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Less is more

Pain and illness means something inside of the body is blocking the flow of energy.  Vibrational Touch stimulates circulation of energy (Chi, Life Force) and clears blockages by using a light motion over the muscles while fully clothed.  Some aspects of massage, kinesiology, acupressure, Reiki, and Bowen are involved, but it is an unique method that yields superb results.  The term "massage" is no longer adequate in this new form of healing.  As muscle spasms are gently and instantly released, you will feel a very deep relaxation and inner peace. 
When energy is blocked
Pain will stay locked.
There is a subtle vibrational effect through the muscle which affects the nervous system by sending a signal back to the brain to stop contracting the muscle.  It’s similar to strumming a guitar and producing a gentle and healing pulsation in the body which often continues for a few days.  Having practiced as a dental hygienist for over 20 years, Carla has developed a high degree of fine sensitivity in her fingertips so that she is able to feel spastic muscles and apply the exact amount of pressure, not too light and not too hard (both may irritate the muscles and produce an endorphin effect or drive spasms deeper), to release spastic muscles.  Running energy through the body at the same time increases the effectiveness of the Vibrational Touch just as an electric guitar is more powerful than a regular guitar. In essence, this neuromuscular repatterning works primarily through the nervous system, affecting both the structural and energetic levels.  This frees up the body’s innate self-healing intelligence.  It brings the body out of “fight or flight” (SNS) to “rest and relax” (PNS)-- that is, shock-- and the muscle tension it produces.  In fact, if you are still in pain or sick, you are probably suffering from undiagnosed deep spastic muscles as this may be the known, or untreated cause of pain and disease today.  When they are released, the individual feels a deep relaxation and inner connectedness.  In this state of balance, a people can heal themselves of virtually any ailment.
When energy flows
Pain swiftly goes.
Vibrational Touch Session
This will most likely be a unique experience for you.  Many people have said that they felt more relaxed than they had in their entire lives.  The session is done with the Central Inner Alignment (CIA) and the Sphenoid Osseous Shift.  Carla will  also try to address your emotional concerns as time permits, but a longer, separate emotional session (BEB) is recommended for more complicated or deep-rooted issues.  Imagine feeling as if you have enjoyed an entire deep body massage, fully clothed, within a few minutes.  In addition, your whole body will be in alignment, you will feel cleared-headed, and yet more grounded, and connected to your inner Source (spirit).  Because healing is a process, 3 sessions are recommended so that we are not simply addressing symptoms (e.g., pain relief) and reduce the tendency of the muscles and bones to slip back into old patterns of tension or misalignment.  The primary goal is for you feel stronger and more balanced in your life, and united to your Inner Power.
            Rev. Carla Muth
            "Laying on of Hands,"
the most ancient, natural, and even scriptual form of healing in the world.
Beyond massage: The quantum tension tamer.
Are you ready to experience a completely new and unique level of muscle relaxation?  The term "massage" is no longer adequate in this new form of healing because the muscles are not rubbed, kneaded, stroked, poked, or pummeled into submission.  This form of massage often leaves people feeling "too relaxed," as if they are unable to move, which indicates an endorphin release and parasympathetic state (shock), similar to depression, due to the muscles being irritated rather than a feeling of being re-energized, clear or light-headed, and being grounded (heaviness in the lower body).

Although Vibrational Touch feels similar to a massage, the comparison is like calling a helicopter an airliner.  Both are effective aircrafts, but have different functions and dynamics.
When muscles are relaxed it is physically impossible to for negative emotions to arise and for unwanted actions to take place.” Serge King
Muscular tension is caused by a distortion of energy flow brought on by emotional, mental, or physical conflict (incompatibility). A healthy mind produces a healthy body.
Please pass on these ideas and knowledge so they can stimulate, flow, and expand the horizons of holistic healing and medicine.  Working in harmony with Nature and Spirit is the way of the future, and those who oppose and guard the past shall eventually yield to the progressive soul of the Creative Force.  Old ideas were once unrecognizable new ones. The followers resist and thinkers persist.
"I just returned from a walk  My entire body felt like I had been through a deep tissue massage, but minus the soreness and fatigue.  My legs felt so heavy and grounded.  It must have been from expelling all that negative energy that I had been suppressing.  I am constantly amazed by the immediate effects that your work has on the body.  Those individuals who do not take advantage of your talents really don't know what they are missing.  Thanks so much."................................ Debbie, Chilliwack, BC

"For over 15 years, I had a chronic lower back condition.  At times I would experience the incapacity to walk and would be bedridden for several days until I was able to find some relief through a chiropractor.  I attended one of Carla's lectures.  After about 8-10 minutes of very gentle hands-on touch, I was astounded that I had no pain whatsoever as this had never happened before through other practitioners, one which diagnosed with x-rays a spinal disc fusion. Carla explained that these seemingly fused discs were actually spastic muscles pulling the spine and discs down upon each other... I have stepped into the path of full recovery for this and other symptoms-- acid reflux and a painful shoulder condition that had kept me from getting a full night's sleep for two years.  Awesome!" ................................Allen, Delta, BC

"I suffered from Migraine headaches, and for the last forty years I was in almost constant pain in my head.  When it rained I would have a huge headache.  When I told a lady about my headaches she said 'you should go and see Carla, she is a healer and runs energy through your body to unlock muscle spasms.'  I have heard of Chi Gong healers in China who were able to do wondrous things like this.  Carla placed her hands on my neck and proceeded to put energy into it.... The next day I woke up with no headache, this was the first time in I don’t know how long that I did not have to take a handful of pills just to get through the day.  Let me tell you that I was amazed with this fact and I'm still grappling with it."........................Terry, Agassiz, BC
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