activity that I enjoyed prior to my fall. Thank you. I am so blessed to have found you.".................................. Yvonne, Chicago, IL

On July 1, 2008, after many visits to the Dr. complaining of not feeling well I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in my motor cortex on the left hemisphere in the fissure.  A meningioma is a tumor arising in the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord.  I had been symptomatic for a year and a half experiencing, partial seizures, limb weakness, and urinary symptoms.  I think I was able to go so long due to extensive yoga training and learning how to disassociate from my body.  And it didnít help that I worked in a Urogynecolgistís office, where everyone waits the standard four hours to empty the bladder to avoid getting urgency frequency symptoms. 

At first I took the standard, educate myself of all the options approach.  I am a single mother, 38, and this is what a responsible adult does with such a serious diagnosis.  I met with the best brain surgeon that Chicago boasts.  He belittled my situation, not realizing I was out at Cosmic Bowling the night before and had a partial seizure.  The bottom line was, continue taking anti-seizure medication until your symptoms out weigh the risks of brain surgery and radiation. Chemotherapy is not very effective on a meningioma.  So I explored other alternative treatments, acupuncture, Rife machine, every kind of talk therapy, applied kinesiology, supplements, and meditation.  I was even doused with holy water! 

It was at this time that I entered into the phase of denial.  I ignored the fact that I stopped doing stairs, which translated in to my children whining about the laundry not getting washed downstairs in the basement.  Their rooms upstairs became pigsties.  I could not cope with parking my car in a busy lot, doing the grocery shopping, and meal planning for the week.  I often came home and ordered out pizza.  My children asked me frequently to cook them a home cooked meal.  Howís that for a change?  Itís amazing how much they reflect what is really going on.  Most notably, they mentioned that I had become a crank, which is not my usual disposition.  If you look at the scans, you can see the inflammation on the brain.  No wonder I was cranky?!

The wake up call came in the beginning of December about 5 months post diagnosis.  I was driving my car and my foot slipped off the gas pedal.  It became apparent to me that I needed to do something.  I had just received the results from an EEG, which revealed irregular brain wave activity.  I had to cancel a session with a client.  And to my surprise that dear person, instead of denying that I had a brain tumor like the rest of the people in my close circle, told me that he liked having me around and asked what I was doing to take care of myself.  I did not have much to tell him, other than feeling frustrated with failed attempts at alternative healing and just trying to make it through each day.  He gave me the numbers of three healers.  And thatís when I met Carla Muth.  She was the only one who called me back.  She hadnít worked on brain tumors before but she was willing to give it a try.  And I was completely desperate; this was a new low for me.

We had our first session on Dec. 16,, 2008 over the phone.  Carla explained what she did, much of it made sense to me.  We processed some memories, I shed some tears, and then she helped me discover my core mind pattern as well as the motor shock conflict I was experiencing underlying my physical symptoms.  I always new that there were emotions/difficulties that corresponded to body parts.  Never had it made so much sense.  She gave me some positive words for my personal affirmation and did a Central Inner Alignment and Vibrational Touch.  She would not let me schedule a follow up session right then and there.  She said we had to give my ego time to talk myself out of this.  I reminded her that I had a brain tumor and was eager to heal.  I still had to wait.

She also cautioned me about going through a healing crisis.  Now, other healers had warned me of this in the past.  And I have never felt what I started experiencing after Carlaís work.  A week later I had my second session.  And a few days later on December 24th, I had a follow up appointment scheduled with my neurologist.  I finally confessed that I had stopped doing stairs, I was bumping into walls, unable to work full time, unable to meal plan, and drive a car; that the quality of my life had been significantly affected over the past 6 months.  He agreed we needed to do a second MRI and after assessing the reflexes of my right leg, that it was time to consider surgery.  He gave me the name of a surgeon.  That night I had dinner with my family, a group of people who denied that I even had a brain tumor.  I wondered who was going to help me, a single mother with two kids, deal with the recovery and possible side effects of brain surgery.  I kept reminding myself of my positive affirmation and praying that all of these symptoms were increasing due to the healing crisis.

Well, on December 30th, only six months to the date of the original MRI, it was confirmed that I was indeed going through the healing crisis.  The tumor could not be found!  My neurologist laughed.  He had heard this could happen but had not witnessed it before. He introduced me to his colleagues and told them my story.  Did he ask what I did?  Yes.  But was he interested in knowing the details?  No.  I did follow up with the surgeon, just to be safe.  There was nothing to be removed.  He did not want to have a discussion with me about what could have happened to the tumor, how it was naturally healed.  However, I did not get upset, I was there for confirmation that the tumor was gone, nothing else.

My first reaction was one of disbelief.  How can this happen?  I never even met the woman.  The work was done in two sessions and over the phone!  How was this possible?  I have spent every opportunity since then to find out.  And interestingly, this experience opened my body up to other healing.  Next to heal were my kidneys.  I had a history of chronic Urinary Tract Infections and a cyst on one of them.  Within a few days they came back on line.  Next to follow was my digestion.  I had been gluten free and suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 4 years.  Now I can eat almost anything.  Next came my spine.  I was diagnosed with a slight curvature when I was young and after a bad fall and having children pulled my back out regularly.  Not to mention the car accidents and the pains in my neck inhibiting my ability to check my blind spot while driving.  Add to this the years of treating my body aggressively while practicing yoga and working out.  I was beat up.  And now, those chronic aches and pains have diminished significantly or are gone. 
Chronic TMJ, gone. 
Migraines, gone. 
Severe allergies, gone. 
Chronic asthma, gone. 
Emotional upset around certain individuals, diminishing or gone.

children have had a phone session with Carla as well.  My 12 year old had a C like curvature in his lumbar spine.  This is now straight and he no longer complains of lumbago.  My 16 year old has better posture and is more confident and secure than I have ever known him.  His asthma has also diminished significantly.

