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Carla Muth pain relief Carla Muth
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Your habitual way of thinking (thought/mind patterns).
You're not listening to your
You are dealing with too much
You are in
Your Left and Right Brains are not balanced.
Have unresolved
Have a
shock-conflict underlying your “disease.”
Your body is out of
You lack
compatibility in your life.
energy is low or blocked.
You are disconnected from your
spirit/Inner Source.
spastic muscles that need to be released.
Aren’t moving enough or doing friendly
Have poor
posture and are fighting gravity.
sphenoid bone in your head is misaligned.
You aren’t sufficiently breathing through your
diet is inadequate to fuel your body.
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There is.......
             ONE REASON FOR PAIN
                     ......it's to get your attention!
Your body is always talking to you, although you may not always listen. Pain is one sure way for it to grab your attention. There is an emotional/mental root cause as to why an accident, injury, or illness is occurring your life. If you deaden the hurt with drugs, you may miss the message. You create your personal reality by your habitual feelings and thoughts (mind patterns). By doing deep clearing work herself, Carla was able to discover the secret of an inner listening so that she can feel your emotional and physical pain. Do you really care about clearing emotional problems while you're hurting? The first step on the path to unified wellness is to liberate you from distress through e-HEALING (e=energy). Then you can work on the underlying emotional cause. All sessions can be done over the phone. This is actually more efficient and easier for both. So take avantage of this novel approach to healing now. The sooner you call, the faster you can be free of pain.
Mending the mind and body
is a noble start
But the soul of healing
is in the heart.
Please note that you are not in pain or sick primarily due to a lack of medication.  For example, high blood pressure is not due to not taking a certain medication.  In other words, a normal blood pressure is not caused by an absence of medication.  However, hypertension can be a side effect of drugs.  More likely it is caused by a nutritional deficiency, acute or prolonged stress, a shock conflict of abandonment (or water conflict relating to the kidneys), spastic muscles impinging on the carotid artery, or a heart problem (due to a strain on the heart from being out of shape or obesity or by a territorial conflict).