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Modified Twin Hearts Meditation
The Twin Hearts Meditation was developed by Filipino Master Choa Koh Sui, the founder of Pranic healing, which is a no-touch healing system, similar to Reiki, that utilizes the vital life force to cleanse and energize the human etheric field, and to accelerate the natural healing power of the physical body. Prana (qi) is the Universal Life Force, or the "breath of life" from the Hebrew ruah, the Greeks called it pneuma, to the Chinese itís known as Chi, in Japanese Ki; to the Polynesians itís mana, and in English, itís called energy (or spirit). It is derived from four major sources: air (ether or orgone; also particles-- electrons and protons), solar (sunlight), the ground (earth), and nutrition (food).

Energy centers are called Chakras ("wheels" in Sanskrit). Along the spinal column there are seven main nerve bundles (ganglions), which are esoterically known as chakras. They also correspond to the endocrine glands. The seven major chakras (12 in the Prana system) include: the root/survival; sacrum/sexuality; solar plexus/power; heart/love; throat/ communication; pineal gland-brow/intuition; and crown/spirit-thought. They are levels of consciousness (awareness) and focal points of subtle energy for psychic or spiritual power. When a chakra becomes blocked, it has more difficulty receiving and expressing energy. For example, a person who has experienced rejection or a problem with a loved one may find that his or her heart chakra is shut down or clogged which diminishes the capacity to receive love. It is wise to recognize and heal the trauma, cultural and childhood programming, harmful habits, diet, beliefs, pain, illness, and injuries, but you can also purposefully bring more energy into depleted chakras to aid in restoring the body, mind, and spirit to wellness.

The two chakras we are mainly concerned within this meditation are the crown chakra at the top of the head, the center for divine enlightenment and love. When it is fully activated, a halo light effect may be seen around the head. The heart chakra is located in the chest and is the center for emotional or physical love. Thus, they are twins: the nucleus of celestial and worldly love. The crown chakra can be fully activated by adequately energizing (or "fluxing") the heart chakra. By uniting these twin hearts on a regular basis, you can increase the amount of divine energy in all of the chakras and the auric field surrounding the body, and you will be filled with light, power, and love. More important, you will become a wonderful conduit for divine energy in helping to inspire and heal others.

The easiest, safest, fastest, and greatest way to achieve this is by using the crown and heart chakras to bless the Earth and its people with compassion, joy, kindness, and love because it is in giving that you receive. The spiritual energy that flows through you out into the world, nations, states, communities, organizations, groups, families, animals, and individuals in loving service, will come back to you in a multitude of blessings. But the real reward is in living in a world that is a little kinder, gentler, happier, and more spiritual due to your unselfish and benevolent efforts as you help to nourish your fellow human beings and on this Planet. You may want to record and play back this exercise until it becomes natural to perform.

Meditation is deep and continued thought. It is a joyous process of quieting the conscious mind (Ego/left brain) so that you may contact your Subconscious (right brain). It is a great way to increase concentration and enhance or deepen the spiritual side of your life, but it should not be used to avoid physical reality or to achieve "detachment." It is doubtful that you came into material existence with the main goal of "transcending" or disassociating from it. Long meditations are not recommended. Acclaimed hypnotist, Dick Stuphen, with his 20 years of experience and research has observed, "If you spend 1-1Ĺ hours a day in meditation (alpha state), after a few weeks, there is a great probability that your mind will go flat and you will not return to full beta consciousness." Thus, you may become flighty and ungrounded.

