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In the beginning there was energy....
This first spark of spirit exploded, expanded, and evolved into endless space.  It was created by pure love.  In the Milky Way, a tiny nub developed and after billions of years it became inhabitable.  A particle of the Creator’s energy diverged and sailed through the cosmos.  This energetic orb was the foundation for your soul identity, which incarnated on Earth.  As a part of the First Source, you have an innate need to grow and to create.

Etheric energy is real and it precedes matter.  Physics hasn’t explained where energy originates.  It’s hard to build anything without some sort of plan, which is derived from consciousness.  Imagination is the seat of the soul. The Source is like the Sun whose life-giving energy shines on everyone equally.  This omnipotent energy is stepped down for mortal beings similar to the way powerful rays from the Sun are modified so that we don’t burn up.  You are responsible for how much of the Force flows through you just as you decide to live in a hot, cold, rainy, or dry region on Earth.  God’s energy is love but whether it is directed into anti-love-- fear, rage, or pain-- depends on how you use it.  To increase your spirituality, be receptive, reflective, and remarkable in your creativity, the expression of the Infinite in you.  By feeling and accepting divine love, you love yourself.

Love is mindful. Your soul surveyed the vast and various minds of Earth dwellers and selected two people.  When the time was right, they created your body, you were born, and they became your parents.  Think of the creativity involved!  This man and woman grew up, found each other out of millions of people, joined their energy in love, converged proteins, nucleotides, and phosphates into a form (DNA), that when combined with the spark of soul, became YOU.  What were the odds? 

Everything comes into existence by a thought.  You need to imagine a house before it can be built.  This is how you create your life, by the way you habitually think (and feel!).  This mind pattern attracts certain people, events, and conditions to you.  What have you created and what would you like to change?  Use imagination to design your life.  Notice your thoughts and practice altering your habits.  Be open to new things and ideas.  Think about your goals and how they are expressing your divinity.  Charitable works are fine but the only way to truly help people is in assisting them to increase their power and creativity.

Love is physical.  Your energy, mind, and spirit created a body to physically experience tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, and hearing.  Life is an exchange of energy; we give it and we receive it.  All planetary life is interdependent.  Animals eat plants and other  animals for energy and they in turn provide humans with energy.  When we fully realize our incredible spiritual power, plants and animals will nourish us by being in their presence without needing to physically consume them. 

What kind of energy sources nourish your body?  A more alkaline diet of protein, fruits and vegetables increases your vitality while acidic foods such as sugar, alcohol, and processed products, lower it.  Exercise, music, clothing, and color also affect your health.  Colors reflect your mood and are major healing aids.  Pastels, medium green, and royal blue colors will encourage you to express your inner beauty. 

Nature can teach you extraordinary things.  Celebrate and immerse yourself nature because its energy will empower you to be more solidly in your body and heighten your five senses, thereby opening your intuitive sixth sense.  You’ve been given a great gift to sense life as it is being created.  Your purpose on this dense, gravity-ladenned planet, is to learn to create in physical reality, which is quite challenging.  But the benefit of possessing DNA and being physical is that you can hold an apple in your hand and smell, taste, feel, and see it-- something an angel cannot do.  Think of the patience required, months of maturation, or years if it’s a tree, to arrive at the delicious moment when you finally welcome that ripe apple into your hand. You first imagined the house you wanted and then desire propelled you to work to bring it into physical reality.  This is why “positive thinking” is not enough.  It’s how you really feel about what you want to manifest that truly counts.  Do you really deserve it, will it be good for you, or will you sabotage your efforts?   It’s a world of feeling (right-brain) that we try to make sense of through the mind (left-brain).  This is the cause of all stress-- the disconnection of the heart and mind; between the material and spiritual– who you think you are and what you want, verses who you feel you can be and what you can get.  It’s not real until you feel it.

Love is emotional.Expressing yourself emotionally is another form of energy exchange.  Children are naturally empathetic and are confounded by seeing their parents fib to others about how they’re really feeling.  Kids soon learn how to cover up their real emotions, too.  There’s no course on how to best use your feelings so our education consists of trial and error which can cause a lot of heartache and confusion.  Life would be simpler if we all had grand psychic abilities, but if we knew everything that was going to happen, we wouldn’t experience the full range of emotions.  It is easier to repress, ignore, or bury disturbing emotions but the consequences can be dire in terms of illness, fatigue, alienation, and helplessness derived from blocked energy as it takes effort to “depress” emotions.

E-motions are charged with energy.  That’s why anger is threatening, sadness is draining  and fear is paralyzing, while hope sails and joy uplifts you.  Love can energize and carry you to incredible heights.  Find your passion in life and that energy will propel you toward excellence.  Take the emotional temperature of the people around you as they are a reflection of how you feel, especially about yourself.  It is a daunting task being attentive to your feelings in this primarily left-brained world.  Keep asking questions and seeking answers to them by allowing your curiosity to flourish.  Be fearless in permitting your emotions to surface, feel their power, and honor them as mighty messengers from your soul.  You’ll become an emotional artist who makes love visible.  Creativity is not just related to art and music, it’s the way you interact with others, dress, garden, exercise, cook a meal, and care for your children, partner or yourself.  The noblest goal is to open your heart and carry the Eternal Source’s light so that you can say, “I am helping to create....”

Love is healing. There is only one energy, although we give it different names based on how it functions-- electrical, nuclear, thermal, mechanical, or chemical.  Quantum Mechanics has proven that particle/wavelike units of energy respond to the consciousness of an observer. We’ve seen how energy interacts with all aspects of life-- the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional which are really forms of energy.  Therefore, it should be the primary source of healing.  Everyone is a healer because we’re all energetic beings.  Some healers are more powerful than others, depending on how well energy flows through them and if the recipient really wants to be well. 

The easiest and most effective form of medicine is energy healing.  With a gentle touch, bones fill in and realigned, while the body responds according to its will.  No drugs, devices, needles, or an office are needed and it can be done anywhere, even over the phone which is more convenient and private, especially for an emotional session. 

We are here to learn about emotions and energy, so take the pressure off and be a human being and not just a human doing-- wonderfully emotional, energetic, mindful, physical, spiritual, and creative.  Remember, you hold a unique energy frequency on this planet and in all the vastness of creation.  The Source needs YOU as a part of an expression of itself.  Never forget this, especially when you feel unwanted or that you have not purpose on this life.  You are valued beyond your mortal belief!
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