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                       Weight Loss Fact, Part II

The Truth About Food Portions and Daily Calorie Limits...

Two of the most frequently asked questions from dieters are:

"How big should my food portions be?"

"How many calories should I eat each day in order to lose weight fast?"

Many fad diets have attempted to set calorie guidelines which are based on "bodyweight & height" (and sometimes they factor in "activity level" also).  Most weight loss counselors operate using these same types of daily calorie guidelines too.  In other words, most weight loss counselors instruct people to follow a specific "daily calorie limit" which is based on their weight & height (and sometimes their activity level is factored in too).   For example, some weight loss counselors may tell you to eat 2,000 calories per day if you weigh a certain amount (and if you describe yourself as "active").

But this is a RIDICULOUS way to try and lose weight, and we'll explain why.  The truth is that it's quite ridiculous to follow a specific calorie limit each day, since every person has a different metabolism level.  You cannot judge your metabolism by your activity level either, since there are plenty of people with higher activity levels but who are overweight nonetheless (due to a slower than normal metabolism).  For example, if you take 2 people who weigh 165 lbs and who have the same activity level each day, then there is no guarantee that their metabolisms will be operating at the same general level. In fact, it's quite possible that one person's metabolism will be nearly twice as fast as the other person's metabolism.

Also, there is another reason why following a specific "daily caloric guideline" is a waste of time.  You see, your body doesn't burn calories on a "per day" basis, your body burns calories on a "per meal" basis. Your body doesn't burn calories based on what time the sun rises and sets, it burns calories throughout the day as you eat them.  This means that following some arbitrary "daily caloric guideline" is not going to make you any thinner, since you must actually learn to spread out your daily food across more than 3 meals per day in order to lose weight fast.

To speed up your metabolism you must eat more often, not less often. You must eat more than 3 meals per day, and you must not follow some arbitrary caloric guideline each day. Also, it's quite easy to figure out how big your food portions need to be when trying to lose weight, and it has nothing to do with counting calories.  In fact, people who count calories usually fail at weight loss, and that's because counting calories doesn't work. We have created a way to choose your food portions at each meal which doesn't involve counting calories, and you can learn about our new dieting method.

Low Fat & Fat Free Foods Will Get You NOWHERE...

If you walk down the aisle of any grocery store you’ll see dozens “low fat” and “fat free” food items nearly everywhere you look.  The whole world has gone “low fat” crazy -- and most people think that if they just begin eating low fat foods then their bodies will have less fat too. Sounds logical right? Wrong.

You see, the problem with this type of thinking is that there is no “direct” relationship between fat calories eaten and fat tissue on a person’s body.  The truth is that your body can convert ANY type of calorie to fat tissue, not just fat calories.  For example, if you eat 2 lbs. of sugar every day then you’ll probably gain some fat tissue after a while –– but yet sugar has ZERO FAT CALORIES in it. So eating 2 lbs. of sugar every day is a “fat free” diet, but yet you’’d still gain fat. Likewise, if you eat a huge bowl of white rice at every single meal then you’d soon gain fat tissue on your body –– but yet this is a fat free food too.

So what does that tell you about eating fat free foods? Not only that, but there are plenty of low fat cakes, cookies and desserts sold at every grocery store. Yet, do you honestly think that these foods are““healthy” merely because they are low in fat?  Of course not, and you’’ll gain extra fat if you eat too much of them.

In fact, our entire society has been eating low fat foods in greater quantity over the last decade –– but yet our society is still getting fatter and fatter. So that should tell you something about low fat diets.

You should stop thinking “non fat” and “low fat”–– since those are just buzz words designed to make you feel as though such foods are healthy.  The truth is that you don’t need to worry about “fat” calories so much, and you also don’t need to worry about total “carbs” so much either...
What you need to worry about is the exact types of foods that you combine together at each meal, so that you get the proper portion of fat calories and carbs at each meal –– which will maximize weight loss.

The way to cure Obesity is not always by lowering your Daily Calories

Haven't you ever wondered why some people are naturally overweight while other people can remain skinny while eating twice as much? The truth is that your total "daily calories" is not the deciding factor in whether you're overweight or skinny.

You see, there are 3 main types of calories that you can eat each day.
First, there is protein...
Next, there are carbohydrates (carbs)...
And finally there are fat calories...

The truth is that your body doesn't pay attention to how many daily calories are eaten, but rather your body pays attention to how much of EACH TYPE of calorie that you consume.  For example, if you eat too many sugar based calories (sugar is common in fat free foods) then your body won't be able to use all of those sugar calories, and the excess calories will be stored as fat tissue.  This can happen even if you didn't eat very many daily calories, because if you eat too many "wrong" calories then you'll get fat. This is why many obese people remain overweight their whole lives even though they eat less than some of their skinny friends and family members.

...And it doesn't have to be this way, because even though it's true that some people have slower metabolisms (and suffer from obesity) they can still get just as skinny as their friends if they just learn to EAT THE RIGHT TYPES OF CALORIES EACH DAY. You see, your body needs protein, carbs and fat calories too. Your body needs all 3 types of calories, but it does not need them all in the same proportions at every meal.

Certain types of fat calories can speed up weight loss believe it or not, while other types of "fat free foods" will actually make you overweight if you eat them too often.  Why else do you think that losing weight is so difficult? Why else do you think that our society is suffering from a serious obesity problem which is getting worse?  It's because the ANSWER to weight loss is the OPPOSITE of what most people think. Most average people have been brought up to believe that eating "fat" is bad and that eating "fat free foods" is healthy. That may "seem" logical at first, but in reality the opposite is often true. Eating "fat" does not automatically turn to fat tissue on your body, and eating "fat free" does not automatically cause weight loss to happen either.

To begin losing weight you must realize this fact and open your mind to a new way of dieting.  If you want to lose weight fast then you must learn to eat foods which have fat burning properties, and these are foods which keep your blood sugar level more stable throughout the day.  You see, if you eat foods which cause your blood sugar level to spike upwards too sharply then you'll feel "energetic" for a short while -- but then afterwards your blood sugar level will drop way too low and you'll feel tired and lethargic for the rest of the day.

The higher your blood sugar rises after a meal, then the lower it will drop afterward. ...And when it drops you'll feel tired and hungry all over again. This is why obese people often suffer from "highs and lows" in their energy level. But if you begin eating fat burning foods (which keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day) then your energy will be steady all day long, you'll have plenty of energy and you won't ever feel tired of lethargic.  Also, when your blood sugar level is kept stable then your body's natural fat burning engine will begin burning more fat tissue. That's why these are called "fat burning foods".

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