The depth of emotional awareness or expression, the sincerity of your intention, and certitude of your expectations determine the power of your blessing (of the Earth and in your life). In other words, discern what you are feeling, know what you desire, and what you want to happen or to produce. The intensity and power of the feeling behind your expectations are the impetus that brings them into physical reality. Itís the contrast between hoping or wishing and expecting and envisioning (co-creating with the Source). One of the best ways to propel your intention into physical reality is in a form. This is called a thoughtform which is your purpose or aim in shape-- a feeling form. This is sacred, spiritual work, not a narcissistic fantasy of centering on "creating your own reality with The Law of Attraction" by obsessing on positive thoughts and feelings so everything in life will occur just as you want it to as proffered in the New Age infomercial, The Secret. This movie and book offer a diluted version of manifesting, which may actually hinder those who are seeking genuine enlightenment and to awaken their abilities in working with energy, and moving beyond layering on more programming ("affirmations") on top of the old programs. Itís the difference between a physician prescribing drugs for patients, symptom treating from the outside in, and an energy healer helping the infirmed to achieve wellness for themselves, from the inside out, by the involving the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

The Modified Twin Hearts Mediation is a sacred, devotional undertaking in which the blesser becomes blessed by the unselfish desire to be a conduit of energy for the Source in helping to illuminate the Earth. It is an expression of gratitude and beauty; a humbling introspection of yourself; experiencing redemption in reclaiming your soul from the egoís fears and conceit to achieve higher consciousness, and ultimately, to breathe the presence of the Creator into your heart so that it becomes real.

Everything that exists has a tone, a kind of energetic frequency. Most of our words are accompanied, or replaced, by a sound. Think of how many different sounds you make in a day. Every feeling has a sound, and each part of the body resonates to a tone, including the chakras. Producing tones within the body is like getting a massage from the inside out. It enhances health, improves our inner balance, stimulates intuition, and energizes all of the glands which helps them to function better. Sound is made by vibration which produces a frequency (like a radio station, or Hertz). This means toning can be just as effective, or more so, when done silently because it's the vibration that is important. Do toning in the car, while bathing, at the office, on a walk, cooking, and so on. It shouldn't be a chore.

The most important aspect of this meditation, your ultimate success with it, and the real Secret, depends on your ability to uncover, examine and then discipline or transcend your Ego or shadow (Outer-Physical Self/left brain) behind and merge with your Inner Self (Subconscious) and Higher Self (Superconscious). The colors you use will also significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of the meditation and its outcome. Feel free to modify it as you wish and make it comfortable for you. You donít need to worry if your intentions are good. If you are having ominous thoughts, youíre not getting good energy. If this happens, examine your thoughts and emotions, and then shift the way you are feeling to readjust your energy (and the fluxing). If you do this meditation right, it should be fun.

Creating a thoughtform goes beyond visualization. It involves fluxing energy into a feeling form by rubbing your hands together to generate a clockwise vortex (like a whirlpool), give it purpose via your intention, and then lock it into position. In addition to giving it an intention and location, you may want to assign it a time frame in which to exist and a name (or password). Then expect it to function perfectly.

Using white light in this version of the twin hearts meditation is not recommended. It should only be used briefly for quick healings as it is too intense to be utilized for long periods, such as surrounding your body with it for protection. You would not use black (without light) in healing because it absorbs all the other colors. White (too much light) reflects and washes out colors (including the chakras), which is why people wear white clothes while playing tennis. Imagine how much sunlight a black boat would soak up on the water! White is too powerful to maintain in physical reality which explains why ghosts and angels appear to be white since they lack chakra colors. Violet is a safer and more suitable color to use. It is the only color that should be projected onto another person. Violet is the color of purification, protection, and psychic communication. Another good choice is gold. It is the second highest color and represents Christ Consciousness. Either color can be employed in this exercise.

The Meditation Process

1. Physical exercise:
Exercise for about five minutes before the meditation. This will expel excess energy from the auric field. Calling upon the spiritual traditions of religions around the world, and noting that they all involve movement of the body as in dancing, Dr. John Gray in his book, Diet and Exercise Solution, recommends using the "Bounce and Shake technique" to gently get the heart pumping and stimulate the lymph system and the flow of energy in the body. The basic steps include: 1) Stand with your knees slightly bent, feet comfortably apart, and bounce up and down easily without lifting your heels off the ground. 2) As you bounce, let your arms hang loosely by your side, and shake them. 3) Slowly nod your head up and down comfortably as you breathe in through your nose to the count of 5, and then exhale to the count of 5 as you lower your head. 4) During the first minute, breathe through your nose. During the second minute, make a noise from the base of our throat (like snoring). Then breathe in through your nose and out through puckered lips, as if blowing out a candle two feet in front of you. 5) Stop bouncing and shaking. Feel the tingling and vibration you have created throughout your body.

