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Good Ideas on Healing

"God cures and the doctor sends the bill." Mark Twain

Doctors and therapists diagnose symptoms and treat them. Medical therapy is treatment of illness or disability. It is outer control, force, and fighting disease.

Physicians-- focus on diagnosing and treating symptoms with drugs, radiation and surgery. Allopathic medicine is best for emergencies.
Homeopaths focus on using medicinal compounds in diluted form to cure symptoms.
Naturopaths focus on treating disease by natural methods.
Nutritionists focus on promoting health through a proper and balanced diet.
Chiropractors focus on structure and function. They enhance nerve function by manipulating body joints, especially of the spine.
Massage Therapists focus on relieving muscular tension and improving circulation.
Kinesiologists and Physical Therapists focus on getting power back into weak areas of the body. They understand that the mechanical structure of the body is controlled by muscles and that weakness always precedes tension. They balance the muscles.
Body workers, such as Rolfers, focus on relieving emotional tension, relaxing and repositioning the muscles that move the bones (the muscles hold the skeletal system up).
Acupuncturists focus on puncturing parts of the body with needles in order to unblock energy meridians to relieve pain and cure disease.
Energy Healers focus on restoring power to energy depleted areas of the body.


A Better Idea on Healing:

focus on cause correction (misalignment), not symptom treatment or curing disease, and recognize a Spiritual Presence in human beings that stimulates inner-self healing.

No person, or outside agency can actually heal or cure anyone or anything. They use a thrusting movement to deliver a high-intensity sensory input to the brain to help the recipient to achieve a balanced, unstressed state. 

They believe pain (physical or emotional) is an indication that one is out of alignment with God.  The body is tense because one is separated from the Source.

They have a much better idea-- help people to heal themselves!

But what puts a person into a stressed state....????
Central Inner Alignment (CIA)
*Rapid Pain Relief
*Stress Reduction; calming
*Posture Correction
*Increased Balance & Strength
*Energy Boost
*Soul Connection
*Emotional Release
*Promotes Self-Healing
*Low cost, Easy, & Convenient

Body Alignment Specialist does not diagnose, treat, cure, or heal. Carla looks beyond symptoms. Such is the power of your will that you cannot be healed by anyone or anything. Inner-self healing is the only real cure.Carla taps into your own natural healing resource by recognizing and stimulating your Inner Power.  She takes Alphabiotics one step further to provide you with a gentler alignment utilizing energy rather than applying a jarring movement to the head.  She also uses emotional power in the alignment process because she considers her clients to be much more than robotic machines in need of adjusting.

It is the best idea!-- Central Inner Alignment

* CIA is not a therapy, manipulation, or adjustment. It is a process of unification.
* Within an emotional context (as an empath), Carla use a high frequency of energy to gently align      the spine and quickly equalize muscle tension on both sides of it.
* The muscles become toned and relaxed so that the bones are no longer being pulled out of alignment and in need of constant "adjusting."
* The hemispheres of the brain synchronize and the stress circuits shut down. It lifts your
conscious from the lower level (brain stem) to the higher brain, allowing the body to quickly and easily aligned.
* When the Vital Life Force is properly and freely flowing within your body, you will feel balanced and united with your Inner Power.  If you can hold the alignment long enough, you can heal virtually any aliment. It is natural for the body to heal itself and it has a remarkable capacity to recuperate.
* Carla helps to connect you to your Inner Source to restore vitality, emotional stability, joy and spirit. You will be able to function better on all levels.
* The antidote for stress is balancing your heart and mind by thinking clearly and understanding what you are really feeling.  Therefore, it is wise for you to discover what stresses you out, which can be accomplished during a Bio-Emotional Balancing session.  Otherwise, the CIA may become nearly as much of a band aid, or symptom manager, as many other non-holistic therapies.
The the effectiveness of the CIA is greatly augmented by releasing deep muscles spasms, which can be accomplished in a surprisingly swift, gentle, and relaxing manner through Vibrational Touch. Which goes
beyond massage as a quantum tension tamer.
The Compatibility Factor          (and Rebuilding energy)
How compatible are you in your life–- with your partner, work, body, pet, food, children, location, school, religion, and so on? Stress and pain are an indication of incompatibility, and that your energy is being drained.