Now, when I look at the before and after MRI scans I think, wow, these are two very different brains.  But what that means in terms of quality of life is so much more, two frames are unable to convey all.  Itís not just that a tumor is gone.  I am a different person.  My relationships have all changed and for the better.  The most important relationship to change has been the relationship to myself.  What is it they sayÖif life gives you a bowl of lemons or chickens?  Well, Iím making lemonade and chicken salad and thankful to have met Carla every day!"..........................Becky, Chicago, IL.


On a lighter note:
"I first met Carla about three weeks ago though a mutual friend.  You see this friend of mine hired me to help clean up her yard and to do some carpentry work for her.  One day we got talking about aches and pains and I happened to mention that I suffered from Migraine headaches, and for the last forty years, since an ice skating accident when I was nine.  I was in almost constant pain in my head. Some days were better than others.  When it rained I would have a huge migraine headache.  Well as soon as I told her about my headaches she said 'you should go and see Carla, she is a healer and runs energy through your body to unlock muscle spasms.'  Well, I have heard of Chi Gong healers in China who were able to do wondrous things like this but I never expected to find someone here in Canada let alone on my back door.  Anyways I hummed and hawed for about a week or a week and a half before I contacted Carla to make an appointment to go and see her.  So when the day came I went to the place that she had instructed me to go to and I rang the bell and went inside and took up my position in the waiting room.  As I waited for Carla to come and get me I remember wondering what this lady was going to look like, was she going to be some shriveled up old gal with no teeth and long gray hair much like the Chi Gong healers that I had seen on television.  Much to my surprise and joy she wasnít old and gray but a young and attractive lady, so she took me into her office and had me standup straight in my sock feet at which point she showed me how I was out of alignment.  She then proceeded to tell me to lay down on the table and she placed her hands on my neck and proceeded to put energy into it.  Upon completion of the ALIGNMENT she asked me how I felt, to which I replied 'I feel good' and I left.

The next day I woke up and no headache, this was the first time in I donít know how long that I have woken up and not have to take a handful of pills just to get through the day.  Let me tell you that I was amazed with this fact and Iím still grappling with it.  So I went back to see Carla for a second alignment and told her about an overdose of cocaine and heroine that I had received eleven years prior, she told me that I had been living outside of my body for seven years and that I came back into being myself after my appendix had exploded [due to the physical emergency] back in 2002.  So she ran energy through my head and after she finished she asked again how I felt and once again I said 'I feel fine' and I left.  The next day I went to the  SPCA to walk the dogs, it was raining and a little cool but I went anyways and I hooked up the dog that I was going to walk and as we proceeded down the road I felt a feeling of completeness that I have never felt before.  She opened up another part of my brain.  I felt like what David Carradine said in the TV show Kung FU 'A Shaolin monk is one with himself.'  Thanks Carla youíve planted a seed now itís time for me to make it grow."................Terry, Agassiz, BC


ďI had a trying 10 years of knee issues. In total desperation have finally gone over to the other side of medicine and started to study the effects of energy on the body and using energy to heal it. So for the people who have been patiently telling me to do this for so long, I did look into it and have had amazing success healing my knees. They are now tip top, with some crepitus. But my mobility is nearly 100% and am running up stairs and my knees are not swelling and unstable anymore.

What started all of this was that about a just over a month ago I was having an "acute arthritic flair up" that was so painful not only could I not move my knee, or put any weight on it, but even the sheet touching it was painful. I was in agony. OK, I am only 41 and having a "severe arthritic flair up" is the term my Ortho Doc used...see anything very, VERY wrong with this picture?

A couple days before this flair up, I had seen amazing changes in a friend who was suffering from
Lyme Disease for a decade and now she suddenly looked 10 years younger and all her symptoms gone. I have known her since we were in college so I knew what she looked like back then. Just amazing. Turns out she has started doing energy work on herself and with the help of an energy practitioner.

I called Carla Muth and by the end of the hour+ session over the phone, my knee was out of pain and the swelling receded and by the next day I was up and walking. On top of that the lack of stability in my left knee was gone as well. I have not had any issues with either knee since.

Some of you out there are going to think I have lost my marbles. I am a skeptic for sure. A prove it to me type of person. But Carla's rates were so reasonable and I was in such agony, I was willing to gamble on this small amount of cash because working with someone over the phone to heal my knee sounds nuts but a whole lot better than UFlexa Injections and total knee replacement surgery. I was totally desperate. It was a fantastic gamble.

Following the medical route - my MRI showed severe arthritis in my right knee and moderate in my left, so I was referred to a knee surgeon to discuss knee replacement. My appointment was a week after I had my session with Carla. I went to see the doctor and he said, 'Hey you are not walking with a limp.' I said, 'Nope' and then he examined my knees and said, 'You have full range and no swelling. Are you sure these are your MRI results?' I said, 'Yes, I am sure.' He said, 'Come back and see me when you are 60.'

Of course I didn't tell him I was doing energy healing on my knee, but you know maybe I should have?  I work in academia now as well as with Executives. All of this is really hard to explain. Of course I worry about my credibility, but I want other people to know they can be healed without drugs, surgery, or devices.

Now my knees are working great for the first time in a decade, and I mean GREAT. I feel strong in my whole leg again like I did before I smashed my right knee in 1999. I used to competitively race bicycles so that is what I am comparing this to. Strong!  I am not dissing regular medicine in any way. I am also not advocating for anything, just sharing my experience over the last month, which to my rational, overly educated mind, has been quite bizarre but wonderful in the results." ......................Kathryn, Natick, MA

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