2. Relaxation, cleansing and focusing:
Sit comfortably with your back erect with your palms turned upward, resting on your lap. Take a few deep and slow relaxing breaths. Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth. Inhale violet, flushing your body with it and exhale all negativity. Feel your ARMS becoming limp, warm, and heavy, and then your LEGS. Your ABDOMEN is relaxed, warm and all tension is completely leaving your stomach. Now your whole body feels heavy, warm, and calm. Your FOREHEAD is cool. Your mind is untroubled and clear. Recall tranquil and passive scenes (beach, forest, sunset, etc.). Feel your bare feet walking on a soft brown path through a lush forest with stately, tall green trees safeguarding you on this journey.

3. Divine Blessing Invocation:
Invoke a Divine Benediction for guidance, assistance, protection, and wisdom. Visualize putting yourself in a violet bubble or being surrounded by violet. Say out loud or to yourself, "Peace and radiant energy fill my entire body. My will and Godís [your Deity] will are the same. I feel the strength, self-confidence, support, and safety of this mighty spiritual union. I am blessed in all ways and goodness flows through me."

4. Activating the Heart Chakra:
Visualize your chest in medium green and lightly press on the heart area for a few seconds. Take a few breaths. With each breath, feel your mind sinking deeper into your heart as you gently sigh, "Youuuuu" and feel it vibrate. Feel your heart expanding with compassion and vitality as you sense your Higher Self. Imagine the whole world as a small ball (of blue) in front of your eyes. As you cup it in your hands, fill it with the energy of harmony, tenderness, joy, compassion, and kindness coming directly from your heart. You may call on angels to assist you.

This is called the fluxing of energy, like the broadcasting of electrical waves. This is similar to the way a telephone transmits speech over long distances by converting it into electric impulses that are sent through a network of wires to a receiver. Or even more akin to a radio which sends electromagnetic waves through space, without wires, to a receiving set (a specific station), which changes them back into sounds. You draw energy from the Universal Life Force into your body, modify or charge it with the energy (feeling) of the chakra, and then send (flux) it out to the recipient or beneficiary.

5. Activating the Crown Chakra:
Visualize the top of your forehead and brow in violet (it contains more red, while purple has more blue in it). Press the top of your head gently for a few seconds. If youíd like, you can imagine breathing out of the violet funnel from the top of your head as it rises up through the universe until you feel it touch the presence of your Oversoul. See the infinity sign in silver above your head. Breathe this loving energy back down the funnel, into your head, and allow the violet to stream into your body. Feel the top of your head vibrate with, "Sommmm." Envision the whole world as a small ball in front of your eyes. As you cup it in your hands, breathe out and flux with the feeling of unity, wisdom, peace, understanding, and divine inspiration emanating from your head.

6. Blessing with both Crown and Heart Chakras:
Feel the energy from your heart and crown converging with violet or gold light in your solar plexus (in a sunny, golden disc) until you can feel your soul (or Higher Self). As this energy merges, feel the vibration of "Youuuu-Sommm." When you exhale, flux the feeling of balance, generosity, serenity, respect, and loving-kindness from your solar plexus out to the world, a nation, city, community, area, organization, gathering, family, friend, animal, individual, and so on. It is best to project a general blessing and feeling onto the recipients, rather than a specific wish for them, because that may not be what they truly need for their highest good.

Before your consciousness leaves an area, you may want to use a thoughtform to install a giant crystal tower, golden pyramid, glowing healing arc, or heroic statue that will continue to flux divine energy, exquisite colors, or harmonious music. Mentally put a transmitter on your property, or erect a special energy fence around your home to keep out unwelcomed intruders or animals. Place a billboard sign or symbol of prosperity and growth near your business. Be creative and expand your imagination. What you can conceive, you can achieve.

