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Body Talk
The currents of all the physical problems listed under the Target Condition and Conflict Emotions (mind patterns) essentially flow from a lack of love. A heartache denotes real physical trauma (it hurts!).  What is your body trying to tell you?  What is the symptom saying?  Did you BURN a finger while cooking dinner after your boss demanded that you work late?  Did your spouse forget your birthday and you CUT yourself (feeling pierced)? How does your body feel? ACHING to be cared for by  someone; CRAMPED by pressure or holding back; STIFF from being stubborn; LOCKED JAW trying to keep something out or in; INFECTED by something or someone invading you from the outside; INFLAMED with hot emotions building up inside; ITCHING when something or somebody gets under your skin?

How do you feel about your illness? A failure, relieved at not having to face something, cared for, or punished?  Do people feel guilty for the way they've treated you, like the tombstone that reads, "I told you that I was really sick!"?  Ask the part that's hurting what it feels like on the inside, such as with indigestion-- what's eating at you?  Sore throat-- what's hard to swallow or take in?  Cough-- need to get something off your chest?  Sweating-- do you need an emotional release, especially of fear?
Many people dislike their body and ignore its wisdom. It's hard to heal a body that you loathe.  It connects you to life and it's how you live in the world.  What is your "gut feeling" now? Inhale and then exhale with a deep moan inside of your belly, "Ahhhhh." Do you sense any tension, guilt, anger, sadness or fear? The voice is also closely tied to feeling.  We all know the meaning of a scream, laugh, boo, groan, grunt, and sob.  Bring to mind an upsetting event from your childhood.  Feel it in your body.  Do you  feel a lump in your throat, a pain in the neck, cold feet, red-faced, gritting your teeth, nerves breakdown, hot-headed, shaky, down in the mouth, or touchy? You see, many years later the emotions are still there and we know them through the body.  We innately understand the connection between body language and verbal expressions as to how the body functions. Real change is unlikely unless you confront the problem on the body level.

You may find it hard to comprehend why you would inflict a disease upon yourself.  By understanding how much anger, fear, or resentment you have stored in your body, you can see why a disease has manifested. If you really look at the pay off involved you'll notice that you are resisting change, punishing yourself, avoiding something or seeking needed attention. The good news is that by taking responsibility for the condition you helped to create, means you can heal it. I can aid your body's healing process by running a high vibration of energy through it but true healing is learning to love yourself.  Bio-Emotional Balancing is a valuable key to unlocking mind patterns.