How compatible are you in your life: (#
Worst -5-4-3-2-1 | +1+2+3+4+5 Best)
Partner___ Work____ Body____ Children____ Home____ Friends____ (Sex)____ Parents____  Pet____ $$_____
Do you see the main area(s) in your life that is draining your energy? And building it up?

What is your level of energy?                                                  What is your fuel?
E 1/4  1/2  3/4  F

Cravings are false feuls and an attempt to increase energy by physical means. What you really hunger for is harmony and etheric energy.  They are also "distractions" from your physical or emotional pain.  Addictions are a poor attempt to produce a balanced state in yourself.  This means you become "addicted" and dependent upon a substance (or activity) to calm yourself.  You think it is helping you to relax, but is usually ineffective in the long run because you are not relying upon yourself to create a balanced state-- to be CALM and CONFIDENT.  That is ultimately disempowering.

The body is a sophisticated impulse relay system (like a phone), but not electrical. Ailments occur when the magnetic field doesn’t pull enough energy from the air breathed into the lungs, and the amount of tension (fear) in the body that is disrupting the flow of energy. The type of "disorder" depends on the person’s own energy pattern (thoughts, feelings, and frequency). Each organ and body part has its own intelligence, strength, and weakness (see mind patterns) due to cellular memories.

After the alignment, when your bones are aligned and the muscles are more relaxed, the energy begins to flow better. Carla gets in sync with your frequency by focusing on the central energy field in the solar plexus, from which she distributes energy (via the vagus nerve) throughout the body and out into the aura (which may be the opposite view of many metaphysicians). This makes good sense because the navel (umbilical cord) is where you began developing as a fetus in the womb.  Then the energy in the mind is balanced by placing one hand in various positions over the head and one hand over the heart.  In other words, the traumatic images in the mind and the feelings in the heart are healed and balanced which produces harmony.  Every event and feeling, both positive and negative, in your life has been recorded in your cells, so it is vital to heal destructive cellular memories, or you will continue down the road of COPING with the symptoms of your mental, emotional, or physical problems.  eHealing can propel you beyond coping and into genuine healing.  Even though traumatic events are recalled and brought to the surface, the process is actually a pleasant experience.


Synchonize the 3
levels of the Brain

The best idea?......
Welcome to a revolutionary and completely natural
method of aligning the body and healing yourself.
It is important to reconcile the incompatibilities in your life as much as possible so that you are adding more energy to your body than subtracting from it.  Life is all about balance.  The number of sessions needed to rebuild your energy field, to heal, and hold the healing depends on how depleted it is and the disharmony in your life.  Try to do more of what builds up your energy and less of what detracts from it.
Being connected to your Source, knowing what you are really feeling, how to deal with shock, freeing muscle spasms, finding compatibility, and staying in alignment are the keys to balance, happiness, and health.