You may say the prayer (modified) of St. Francis of Assisi.
Lord use me as an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, let there be pardon.
Where there is fear, let there be courage.
Where there is doubt, let there be faith.
Where there is sickness, let there be healing.
Where there is sadness, let there be joy.
Where there is darkness, let there be light.

7. Achieving Illumination:
Feel the glowing golden disc in your solar plexus and feel the power of your divine heart and divine mind merging inside of it with an "Ahhhhh" sound. Venture beyond belief into the frontier of knowing-- that the energy of the Eternal Source, from which you were born, flows through you, and that you are an expression of it. Feel this dazzlingly, pure golden light flowing up to the top of your head, like a brilliant flame. Concentrate on this gold or violet light while silently chanting "Ahhhh-Youuu-Sommm" (awesome) for 5-15 minutes. Become aware of the stillness and bliss in between the moments of silence and the vibration of the chanting. Be conscious of any feelings, thoughts, symbols, impressions, or images coming from your Higher Self or Oversoul. As you expand your awareness and energy, you may experience an inner explosion of light and a sense of euphoria. God becomes real when you feel another breath inside of you. Flux healing energy into any ailing areas in your body.

8. Releasing Excess Energy:
Feel your body becoming heavier as you surround yourself with brown (or imagine walking on the brown path returning home) and the energy slowing down. You may visualize the Earth in front of you again and bless it with peace, abundance, and light (violet). Continue releasing energy for a few minutes until you feel that your body and consciousness have returned to normal. This is important, as congested or excess energy can cause headaches or chest pains. You may wish to do the shake and bounce exercise for a short time.

If you do this potent meditation for at least three times a week, or even part of it every day, you will permanently increase the size, strength, and quality of your chakras and energy field. The goal is to become a dynamic spiritual energy/body builder. Every mornings, focus your attention on the golden disc inside of your solar plexus, feel its power, and recognize that you are a unique expression, a part of, the Eternal Source. This is the power that you feel in someone who is charismatic, a special charm or grace. Of course, you have seen people who abuse this magnetism when it is not balanced with the heart. Every time you connect with this golden orb, you are acknowledging your spirit and allowing it to participate in your day. Itís like being "online" with the Creator.

9. Express your gratitude for your divine blessings and offer a prayer:
"The healing is complete. Peace and appreciation fill my body. I give thanks for opening my heart and mind. I am united with God and feel its infinite power, support, and love. I am honored to share this abundant energy with the Earth and fellow beings. I am blessed in all ways and my life overflows with goodness."
Rev. Carla Muth

No. 6
(or whatever you wish to attract more of into your life).
Make a Yellow Pages ad flash with a thoughtform and near your business, build a huge sign, flashing, searchlights, sounds, arrows pointing to it, etc. Lock down a pyramid thoughtform of prosperity with 4 crystals to the four directions over your house. Like a billboard sign or symbol of prosperity and growth near it.
Plant a future timeline: Plant a desired event on the future timeline and energize is so it will come about (Huna technique). The now is in the palm of your hand. The probable future is your thumb.
Do this from a heart-based, meditative, and loving space, to get better answers.
Surround yourself in royal blue (activates pineal gland to receive messages). Start on present timeline and expand it to where it is your communityís timeline. Note the filaments of light leading into the future.
Grey Wolf suggests that you ask: What is the most ideal path where Divine Will is best served, where people achieve all their dreams, effortlessly, lovingly, honestly, easily, and in a way that feels great? See which one of the filaments of light seem brighter or draw you along it. Got down the filament to whatever point has fulfillment for you. Look back. The goal is accomplished. Lock this path in place. Feel it and say, "This path is now locked." Tell your subconscious mind that you want to be intuitively guided on this path in your life. Return to the present, withdraw your focus, and let it happen.
Healthy energy flow is vertical, in the body, and energy blocks are horizontal.
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