Balance and strength are key, not feeling good or bad (about your life).
Stress Test
Become a whole Brain thinker.
                     Left Brain                                                               Right Brain
Analytical, material, logical, duality, Ego                              Emotional, intuitive, creative, spirit, Subconscious
Have you tried these "treatments"?
Physical Therapy Chiropractors Massage Therapy
Acupunture Body Work Ultrasound
Electrical Stimulation Exercises Hypnosis
Trigger Point Injections Pain Medication Cortisone Shots
Muscle Relaxants Exotic Creams Support Gear
Costly Massage Chairs Pricey Beds Seat Cushions
Time to try something new?
“I feel.......”         (Circle the words that describe you)
Overall health:        Excellent            Good             Fair             Poor
Pain: Pain free Discomfort (1-3) Aches, hurt (4-7) Severe, chronic (8-10)
Mentally: Clear-headed Foggy Frustrated, confused Agitated
Physically: Grounded, calm Tired Shaky, tense Spacey
Emotionally Joyful, enthused
Spiritually: Connected, fulfilled Skeptical Obsessive Disconnected
Strength: Strong, confident Vulnerable Weak Burned out
Balance: Centered (aligned) Inconsistent Insecure Unstable
Stress Level Not Stressed Stressed Very Stressed Highly Stressed
See if you are in shock....
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Sphenoid Osseous Shift (SOS)
The Central Inner Alignment is greatly enhanced and tends to hold longer by utilizing the Sphenoid Osseous Shift.  This brought about by energetically moving the sphenoid bone.  This is vital in the alignment process as this large bone in the center of your head articulates with many other bones.  Therefore, if it isn't centered, there is a slim chance that the rest of your body will hold the alignment.  Thus, it will need to be continually adjusted, which addresses the symptoms rather the cause-- the unbalanced sphenoid bone. The results of a SOS are amazing.  The sinuses open so that you can  breathe much better through your nose.  When the body is aligned properly and the energy is flowing freely, you will be able to heal virtually any ailment.  The SOS is included in the CIA session at no cost.  Several sessions may be desirable as the body continues to shift.  The SOS can also be done over the phone.  Once you experience it, you'll be a believer in its wonderous effects!
Please pass on these ideas and knowledge so they can stimulate, flow, and expand the horizons of holistic healing and medicine.  Working in harmony with Nature and Spirit is the way of the future, and those who oppose and guard the past shall eventually yield to the progressive soul of the Creative Force.  Old ideas were once unrecognizable new ones. The followers resist and thinkers persist.

UNHEALTHY HABITS-- unwholesome behavior, desires, and actions. 
Selfishness, unforgiving, unlovable/unloved, alone, abandoned, resentment, tired, defenseless
    (GLANDS-- thyroid, tonsils, adrenals, gonads, pancreas: fatigue, weight gain, hormones, sex drive)
JOY--  Sad, depressed, undeserving, flawed, hopeless, defiled, attacked, separation-fear of or want)
(SKIN-- oil/lube glands, hair: acne, eczema, nails, itch, rash, redness, burn, infection, swelling, cysts)
PEACE-- Anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, powerless, shock, worry, nervous, hyper.
    (DIGESTIVE TRACT-- mouth, teeth, throat, stomach, colon/intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, liver:
     saliva, dry; tooth decay; acid reflux; hernia; ulcer; colic-bloating, spasm; diarrhea, constipation; hepatitis)
Anger, frustrated, impatience, insecurity, irritable, love substitutions, intolerant
    (IMMUNE-- cells, lymph: "autoimune," frequent illness & infections; Cancer, R. arthritis, lupus)

Rejection, harshness, unwanted, hurt, fear, critical
    (NERVOUS SYSTEM-- brain, spine, nerves: headache, PAIN, numb, burning; dementia, autism, ADD)
nferior, shame, self-loathing, fear, unforgivable, bad, smothered, death fear
    (RESPIRATORY-- breathing, cough, mucus, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, inflammation, lung cancer.
Controlling, insecure, distrust, judgmental, paranoia,
    (REPRODUCTIVE/URINARY-- gonads, ovaries, prostate, ovaries, penis, vagina, uterus, kidneys, bladder,
uretha, breasts: infertility, hormones, infection, stones, discharge, urination problems, abortion, sex drive
Conceit, superior, guilt, shame, vain, excessive pride, manipulative, ego.
    (CIRCULATORY-- heart, aorta, arteries, veins, lymph system: heart failure/attack, blood pressure,
    heartbeat, aneurysm, arterio/atherosclerosis, blood clots, varicose veins, pul. Embolism, lymph.
SELF-DIRECTION-- Trapped/stuck, worthless, lazy, erratic, entitled, incapable, deceit, defeated.
    (MUSCLES & BONES-- bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue: fractures,
    osteoporosis, joint ache, arthritis, fatigue, weak, pain, inflammation, tension, stiffness, lack of motion.